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The Amish Beard: Facts & 15 Examples

Consider the look of the traditional Amish Beard. Traditionally, Amish men have worn beards without mustaches, as a way to set themselves apart from the rest of society where the mustache had become a trendy style. Today, many men opt for a traditional Amish beard style, while others choose updated variations on the Amish man beard.

Why Do Amish Men Grow Beards?

Beards get quite a bit of attention in the Bible, with 19 verses mentioning them. Considering the times when the biblical texts were written, it’s not surprising that beards were all the rage.

There’s a specific verse in Leviticus 19:27 that really stands out: “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” The Amish take this commandment very seriously and follow it to a ‘T’.

As members of a deeply conservative Christian sect, the Amish hold the Bible in high regard. So, if beards are given the seal of approval in the holy book, it makes sense that the Amish would grow them as a sign of devotion and piety.

Beards also serve as a visual sign of marital status for an Amish man. They typically begin growing a beard when they get married.

Historically, facial hair has been associated with wisdom and maturity in various cultures. For the Amish, growing a beard is a way to demonstrate their commitment to their religious beliefs and community values.

Do Amish Men Grow Mustaches?

No, Amish men do not grow mustaches as they associate mustaches with military history and worldly pride. This goes against their humility and pacifism principles.

Origin of Amish Beard

The name ‘Amish Beard’ is derived from the Amish group of traditionalist Christian church fellowship. They are known for their simple living and the reluctance to adopt many modern innovations. The evolution of the Amish men’s beard can be traced back to the 16th century. Needless to mention that this style too has strong religious connotations and symbolism.

origin of amish beard

Amish men have a deep connection towards the preservation of humanity and in many ways, the beard stands testimony to this fundamental belief. This is also a key factor in why they wear the beard without the mustache. The mustache, as per Amish belief, is a military symbol. Pacifist by nature, this is their way of shunning power, vanity, and violence.

The origin of this Amish beard rule has its roots in American Colonial times. When the British occupied America, even these Amish groups were targets of British overtures and in many ways, it was a protest of a sort where they did not want any point of similarity with them. It was mandatory for the British soldiers at that time to wear a mustache.

In many ways, the Amish people’s beard is also about embracing the Biblical commandments word for word. To them, the beard is also a sign of fellowship towards God’s dictum. As the custom evolved gradually, today the Amish beard also stands for married status. Amish men do not wear wedding rings, they simply stop shaving their beards from the day they get married.

Features of a Traditional Amish Beard

features of amish beard

The most striking feature of a traditional Amish beard is, of course, the absence of a mustache. Amish men wear their beards with pride but don’t expect the slightest hint of stache to match it. That apart there are a few other unique features of the Amish beard. It does not just set them apart but also offers a unique identity.

  • The mustache needs to be trimmed every day to ensure not even stubble is visible
  • The beard is well combed, and the length of the beard is not disturbed.
  • However, slight trimming on a regular basis keeps the beard in shape.
  • There is no outer limit as to how long a beard can be. Normally, it differs from person to person.
  • The quality of beard care and the day-to-day nutrition intake, however, can affect the quality and pace of beard growth.
  • Often well-oiled Amish facial hair tends to look more lustrous than the ones not oiled.

Overall the unbridled length of the Amish man beard is the most striking feature. It is all about honoring ancient tradition and matching it with the pace of modern life.

As a result, there is no specific color for traditional Amish beard either. It more or less follows the natural beard color. So it is blonde for some and black for a few and even ginger for many. The strands of silver or completely silver beard are more common amongst aged Amish members.

That said, anyone can sport this beard. Even if you do not belong to the Amish group but are willing to shave off the mustache, you can easily grow the typical Amish men’s beard.

What Will Happen to an Amish Man Who Can’t Grow a Beard?

If an Amish man is unable to grow a beard due to genetics or a medical condition, it is unlikely that he would face any severe consequences from the community. He can still get hitched, even with a face as hair-free as a handmade Amish doll.

Amish people generally show understanding and acceptance of individual differences within the limits of their traditions and religious beliefs.

Note that, an Amish man without a beard may face some challenges in his personal and social life within the community. For example, he may feel self-conscious about his appearance, or others may mistakenly assume he is unmarried. However, these challenges would likely be minor and manageable.

