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85 Best Goatee Beard Styles to Try

Goatees have been very popular among men for a long time. The styles and trends men started to follow in the past decade took a very different road when hairstyles and facial hair became a part of this trend.

What Is A Goatee?

goatee beard style

Goatee beard style, which is particularly achieved by growing facial hair on your chin leaving your cheeks clean. Although, these days goatees come in a variety of styles, lengths, and shapes.

Traditionally, the goatee is a facial hairstyle with a short, pointed beard on the chin and no hair on the cheeks. But lately, we’ve seen many celebrities rocking stylish variations on the goatee, showing that it’s a versatile facial hairstyle, one that can be dressed up or down.

Whether you are lumberjack chic, a real country boy or a professional, there’s a goatee beard for you.

How To Shape Goatee 

How To Shape Goatee 
  • Using an electric beard trimmer, start at the neckline and work to the edges of your chin.
  • Next, move up to your cheeks and then your upper lip, removing hair with slow strokes until you achieve the goatee shape you want.
  • Then, shave up your right or left cheek, starting from the beard line. Repeat this step on your other cheek. Beginning at the beard line and moving away from your chin ensures you don’t accidentally cut into your goatee.
  • Finally, define the edges of your goatee with careful downward strokes until you have the desired shape.
  • If you want your goatee to stand out, consider using a razor to get a close, clean shave on your neck and cheeks. This will help make your new facial hair style stand out even more.

Spectacular Goatee Beard Styles for Men

Here are 85 goatee beard styles inspired by celebrities for a clearer vision on how they look and can be styled, depending on different face shapes.

#1: Brad Pitt Inspired Goatee

Brad Pitt Goatee beard

Although goatee beard styles are mainly tufts of chin hair, you can always add a mustache for a variation in style and a more contemporary look.

The Best Celebrity Beard Styles to Copy

#2: Ryan Gosling’s Beard

Goatee beard style by Ryan Gosling

Extended goatees widen outwards around the jawline- sometimes the cheeks too- and not only on the chin. This style usually goes with a lot of face shapes, especially long ones.

Popular Short Beard Style Ideas for Men

#3: Robert Pattinson’s Goatee

best Robert Pattinson Goatee

While traditional goatee features longer chin hair, with no mustache or a cheek beard, Robert’s style is close to the traditional one except it looks more contemporary regarding the short length of the chin hair tufts.

#4: Kanye West’s Beard with Mustache and Soul Patch

Kanye West’s Goatee with Moustache

A subtler representation of your goatee could be by including a mustache and a soul patch. It’s a style suitable for formal and special occasions especially if your chin hairs are well-trimmed.

How to Pick A Beard Style for A Shaved Head

#5: Channing Tatum Chin Strip Goatee

Channing Tatum Goatee beard Styles

One way to play with the variation of your goatee is by combining it with some other style. A landing strip will make your look more catchy and attractive.

#6: Goatee Without Mustache

goatee beard with no mustache

A goatee without a mustache can be a great way to make yourself look younger. To achieve the style, you will need to shave the hair on your upper lip and cheeks. Next, use a trimmer or razor to outline the goatee area on your chin.

#7: Anchor Beard

goatee beard with mustache

This style is perfect for those with a round or oval face shape. Also, if you have a shorter chin, it will help to add some length. Just trim your beard short around the edges and tapers to a point at the chin.

#8: Long Goatee

long goatee beard

It can add some serious style points to any man with chiseled jaws, which can also help balance out a large nose. To get this look, grow your goatee to the desired length and tie it with a rubber band or steel beads.

#9: Van Dyke Beard

goatee beard with long mustache

As this style is characterized by a goatee and a long thin mustache, you will need mustache wax to hold it in place. The hair on the sides of the face is shaved, leaving a strip of hair along the chin.

#10: Circle Beard

goatee beard for older men

It may look like a French cut, but it is a bit different. You’ll need to grow out your facial hair to at least ¼ inch all over your face. This will give you enough hair to work with when shaping your beard. Next, use a trimmer to create a line around the outside of your face, following the natural curve of your jawline.

#11: Johnny Depp’s Van Dyke

Van Dyke Beard

With a French mustache, soul patch, goatee, and some clean cheeks, or maybe a filled jawline, you can achieve one remarkable Van Dyke Goatee worthy of woe.

#12: David Beckham’s Short Anchor Beard

David Beckham’s Short Goatee Style beard

An anchor beard can look great if it’s symmetrical and goes with your face shape. It’s one way to look chic and in style, although it’s a little hard to achieve by yourself. here is a list of David Beckham’s top hairstyles to get some combination ideas.

