45 Long Beard Styles Trending Right Now in 2020

It was not long ago when long beard styles were extremely common and thought of as an essential trait of well-reputed families and classic gentlemen. In the English army, beard and mustaches were a symbol of fighting men.

However, the 18th century mainly belonged to clean shaved men with sensuous cheeks.  But now, yet again, the long beard styles have been accepted with open hearts and supple fashion consciousness throughout the world.

It’s time to throw away your razors and have a glimpse of some of the finest long beard styles trending all across the globe from Hollywood red carpets to the streets of Europe and New York. A long beard is definitely making a comeback, and it is going to be a memorable one!


Sexy Long Beard Styles for Men

Long beards make a man look more manly, that’s a fact. Here are 45 coolest long beard styles that will make your look stylish, dashing and more masculine.


1. Curly Bushy Beard

Curly Bushy long Beard style

The default texture of this long beard is very curly but still well-manicured and gives the guys a very handsome and cool look. This type of beard is more suited to men with a round face.  Look at this splendid curly bushy long beard style with an attitude.

Coolest Beard Styles for Men


2. Wavy Long Beard

Wavy long Beard Style for men

The wavy look is a casual stylish long beard that’s trending in America nowadays. The beard is richly conditioned, and a wavy texture is created. This look is accomplished with nourishing and conditioning the beard for years which is usually called ‘yeard’ as well.


3. Long Moustache + Long Beard

favorite long beard style

This beard style is dedicated towards a long classic mustache, and the overall look is enhanced with the help of a freely grown long beard.  The mustache is allowed to grow longer to the sides leaving the lips quite visible.  This is one of the very striking long beard styles hitting the global corners and is very popular among the men.


4. Spruce Beards

black men long beard style

This is not a style exclusive to a long facial hair because length variations are common.  However, many people like to have it rather lengthy and curled.  However, the lower neck is shaved to keep the beard round and follow the curve of the face.  Careful trimming can give an absolute hot guy look.

Coolest Short Beard Styles of All Times


5. In line Long Facial Hair

long line beard style for men

It is one of the most trendy long beard styles followed by millions across the globe. This beard style has a classic touch with clean straight lines going down all along with the beard. Usually, a squaring cut is applied to give the beard a rather forward protruding effect.