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22 Elegant Grey Beard Styles That’ll Set you Apart [2024]

Styling and then carrying a grey beard is an art in itself too! Grey hair can make you look old, but a grey beard only makes you look macho without adding digits to your virtual age.

Therefore, you must choose your beard style wisely, as it can greatly determine whether you look like a 70-year-old grandpa or a sexy 50-year-old bearded man!

Cool & Sexy Gray Bearded Looks

Here are some of our favorite ways to style a grey beard that looks both sexy and attractive! They’re all easy to pull off and a lot of them require minimum maintenance. Don’t dye your gray beard black, instead, embrace it and see the picture below for the top beard styles!

1. The Wise Look

grey beard styles for older men

This hipster beard look makes you look like a wise person who’s been through a lot! It’s classy and it’s attractive!

Ideal for: Men with a slender and long age, preferably those aged 40 or above.

How to style: Allow your beard to grow long, meanwhile, keep twisting the edges of your handlebar mustache upwards to get the complete look.

2. Salt n Pepper Bushy Beard

salt n peer beard style

This grey beard makes you look mature without looking too old!

Ideal for: Men with slightly chubby cheeks and a wide nose.

How to style: Trim your neckbeard while keeping your facial beard long. After it has reached the length shown in the photo above, trim it regularly to maintain this length and shape.

3. Beard with Mustache

Grey Beard with Mustache for older men

This grey-dyed beard can tell that you’ve been through a lot in life, but you still haven’t lost your good looks and charm!

Ideal for: Men with a wide forehead and colored eyes.

How to style: Allow your beard to grow until it reaches a certain length and then twists the French mustache upwards to get this look.

4. The Santa Clause Beard

grey beard styles for men

This beard speaks of Christmas!

Ideal for: All dads aged 40 and above! The face structure doesn’t matter much because this Santa’s gray bearded look will suit virtually everyone!

How to style: Let your beard grow while trimming your moustache regularly!

5. The Beard that Rewinds Age

stubble grey beard styles for men

Cut back on your age with this beard!

Ideal for: Men with a sharp jawline. Men with a chubby face should not try this shadow beard style.

How to style: Just shave approximately 2 days before you need this beard! You’ll have this beard ready by the second or third day after shaving!

6. The Twisted and Long Beard

This dyed gray beard looks absolutely mesmerizing!

Ideal for: Men with a pointed nose and slender cheeks.

How to: Let your beard hair grow & use grey beard dye. Comb it regularly in the direction you want it to grow and then keep trimming to stabilize the shape once you get it!

7. Beard with Bald Head

After all, beard hair is sexier than scalp hair, right?

Ideal for: Men with all types of face structures, as this Joe Rogan inspired beard doesn’t require any specific shape.

How to: Shave your head and your beard 4-5 days before you need this black man with gray beard look!

8. Undercut with Beard

undercut hairstyle with grey beard

This grey hair and beard style is magnificent and it looks great with that hairstyle!

Ideal for: Men with a pointed nose and a hairstyle like the one shown in the photo above.

How to: Let your beard hair grow until they’re long enough. Keep trimming your walrus mustache in the meantime!

9. The Goatee Beard

This goatee looks great on this guy! Black men with grey beards don’t look half bad!

Ideal for: All types of face structures, especially fuller faces.

How to style: just shave your beard in the shape of a goatee!

10. The Dumbledore Beard!

Doesn’t this remind you of Dumbledore, the long-bearded character in Harry Potter?

Ideal for: Men with all types of face structures because the Balbo beard is so long that it grabs all the attention and then the face structure really doesn’t matter.

How to: Let your beard grow and regularly nourish it with beard oil to help it grow!

11. The Circle Beard

man with grey beard

This black and grey scruffy beard looks great and gives off cute vibes too!

Ideal for: Round or Full Faces.

How to style: Just trim your beard to the length shown in the photo above and you’re ready to go!

12. Beard with Sideburns Only

grey beard styles for men

Sideburns are the new cool!

Ideal for: Slender faces.

How to style: Shave your beard while letting your sideburns grow!

13. Grey Beards for Black Men

black guy with grey beard

This full white beard is handsome on black men as the light and dark colors contrast beautifully. 

Ideal for: Oval faces

How to style: Let beard hair grow full, but keep hair from the cheek to ears shorter.

14. Long Salt and Pepper

long hair with grey beard

Older men with long hair who typically grow longer beards are perfect for this style. Embrace your natural grays in a handsome way!

Ideal for: Oval or round faces

How to style: Let your hair and beard grow long, but keep combed with hair gel or spray.