50 Best Beard Styles for Any Man

#13: Ben Affleck’s Rounded Beard

Goatee Styles

For a more lenient look try getting a rounded goatee that’s smooth on the edges.

#14: Will Smith’s Straight Edge Goatee

Will Smith’s Goatee beard Styles

Make your goatee look more defined with sharper edges, for a cleaner and a neater appearance. Sharp mustaches will make your face look narrower.

#15: Chris Pine’s Full Goatee

Chris Pine’s Full Goatee Goatee beard

Combine your mustache, soul patch and chin beard to get a full goatee that surrounds your mouth. This one’s easier to achieve than others since you don’t need to pay much attention to the shape of your soul patch.

Long Beard Styles to Spice Up Your Style

Wondering how to get the original goatee beard at home? Here is a tutorial to help you.

#16: Trimmed Goatee with Soul Patch

Trim Goatee Beard cut for men

Here we see a modern, trim look.  The small goatee beard is paired with a classic soul patch shape beneath the lower lip and no mustache. This is a look that is clean and modern but requires little upkeep. This look is casual but still professional.

#17:  Trim Goatee with Sideburns and Devil Moustache

mens Goatee beard with Sideburns hair

The classic goatee can be paired with connected sideburns and a waxed devil-style mustache.  Here, we see a look that is an updated take on the classic goatee.  The waxed long mustache is great for the man who cares about his grooming but doesn’t want to look like he’s trying too hard.

#18: Trim Goatee with Pencil Mustache

Pencil Goatee style beard for men

A very short, trimmed goatee goes well with a thin, pencil-style mustache.  Here, we see an easy, low maintenance look that is still classic and stylish all at the same time.  This goatee beard style works for almost any look or face shape.

#19:  Goatee with Full Mustache and Beard on the Cheeks

Goatee with Full Mustache beard

The traditional goatee is a beard on the chin with nothing on the cheeks.  Here, we have an update that combines the slightly longer, fuller goatee with a very trim, neat beard on the cheeks and a full mustache. 

This is a look that’s sexy and professional all at the same time.  This beard style works especially well on square jawlines by drawing attention to handsome, chiseled features.

#20: Brad Pitt Inspired Beard

mens Natural Goatee Beard Style

A grown-out look says, I care but I don’t care.  You can let your goatee grow into a naturally pointed shape and pair it with a connected, natural mustache for a look that’s trendy yet casual.  This look requires little upkeep or daily styling, so it’s perfect for the man who wants to look modern yet has little time for daily grooming.

#21:  Mid-Length Goatee with Sideburns and Full Mustache

Again, the classic goatee is paired with a short but full beard.  The goatee is longer and fuller than the facial hair on the cheeks, and this clearly delineates the goatee as separate.  The full mustache is slightly shaped into a devil style.  This facial hairstyle is classic yet still presents a groomed appearance.

#22: Short, Full Goatee with Waxed Handlebar Mustache

Full Goatee beard style for men

If you have full facial hair, this style will work for you.  Keep your goatee relatively short, but let it grow in fully and up the cheeks a bit.  Pair this look with a connected, waxed handlebar shaped mustache and you’ll look clean and sexy but still modern.  This is a good option for the man that cares and has some time for daily grooming yet still wants to look masculine.


#23: Full Classic Goatee

 Classic Goatee beard cut

If you have very full facial hair, aim for this goatee style.  A very full classic goatee is always a good look.  It says, I’m rugged but still sexy.  Neat and clean, this look can be professional but still low maintenance, making it a good choice for many lifestyles.

 #24: Celebrity Goatee Beard

The classic short goatee is connected to a short mustache in this look.  With no facial hair on the cheeks, you get a look that is neat but still handsomely rugged.  This handsome, classic style flatters many facial types.

#25: Trimmed, Thin Goatee

Thin Goatee beard for men

The classic goatee can be trimmed very short, emphasizing the mustache and soul patch below the lower lip.  If you allow a five-o’clock shadow to grace the cheeks, you get a style that is chic but still masculine.  This slightly scruffy look works well on young men or anyone who desires low maintenance but still trendy look.

#26: Mid-Length, Squared Goatee

Let your goatee grow long, then trim to mid length and square it off for this hipster beard.  This re-imagining of the classic goatee creates a look that is hip and youthful, even if you aren’t.  This style is easy to wear and looks great with a full or shaped mustache.

