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20 Best Beard Styles For Oval Faces (2024 Trends)

While a beard has always been a symbol of power, virility, and masculinity, it can flatter different face shapes too. And if you have an oval face, you can pull off any beard style to help you look more handsome.

Whether you want to keep it short and tidy or let it grow out wild and bushy, there’s a style for you. Check our top 20 picks of beard styles for oval faces that you can take inspiration from.


Beard Styles to Signify Oval Faces

Although many beard styles look great on men with oval faces, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites just for you.

1. Scruffy Beard

short beard style for oval faces

First, grow your facial hair for a week or two. Then, use a good trimmer to even out the length of your beard.

Then, use scissors to tame any flyaway hairs and give yourself a more polished look. This scruffy-style beard makes an oval face more presentable.


2. Boxed Salt and Pepper

grey beard for oval faces

To style your Salt and Pepper beard in a boxed shape, start by combing it in the direction you want it to lay. Then, use a trimmer to even out the sides and chin. This is a great style for men over 50 with oval faces.


3. Goatee + Trimmed Sides

beard style for black men with oval faces

A goatee style blended with trimmed sides can give you a rugged, handsome look. It is perfect for those who want to add a bit of edge to their appearance.

To achieve this look, simply allow your facial hair to grow out a bit, then use a trimer to shape it into a goatee. Trim a bit of stubble size around the cheeks for a more defined look.


4. Long Pointy Beard

long beard style for oval faces

Whether you’re trying to look more distinguished or simply want to stand out from the crowd, a long, pointy beard is a great way to do it. Start by growing out your beard for a year or more.

While growing may sure shape the sides so that the middle looks longer and pointy. To keep it in shape, comb it regularly and use a wax or gel.


5. Soul Patch

soul patch beard for oval faces

Start by shaving the hair around the patch so it’s clean and well-defined. Then, use a trimmer to keep the soul patch itself trimmed to the desired length.

For a more rugged look, let the soul patch grow out a bit longer; for a neater appearance, keep it shorter.


6. Thin Anchor

goatee beard for men with oval faces

This style is characterized by a thin curly beard that is usually trimmed to a point at the chin. Start by growing out your facial hair for a week.

Then use a scissor to shape the chin. It looks good on afro men with an oval-shaped face.


7. Braided Viking

braided beard style for oval faces

You will need to grow your beard out long enough to braid. You will also need to cut the sides to a manageable length. Once you have grown your beard out, you can begin to braid starting from the chin.

You can make a simple three-strand braid. Once you have reached the end, you will secure the braid with a sturdy hair tie.


8. French Beard

french beard for oval faces

Make sure that the beard is evenly trimmed all around. This will help to create a more balanced look and make the most of your facial features.

For the guys with an oval-shaped face, you better keep your French beard short and don’t forget to pay attention to the details.


9. Messy Bandholz

blonde beard style for oval faces

Let the beard grow out naturally without trimming it too much. This will give you a wild and rugged look. Keep the mustache longer, too, and shape it like an English mustache. Make sure to comb regularly to detangle.


10. Long Waves

full beard style for oval faces

A full beard is an effective way to give your oval shape face a sophisticated look and make it wavy. First, wash your beard with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Then, apply a small amount of oil and comb it through. Next, use wax to shape your beard into the desired style.


11. Bald Head Beard

beard style for bald men with oval faces

A full beard will boost your personality if you want a masculine look. For the best result, it’s important to keep the facial hair clean and well-groomed.

This means regular shampooing and conditioning, as well as trimming and shaping the beard to maintain a neat appearance. Also, don’t forget to use a quality balm to keep them soft and healthy-looking.


12. Short Neckbeard

amish beard for oval faces

If you’re interested in styling your neckbeard in an Amish-inspired way, the first step is to grow it out to a reasonable length. Once it’s long enough, you can start shaping it into a triangular shape.

The sides should be shorter than the middle, and the whole beard should be neatly trimmed.


13. Medium Verdi

beard style for indian men with oval faces

Yet another best beard styles for oval faces. First, make sure to trim the beard evenly so that it is of a uniform length. Next, use a comb to style it into the desired shape.

Finally, use a balm to help tame the Verdi and keep it looking healthy.


14. The Harden

beard style for men over 50 with oval faces

It is characterized as full, thick facial hair that is neatly trimmed and shaped. The common way to style the Harden beard is by trimming it to a uniform length all around the face while keeping a long goatee.

Also, outline the beard into a neat, rectangular shape. Trim the mustache so that it is shorter than the beard.


15. 5 O’clock Beard

5 o'clock beard for oval faces

Start with a clean, well-groomed face. Then trim your beard to around 3mm. This will help keep it looking neat and tidy. Another way to have this look is by using zero-sized clippers all over your face.


16. Full Unkempt

red beard for oval faces

A full, unkempt beard is often seen as a sign of rugged masculinity. However, it’s important to make sure that your beard is well-groomed and doesn’t look too wild. Be sure to comb them regularly, but don’t trim any stray hairs.


17. Short Boxed

long hair with beard for oval faces

To style this, simply grow your beard for a week and trim any hair on your cheek, making a box shape. This beard looks good on men with oval-shaped face and long hair.


18. Short Stubble

stubble beard for oval faces

To get the look, simply let your facial hair grow out for a few days until it’s about half an inch long. Then, use a 3mm clipper to create a short, even layer all over your face.


19. Mid-Length Viking

viking beard style for oval faces

This style is typically longer than a traditional beard but not as long as a full-blown Viking. Grow your beard to 2.5 inches and trim it regularly to give it a ducktail shape. Use hair oil and comb regularly to have a smooth look.


20. Thin Garibaldi

curly beard for oval faces

This beard style is usually worn by men with a square or oval face shape and is considered very masculine. To achieve this, you will need to let your facial hair grow out for several weeks or even months.

Once you have the desired length, you will then need to trim them all around. The bottom part should be rounded off.


So, whether you’re looking for a full and bushy style or something more trimmed and neater, these beard styles for oval faces can accentuate your features and make you look your best.