15. Short and Grey

grey short beard

A medium to long wavy head of hair is perfect for this short grey beard.

Ideal for: Small round or heart-shaped faces

How to style: Keep a short beard no longer than a quarter inch.

16. Pointed White Beard

grey beard for older men

We love this white beard’s pointed shape and curved mustache. It’s unexpected and keeps the style fresh!

Ideal for: Oval or narrow faces

How to style: See a stylist for angled cutting of the beard. Use hair gel to shape the mustache.

17. Grey Anchor Beard

grey anchor beard

Aptly named for the shape of an anchor, this beard is small and the mustache is curled.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces

How to style: You can trim the beard short at home, but shave sides to avoid a full look. Use beard styling product to shape the curled mustache.

18. Short & Grey for Glasses

grey beard for men with glasses

The best way to wear a beard professionally if you wear glasses is by keeping it short like this one. 

Ideal for: Square faces

How to style: Clipper your beard at home to no more than a quarter inch. 

19. Grey Wavy Beard

Grey beard for Indian men

Many men with wavy facial hair shy away from texture, but it’s very suitable for older men.

Ideal for: Oval or narrow faces

How to style: Keep it neat with combing and care for waves by working in beard creme. 

20. Grey Chinstrap

grey chinstrap beard

Get a Santana vibe with a skinny chinstrap beard and handlebar mustache

Ideal for: Round faces

How to style: Use clippers to shave hair to the edges of your face, so it looks like an outline. 

21. Extra Long Grey Beard

grey beard with red hair

An extra long white beard is handsome with colored hair. 

Ideal for: Square or heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Embrace growth but use a comb to look kept. 

22. Professional Grey Beard 

grey bearded men

If you’re an older man who still works in the office, try a short beard with a long mustache and some shape to it. 

Ideal for: Round and heart-shaped faces.

How to style: Use clippers or see a stylist to maintain an inch of length all the way around. 

Some Cool Grey Beard Styles for Men to Follow


Let’s review some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a grey beard.

What causes a grey beard?

Your beard turns grey due to several factors, including genetics, environmental influences, and aging. Environmental influences include your diet, stress, and toxins in your hair products.

Regarding your diet, deficiencies in vitamin B-12, biotin, and folic acid may cause your beard to go grey.

Stress itself cannot change the color of your hair, but it triggers a condition known as telogen effluvium. Telogen Effluvium causes hair to shed three times faster than usual. Although the hair grows back, it may come in grey. 

When does a beard go grey?

Beards can go grey at any age, although the most common time for this change is in your 30s. The onset of a greying beard is primarily dependent on your genetics. If your family members experienced early greying, there’s a good chance you will too. 

Can grey beards be reversed naturally?

No, you cannot reverse a beard from going grey because you can’t change your genes. Although, if environmental influences cause your greying, there is a chance you can correct the issue by getting rid of any toxic products. 

Do grey beards look attractive?

While this question is subjective, many people view grey hair as attractive. The term “grey fox” doesn’t exist for no reason. When well maintained, grey beards can give you a mature and sophisticated look. 

Grey beard or no beard – what should I go for?

There are pros and cons to having a beard vs. no beard. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Considering that grey hair is deemed sexy, you may want to think about keeping your beard.

Why do beards go grey before scalp hair?

Beards go grey before scalp hair because beard hair grows faster than the hair on your head. The color of your beard depends on the melanin in the hair follicles.

As you age, your hair will naturally change to grey depending on the amount of melanin your follicles produce. Since beard hair grows the fastest, those melanin follicles also deplete faster.

Is a grey beard high maintenance?

A grey beard is not more high maintenance than a regular beard. To best care for your grey beard, you will want to:
●   Keep it neatly trimmed
●   Apply beard oil, mainly if your skin is itchy or you have dandruff
●   Wash your beard with face wash
●   Condition and moisturize your beard

Will a grey beard make me look older?

Yes. A grey beard will make you look older, as grey is a sign of natural aging. However, looking more aged doesn’t mean you’ll be less attractive. A grey beard can give you a dignified look.

Can I dye my beard grey?

Yes, you can dye your beard grey. A naturally light-colored beard is easier to dye grey than a dark-colored beard. Those with dark beards will need to bleach them before dying.

You may want to consult a professional stylist for an even bleach and to reduce the risk of damage to your beard.

The trick to dying a beard grey is choosing the right shade. You don’t want the dye to be noticeable. It shouldn’t be too dark or bold.

Try the grey beard looks listed above and see which one suits you the best! Life is too short to never explore with your beard!