#27: Disconnected Goatee and Mustache

While the classic goatee connects the beard and mustache, you can disconnect these for an updated take.  Here we see a short, trimmed goatee separated from a full devilish mustache. 

This handsome style takes you from the office to the club with ease.  Cheeks can be clean-shaved or allowed to fill in a bit with stubble for a look that is easy and masculine but still stylish.

The Beard Styles Without Mustache

#28: Trimmed Goatee with Scruffy Beard

Pair your short classic goatee with very short facial hair on the cheeks for this on-trend look. Let your eyes become the focus as you let your facial hair be natural. This is a flattering style on any man but works especially well on a weak chin or jawline to draw attention to your other features. You can also get a creative look by fading the beard.

#29: Natural Goatee with Downturned Natural Mustache

Natural Goatee with Mustache

A natural, downturned mustache works well with a goatee.  This is a look that’s not overly “done,” but still looks like a definite style.  This is perfect for men who want to look good but don’t have time for intense daily grooming of his facial hair. If you aren’t a fan of grown-up long beards, try stubble beards.

#30: Structured, Groomed Goatee with Connected Mustache

Pair your full, short goatee with a structured, trimmed mustache for this sculptured look.  This style works well on men with very full facial hair.  It may require regular trimming to maintain the shape, but it’s well worth it for this clean, classic look.

#31: Long Goatee Beard for Black men

If you have relatively full facial hair, you may want to opt for a traditional goatee that has been squared off.  Get this look by letting your goatee grow slightly, then trimming it to the desired shape.  Keeping this square shape will require some work, but you’ll have a style that is all you in this handsome look.

#32: Goatee with Classic Mustache

Let your classic goatee connect with a classic mustache in this more traditional look.  This look works well on men of any age and conveys quiet confidence.  Men and women alike will take notice as you rock this handsome style.

#33:  Pointed, Mid-Length Goatee with Full Devil Mustache

Try this pointed goatee with a devil-shaped natural mustache for a look that is stylish yet refined. This style is a good balance between natural and groomed, offering you the option to wax your mustache for special occasions or wear it naturally for the everyday. Classic, handsome and just a tiny bit naughty, this look suits many face shapes and lifestyles.

Best Short Hairstyles With A Beard (2024 Guide)

#34: Disconnected Goatee with Shaped Mustache

A shaped handlebar mustache with a disconnected goatee creates a look that is very now but not overly groomed.  You’ll look stylish but still masculine with this style.  It conveys plenty of personality without being at all “cute” or whimsical.

Awesome Chinstrap Beards to Explore

#35:  Short Goatee with Mustache

 Short, Natural Goatee beard for men

This short, natural goatee works with a natural mustache for a look that is sporty.  This works for the everyday guy who wants a low-maintenance but still groomed look.  You get maximum impact with minimum work with this facial hair look.

#36: Natural Goatee

goatee beard styles

This is the classic goatee beard style. The beard growth is limited to the chin area and the rest of the face is clean-shaven. Simple, elegant and somewhat no-hassle beard style, it has a subtle, understated appeal.

It creates an illusion of length towards the end of the chin, and that is why it is an appropriate style for those with a round face. But otherwise too, it is a pretty versatile beard style.

#37: Thin Line Beard with Connected Mustache

thin goatee style

This goatee is more for those who want to escape the hassles of having a long beard but at the same time would love to showcase a bit of their masculine, rugged facial hair. A rather casual style, it can also be appropriate for formal meets.

#38: Goatee with Disconnected Mustache

goatee with connected mustache

In this case, the mustache and the goatee beard are not connected. Also, referred to as the disconnected beard style, this is what makes it stand out.

The salt and pepper combination adds both a dash of maturity as well as panache to the whole style. It is a lot about creating that intensely masculine and confident personality.

#39: Classic & Full 

full goatee beard

This is an absolute classic goatee style. The beard, mustache and the connection between them are in one circular harmony creating a complete perspective. It is suave, sophisticated and absolutely understated. In fact, this is what makes this style stand out.

#40: Extended with Sideburns

extended goatee with sideburns

In this case, the extended goatee does not end at your chin, instead, it spreads out to the sides. The sideburns too grow a little longer than the normal size, giving it a subtle but assertive undertone. It works very well for those who have relatively thinner beard growth.

#41: Circle Beard

This is perhaps the most common and popular version of the goatee beard. In fact, many think this is what goatee is all about. The clean-shaven cheeks accentuate the full thick beard growth around the lips and the chin and the connected mustache.

