Amish Beard Trend: Top 15 Styles for A Dependable Look

Consider the look of the traditional Amish Beard.  Traditionally, Amish men have worn beards without mustaches, as a way to set themselves apart from the rest of society where the mustache had become a trendy style.  Today, many men opt for a traditional Amish beard style, while others choose updated variations on the Amish beard.


Amish Beards Are Never Out of Style

Although the Amish traditionally avoided the mustache as a way to set themselves apart from society, you can certainly find an Amish-inspired beard style that will set you apart from the crowd in a positive way. Check out the best beard styles of various types.


#1:  The Dapper Amish Beard

Amish Beard for men

We think of the Amish as being old fashioned and even out of fashion.  But your Amish style facial hair can be groomed into a handsome, dapper look.  This is a good look for the professional man who wants a well-kept but still stylish beard.