15 Hottest Amish Beards to Try in 2021

Consider the look of the traditional Amish Beard.  Traditionally, Amish men have worn beards without mustaches, as a way to set themselves apart from the rest of society where the mustache had become a trendy style.  Today, many men opt for a traditional Amish beard style, while others choose updated variations on the Amish man beard.


Origin of Amish Beard

origin of amish beard

The name Amish beard is derived from the Amish group of traditionalist Christian church fellowship. They are known for their simple living and the reluctance to adopt many modern innovations. The evolution of the Amish men’s beard can be traced back to the 16th century. Needless to mention that this style too has strong religious connotation and symbolism.

Amish men have a deep connection towards the preservation of humanity and in many ways, the beard stands testimony to this fundamental belief. This is also a key factor why they wear the beard without the mustache. The mustache, as per Amish belief, is a military symbol. Pacifist by nature, this is their way of shunning power, vanity, and violence.

The origin of this rule has its roots in the American Colonial times. When the British occupied America, even these Amish groups were targets of British overtures and in many ways, it was a protest of a sort where they did not want any point of similarity with them. It was mandatory for the British soldiers at that time to wear a mustache.

In many ways, the Amish people’s beard is also about embracing the Biblical commandments word for word. To them, the beard is also a sign of fellowship towards God’s dictum. As the custom evolved gradually, today the Amish beard also stands for married status. Amish men do not wear wedding rings, they simply stop shaving their beard from the day they get married.


Features of a Traditional Amish Beard

features of amish beard

The most striking feature of a traditional Amish beard is, of course, the absence of a mustache. Amish men wear their beard with pride but don’t expect the slightest hint of stache to match it. That apart there are a few other unique features of the Amish style beard. It does not just set them apart but also offers a unique identity.

  • The mustache needs to be trimmed every day to ensure not even stubble is visible
  • The beard is well combed, and the length of the beard is not disturbed.
  • However, slight trimming on a regular basis keeps the beard in shape.
  • There is no outer limit as to how long a beard can be. Normally, it differs from person to person.
  • The quality of beard care and the day to day nutrition intake, however, can affect the quality and pace of beard growth.
  • Often well-oiled Amish facial hair tends to look more lustrous than the ones not oiled.

Overall the unbridled length of the Amish man beard is the most striking feature. It is all about honoring ancient tradition and matching it with the pace of modern life. As a result, there is no specific color for traditional Amish beard either. It more or less follows the natural beard color. So it is blonde for some and black for few and even ginger for many. The strands of silver or completely silver beard are more common amongst aged Amish members.

That said, anyone can sport this beard. Even if you do not belong to the Amish group but are willing to shave off the mustache, you can easily grow the typical Amish men’s beard.


Amish Beards Are Never Out of Style

Although the Amish traditionally avoided the mustache as a way to set themselves apart from society, you can certainly find an Amish-inspired beard style that will set you apart from the crowd in a positive way. Check out the best beard styles of various types.

#1:  The Dapper Amish Beard

Amish Beard for men

We think of the Amish as being old fashioned and even out of fashion.  But your Amish style facial hair can be groomed into a handsome, dapper look.  This is a good look for the professional man who wants a well-kept but still stylish beard.