#42: Soul Patch 

This is a rather interesting variation of the said beard style. The main chin area only has stubbles while the area above, the soul patch is where you reasonable beard growth and you see a well-trimmed version of what can perhaps be a mustache.

This is a striking style and instantly attracts your attention. It is the type of beard that you will not forget in a hurry and guarantees a second look wherever you may go.

#43: Bald Head with Beard

The length is never a constricting factor for any variation of the goatee style. In some cases, it can be an equivalent of a medium-length full beard too. In this case, the beard is bushy though limited to the chin area. But that also gives it a striking and rather unique identity.

#44: Grey Facial Hair

The grey beard style is all about sticking to conventions with a twist. This is your regular square full beard, but the completely silver shade gives it a unique identity. It grabs your attention and appreciation comes rather naturally with it.

#45: Goat Patch

goatee beard style

The goat patch is essentially very small goatee beard style at the chin. When this kind of small hair growth is seen under the lower lips, it is called soul patch, but at the chin, it gets this name. It is stylish, casual and absolutely a vibrant way of styling the beard in a unique fashion.

#46: Ginger Beard

This ginger color beard is a great option if you have relatively thin beard growth but would want to grow the beard long. The shade is attractive and becomes the focal point of appreciation.

#47: Salt and Pepper Beard

Did you mistake him for George Clooney? Well, he might be the more popular face with this salt and pepper beard style but almost anyone who dawns it manages to look attractive and handsome in this look.

#48: Extended Beard with Mustache

This is where the goatee starts becoming a lot more edgy, esoteric and also eccentric in many ways. This is a style that no one can forget in a hurry. But that said, this is a rather high maintenance style.

You need to take regular care of the beard, wash it and comb it. That is the only way you can maintain unique twirls and signature styling.

#49: Square Shape with Connected Sideburns

The shape of this beard is almost a square and the sideburns are extended. You can make out the connecting lines from the mustache and the clean area just above the chin. This is what gives the style a distinct identity.

#50: Natural Mid-Length Goatee with Mustache

Let your goatee grow out naturally to a mid-length and wear it with a natural, connected mustache for this handsome goatee beard style. 

This look is a bit outgrew, which means it requires relatively little daily upkeep, making it a good choice for the stylish, on-the-go man.  It’s a handsome but still rugged look, favored by celebrities and everyday men alike.

#51: Neck Beard with Sideburns

The shape of this beard resembles an anchor, and as a result, it is also known as the anchor goatee. It is stylish, sophisticated, and the thin mustache line accentuates the overall impact even further.

#52: Pencil Mustache

This style too has a disconnected mustache attached to it, but it is thin, almost like a pencil line. That is what makes the style comparatively eye-catching and attractive. It is a style that works well for formal gatherings and casual occasions too.

#53: Walrus Mustache

The thick bushy walrus mustache accentuates the impact of the goatee beard style in a succinct manner.

#54: Classic Anchor Beard

The classic anchor goatee extends lower towards the neck. That gives it a bushy and dark appearance. It is a perfect representation of the anchor shape from which it gets its name.

#55: Mid-length Goatee without Mustache

mid length goatee without mustache

The clean-shaven mustache line and the clean cheeks invoke the subtle stylishness of the beard style. The beard is shaped quite brilliant as a ‘W’. It sure adds a sense of intrigue about the whole style.

#56: Square Beard with Mustache

This hardcore square beard complements the connected mustache. The overall clean-shaven face enhances the overall impact.

#57: Thin Stubble

The thin stubble works beautifully with these long tresses They don’t just enhance the subtle masculine energy but also highlights a soft, sensitive side of your emotions. That is what adds to the appeal of this goatee style.

#58: Pompadour with Beard

The conventional beard with mustaches gets an accompaniment in the name of these extended sideburns. The overall salt and pepper combination lends a unique maturity and stylish quotient to the style. It is ideal for experienced heads.

#59: Curly Extended Goatee

curly extended goatee beard style

If your beard hair is wavy in nature, this curly beard style does justice to the overall styling. It does not just weave the beard and the hair into one unified look but also lends a sense of maturity. It is a clean and sophisticated style.

#60: Low Key Goatee

goatee style

This beard style conforms to the basic tenets of a goatee no doubt, but the overall impact is not that pronounced. So it remains a cross between stubble and a full-grown beard. The hair color often makes a huge difference when you sport this type of beard.