Interesting Facts About Amish Beard

  • Mustaches are forbidden in Amish culture. Amish men must shave their upper lip and surrounding area completely.
  • Amish men wear beards as a sign of adherence to God’s word. They follow Leviticus 19:27, which instructs not to cut the hair at the sides of the head or clip off the edges of the beard.
  • The Amish beard symbolizes humility. It represents their submission to God by following His word and showcases their devotion as mere mortals in God’s divine universe.
  • In Amish culture, a beard signifies manhood. Community members can differentiate men from boys at a glance by their beards.
  • The Amish beard tradition began as a way to separate themselves from the military. Historically, the military sported unique mustaches. The Amish beard reflects their pacifist beliefs.
  • Wearing a beard emphasizes the Amish community’s pacifism. They avoid association with any form of warfare.
  • The distinctive Amish beard style sets them apart from the rest of the world. It highlights their desire to maintain a unique identity.
  • Amish men stop shaving their beards upon getting married. This signifies their transition to manhood and commitment to their marriage.
  • The Amish consider wedding rings materialistic. Instead, the beard serves as a visible symbol of an Amish man’s marital status.
  • If an Amish man struggles to grow a full beard, it is not considered an issue. After marriage, the primary requirement is to refrain from shaving, regardless of the beard’s length or fullness.

Amish Beard Styles

Although the Amish traditionally avoided the mustache as a way to set themselves apart from society, you can certainly find an Amish-inspired beard style that will set you apart from the crowd in a positive way. Check out the best beard styles of various types.

#1: The Dapper Amish Beard

Amish Beard for men

We think of the Amish as being old-fashioned and even out of fashion. But your Amish style facial hair can be groomed into a handsome, dapper look. This is a good look for the professional man who wants a well-kept but still stylish beard.

#2: The Amish Farmer

farmers amish Beard

The Amish are known for their work ethic. Farmers and master craftsmen without the conveniences of modern technology, the Amish may have little time to worry about personal grooming. If you want a style that looks like a traditional Amish farmer or carpenter, opt for Amish-inspired facial hair that requires minimal maintenance. A grown-out, untrimmed Amish beard can work for you.

#3: The Amish Plus Mustache

amish Beard with Mustache

Some of us, men and women alike, prefer the look of a mustache. Although traditional Amish beards are worn without mustaches, go ahead and add a mustache if you like. The Amish man beard plus a mustache is a trendy way to update a traditional style.

#4: The Pointed Beard

 Pointed amish Beard for men

Trim your beard into a stylish, pointed shape. It’s a way to bring the Amish into the 21st Century.

#5: The Sculpted Amish

mens Sculpted Amish Beard

Maybe you like an Amish-style look but prefer a shaped, groomed beard. In this case, opt for the sculpted Amish beard, in keeping with the on-trend lumberjack beard look.

#6: Let It Grow, Let It Grow

Don’t be afraid to let it grow. Your Amish style, with or without a mustache, can be grown as long as your body will allow. It’s a look to aim for in No-Shave November.

#7: The Traditional Amish Beard

Traditional amish Beard for old men

Here we have a more traditional Amish look. The mustache area is shaved, while the blonde beard is allowed to grow.

#8: The Amish-Inspired Hipster Beard

Amish styling can work well if you’re going for a hipster look. Keep it clean and trimmed, and you’ll be well on your way to Amish-meets-Brooklyn.

#9: The Alaskan Whaler

amish Beard

Here we see a more traditional Amish-style beard. It lacks a mustache but is long and full below the chin. This chinstrap beard style is sometimes termed the Alaskan Whaler.

#10: The Amish Plus Waxed Mustache

If you chose an Amish beard plus mustache style, go ahead and wax that mustache into a trendy handlebar shape. This is a good choice when you want to look specially groomed for an occasion.

#11: Barely There

Some opt for a barely-there look, with handsome stubble framing the face. Choose an Amish-inspired beard shape but keep it at 5 o’clock shadow levels for this current look.

#12: Old School Amish

Old School amish Beard

Much like Lincoln and the traditional Amish, go for a full but not overly groomed beard, minus the mustache.

#13: The Closely Cut Amish Beard

short amish Beard for boy

Maybe you like the beard with an Amish shape but prefer your facial hair to be closely cropped. This style gives you the best of both worlds. It works especially well for those with sparse facial hair.

#14: Full and Bushy Amish

Let your beard grow full and bushy. You can opt-out of the mustache and go full beard, but really let it flourish. We aren’t sure if the Amish will approve this Amish beard style, but we do!

#15: The Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln amish Beard style

Perhaps the most famous Amish-styled beard was worn by Abraham Lincoln, possibly the most beloved United States President. Tradition tells us that Lincoln grew his Amish beard after a young child remarked that he was ugly and would look better with a beard. The result is Lincoln’s iconic look.

Whether you choose a traditional Amish beard design or an updated trendy version, you cannot go wrong with an Amish beard or Amish-inspired look.