31 Best Hipster Beard Styles to Rock

Hipster beard style is indeed the most followed fashion trend in the world with a huge tribe of followers found in every part of the world. Describing a hipster, however, is rather an arduous task since the term is highly flexible when it comes to looks and appearances. But, a few common and essential characters of hipsters involve a highly social yet carefree personality.

The personality is enhanced by the most up-to-date outfits and accessories. With indie music as their favorite music genre, hipsters are a big fan of multicultural influences, politics, and arts.


What Do ‘Hipster’ Means

The term hipster was coined in 1940 and was popularly used to highlight a group of people in direct linkage with JAZZ music. But the modern hipster is more focused toward building an individual image and characterization of their own personality rather than solidifying the social bonds.

Today, the hipster style is more about an open rejection of the current social norms and living an independent life with the slogan “my life my rules”.


Hipster Beard Origin

hipster facial hair for men

Hipster fashion is supremely devoted to the ultimate personal looks of a rebel. It was in the late ’90s when hipster beards revolutionized the facial hair fashions.  This was after a break of almost 25 years during which men had become more devoted toward clean shaved sensual cheeks. Since the hipsters try to do something different from the rest of the world, this could be stated as the most valid reason of the hipster beard fashion emerging in the era of no facial hairs at all.

Best Hipster Hairstyles for Men


How to Grow a Hipster Beard

Hipster beard comes in a variety of styles and lengths. But in short, it is a full beard with some of the finest stylings. The most important is the charisma of the personality that must be preserved and should pose an ultimately unique look; a hallmark of the hipsters.

Hipster beard, however, takes 14-20 days to attain the desired length for trimming the beard into a crafty hipster beard style. Longer beards require more time of course.

hipster beard style


Suitable hairstyles for the hipster beard

Popular hairstyles to carry with hipster beard are:

Classic Undercut

classic undercut with hipster beard

This hairstyle has the ability to simply let your hipster beard enjoy its full bloom. Neatly cut and managed, undercut is the best hipster hairstyle so far.


Slicked Back Hairstyle

slicked back hair plus hipster beard

Without any sharp undercut, this hairstyle involves simply slicking your hair backward to create a flawless hairstyle for the hipster beard.


Messy Hairstyle

hipster beard style with messy hair

This hairstyle goes hand in hand with the classic rebellion image of the hipsters. This is the reason why it is the most adored hairstyle for the hipster beard.


Pompadour Hairstyle

hipster beard and pompadour hair color

With this up-to-date and bulky setting of your hair, your hipster beard is going to love the esteem it will earn from the onlookers.


Man Bun

man bun hairstyle

Man-bun is the ancient and a very classic hairstyle. Its combo with the hipster beard results in an ultimate fashion icon look that is impossible to overlook.

Coolest Beard Styles for 2020


Long Mane

Blend the long beard with your longer hair to get an ultimate and flawless look that will enhance your persona by hundred folds straight.


On-Trend Hipster Beard Styles

Here is our best hipster beard styles list to help you get some ideas.

1. Classic Edge Beard

This is the most influential hipster beard style. With decency and elegance preserved, it offers the most reliable and exceptional hipster beard looks. The beard is allowed to grow slightly down the chin edge and sharp trimming adds a sculptress look to the bravura. But the beard is dark and sideburns are only lightly trimmed.