Some More Goatee Styles for 2024

Goatees have gone under various changes of style and fashion over the decades. And with these 10 contemporary styles on different celebrities, you can perceive how different styles go on different face shapes. Goatee beards aren’t usually easy to achieve by yourself but they go well with almost all the occasions. So maybe you should give it a try to find out which one suits you best.

#61: Buoyant Style

guy with goatee beard

A goatee can add an undeniable classy factor to men’s appearance if worn with an attitude and confidence. The shadow beard with a disconnected beard gives guys the ultimate subtle attire when combined with a cool, messy Quiff hairstyle.

#62: V-shaped Beard without Mustache

Men, with undefined jawline, can drive people’s attention by growing a long goatee. Shave off the hair on cheeks, sideburns, and mustache for a well-kept look. Hold the V-shape cut structure in place with the help of beard wax.

#63: Simple and Classy

This is a visual definition of standard beard look that features a patch of facial hair under the lips or on the chin with remaining facial hair completely shaven off.

The dividing hairlines on the mouth sides are kept equally straight or you can keep it a bit curvy to give it extra definition. Keep the bottom hair close to chin to maintain the standard size of this particular goatee.

#64: Beard and Pencil Mustache

It is not just a goatee style beard; it’s an art full of barber skill that features pencil mustache which connects with the thick, bushy chin beard through thin hair outline on the side of the mouth. The trimming involves precise details and concentration. If you have a weak chin area, style the goatee into a square shape.

#65: Shadow Beard and Buzz Cut

shadow goatee beard

It is just like a circle beard, but the only difference is that the goatee is trimmed very close to the skin which will give you the expression of a shadow beard. It is easiest to maintain and achieve.

#66: Long Goatee with Twisted Outline

This simple looking goatee style has a distinctive feature that you can clearly notice beneath the chin where the long beard is tied into a twisted form. So, it can give you an immediate transition from the rugged unkempt look (for weekends) to a well-kept, presentable look (for office).

#67: Ducktail Style Beard

It features chin strap and long goatee, and does not involve any shaving procedure at all. To achieve this look, you need to trim the cheek line hair for a neat look and trim the remaining facial hair into a pointed V-shape.

#68: Funky Style

Guys with square or triangle face shape must opt for the goatee styles that connect with a mustache as it will help you to make your face look slimmer. Clean the cheeks and sideburns, wear a cornrows hairstyle with bald fade sides to achieve this incredible funky charm with sharp features.

#69: Goatee for Oldie

Men, who are in their late fifties and want to inspire others through their styling sense, can opt for a goatee for a polished and trendy outlook.  Keep the thick patch of hair on the chin while shaving off the mustache and cheeks area completely, to achieve a perfectly trimmed beard.

#70: Extended Beard and Bald Head

bald guy with goatee beard

It becomes often difficult to choose a beard style that compliments your bald head ravishingly, giving you a promising look even at your late forty or fifty phases. In this situation, an extended goatee beard would be a perfect option for a stirring look.

#71:  Two-Toned Beard

Isn’t it pretty impressive and distinctive in looks than the other goatee styles? Sure, it is. Here, the mustache is kept black and the chin beard turned white which gives hip vibes to men.

#72: Asian Beard Style

Mostly Asian face a lot of problems related to patchy beard and goatee can be a mannishly perfect decision to adopt for mature features. Stubble mustache, long untrimmed soul patch and a bunch of hair under the chin will help you to attain a voluminous beard look.

#73:  Goatee With A Soul Patch

Don’t be afraid to pair your short goatee with a very short beard on the cheeks.  This sleek, trim look is professional and sexy all at once.  This facial hairstyle can become a staple for any man who desires easy wearability and maintenance in a look that is still stylish.

#74: Gray and Silver

The grey and silver facial hair creates an impressive combination when trimmed into a goatee beard shape. To create this look, trim the cheeks hair close to the skin, shave off the mustache and maintain the chin beard length by regular trimming. Side part hairstyle will provide men uber-sophisticated outlook.

#75: Full Beard for Chubby Guys

A bushy, thick facial hair adds a rugged element to men’s personality although, you can provide your goatee a tame look at any time by taking a pocket comb with you. Its thick texture will help the chubby guys to hide their double chin area. The glossy texture can be obtained with the help of good quality beard oil.

#76: Circle Goatee Beard for Afros

black guy with goatee beard

Afros can rock with their coarse facial hair by growing a circle beard. The chin hair and sides connecting to the mustache are thicker than the mustache while a thin straight soul patch is left under the lips.  It provides a flattering and urban goatee look to black men.

#77: Outline Beard

A relatively thin outline of facial hair around the mouth provided the beard a sophisticated glance when styled with a faded afro hairstyle. Keep the hair on the chin tip and shave the hair under the lips for neat expressions.

#78: Disconnected Goatee and Braid

It is quite similar to Jack Sparrow beard style, but the only difference is; the numbers of braids. In jack sparrow beard style the chin beard is styled into two braids while in this particular style the chin beard is tied into a single braid by twisting method. The mustache is kept disconnected from the goatee.

#79: Viking Style Beard Ring

In this modern era, the Viking beard should also look cool and stylish just like the other beard styles. Shouldn’t it, what do you say? But, how! Simply, by turning it into a goatee beard by clean shaving the hair on cheeks. Now, put an antique beard bead to achieve the complete Viking vibes.

#80:  Short and White Van Dyke

van dyke goatee beard style

It features a handlebar mustache, soul patch that connects with the V-shape chin beard. The van dyke is one of the trendiest beard styles that can be an awesome choice for those men who cannot grow a full beard or look for low maintenance, but ultra-stylish look.

Long wavy hair and tattoos can give a bolder element to men in late forties thus, making their appearance uber-manly.

#81: Thick and Refined

Having thick facial hair can give you a tough competition when we talk about growing them into a full, rugged beard in case of grooming. This particular goatee beard can give you relief in term of styling and maintenance.

It looks equally as debonair as a full beard looks. Short Faux Hawk hairstyle and stubble make the whole look ultra-appealing.

#82: Long Hair with Beard

The best part of the goatee is that it provides huge styling variations to old men, some of the beards are easy to maintain while some require regular grooming.

The above-given style does not need any grooming as its rough and unkempt texture is the core feature of this style. It definitely possesses cool and matured elements.

#83: Faded Beard and Chin Strap

Guys who are looking for unique short beard designs can get some inspiration from this particular beard style combo for understated appearance. It incorporates a chin strap and thickly trimmed full goatee. The slightly faded chin and side-whiskers add preeminence to the entire beard design.

#84: Buzz Cut with Beard

best goatee beard styles for men

It resembles an outline goatee style beard a lot with a major distinctive factor that is a triangular soul patch. Mustache is turned into a V-shape that connects with the beard through thin sidelines making a box shape.

#85: Circle Short Beard

goatee beard style

This goatee beard style will provide a head-turning charisma to a short beard. Yes, you surely need to groom and maintain it regularly as its intricate styling makes the whole design captivating thus, giving you a fab choice to get professional attire.

How To Trim a Long Goatee

How To Trim a Long Goatee Beard
  • To trim your goatee, start by performing the exact steps you used to achieve the initial shape of your facial hair.
  • Next, use an electric beard trimmer with a guard to trim the length of your beard. It is better to start with a longer length and progressively cut back the hair until you achieve the desired length. You can always cut more off, but you can’t add length back on without letting it grow over time.
  • Then, use a pair of beard trimming scissors to prune away any stray hairs you missed with the trimmer.
  • Finally, if you want to, apply beard oil or balm that can help keep your facial hair and skin hydrated. Using a styling oil or cream is also a good idea for long goatees.


Here are some answers to more detailed goatee questions.

How far should my goatee go under the chin?

A good rule of thumb is to place two fingers above your Adam’s Apple. This is the spot where you should trim your goatee neckline.

Will a goatee make me look older?

Yes. Studies have shown that both men and women perceive a man with facial hair as older. Facial hair can also make you seem more successful, dominant, and aggressive than clean-shaven men.

Van Dyke and goatee beard — what are the differences?

These two styles of facial hair might appear synonymous, but there are key differences. A classic goatee is typically defined as facial hair grown on the chin while the cheeks are clean-shaven.

A Van Dyke has no hair on the chin. Instead, it features a full goatee with the addition of a mustache. The classic Van Dyke has no connecting hair between the chin hair and the mustache.

How long does a goatee take to grow?

At an average facial hair growth rate of 0.3–0.5mm per day, you can anticipate it taking about 4 to 6 weeks to grow enough facial hair to style it into a full goatee.

Is a goatee high-maintenance?

No, while a goatee does require regular maintenance to maintain a sharp look, it is much lower maintenance than a full beard or other facial hair styles.

No matter which goatee beard style you choose, you are sure to look handsome, dapper and masculine in any of these choices.  Find a goatee style that flatters your face and emphasizes your best features, while taking into account the amount of grooming you are willing to do each day.