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Top 32 Handlebar Mustaches to Try In 2022

The handlebar mustache is the favorite of millions of men regardless of their age and origin. It’s a resemblance to the handlebar of the bicycle caused to give it such a name while the iconic shape gives a true manly look to the bearer.

No matter whether you are a celebrity or a college boy, the proper maintenance of handlebar mustaches cast a deep impact on the viewer and bring out a brave and bold appearance. There are many different styles of handlebar mustaches which you can opt for to look stylish and trendy.


What is a Handlebar Mustache? 

What is a Handlebar Mustache? A handlebar mustache is a thick mustache with a neat middle part that curves upwards at the ends. You can achieve this style with or without a beard.

A handlebar mustache is a thick mustache with a neat middle part that curves upwards at the ends. You can achieve this style with or without a beard.


How to Grow A Handlebar Mustache

From the size of a handlebar mustache, it’s not difficult to understand that you can’t grow it overnight and it takes some time. Usually, you need 6 weeks to grow facial hair. Use mustache wax to give it the desired look and apply some hair growth oil to boost its productivity.

However, always apply wax on clean and showered hair and soften it while heating it slightly above the room temperature to get optimal results. Never trim mustache hair within the first three weeks and comb it daily for 10-15 minutes.

hat and handlebar mustache

The key to learning how to grow a handlebar mustache is knowing how to take care of your skin and hair. Make sure to wash the area around your mustache clean and keep it exfoliated.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin on a regular basis to keep the mustache growing faster and avoid pore blockage. Pick a natural soap to deal with the skin around and under your mustache. Exfoliation ensures that all the dead skin cells are gone and don’t interfere with facial hair growth.

Allow the hair to grow naturally for about 8 to 12 weeks. This is the hard part since it requires some patience. While the hair is growing, you don’t need to trim it, but you must brush it. You have to buy a fine-tooth comb and use it to “teach” the mustache how and where it should grow.

Just like the hair on your head, the facial hair needs to be styled daily to make the hair growth direction ideal for your needs. You’ll have to use wax to shape the mustache after brushing. After a few weeks, you’ll see the results.

Once the hair is long enough, you can start making the handlebar. Wash your mustache (the best way to do it takes a long shower). After you are out, add some wax to your fingertips and work it through your mustache. Use a comb to make sure the wax is spread all over your hair.

Start combing the mustache from the center outward. Use your fingers to twist the ends of the hair and curl them upward. The thicker the hair, the more wax you’ll need.


Best Handlebar Mustache Styles for Men

Handlebar mustache can be worn in different styles. Every size and shape can create a new style. Grow a beard with your mustache to look more dashing as well as manly with your handlebar mustache. Below is our list of most favorite mustaches.

1. Thick Handlebar With Full Beard

handlebar mustcahe with beard

It’s the best option for those who have thick facial hair as a little effort is enough to style your mustache. Grow a beard and get Caesar haircut with it. Thick facial hair also requires more attention in cleaning so always get the services of an experienced barber.


2. Van Dyke Beard

handlebar mustache with van dyke beard

A Van Dyke beard covers only a small patch of the chin and pairs nicely with a handlebar mustache. Wear with a side parted short hairstyle.


3. The Classic

classic handlebar mustache

To get the classic handlebar mustache, use a bit of facial styling product and shape the “handlebars” with your fingers. It will look great with a medium length wavy hairstyle.


4. Long and Dramatic

long handlebar mustache

If you’re the type of man who is more interested in bold styles, you’ll love this extra long handlebar mustache. Work it with a mohawk and bald fade.


5. Thin Hair

thin handlebar mustache

Having a mustache luckily doesn’t require a certain type of hair. Thin hair looks just as great styled into a handlebar mustache, especially as light blonde.


6. Going Grey

handlebar mustache with grey beard

For older men with a thick head of hair and some greys starting to peek through, carry that look into facial hair and wear with a scruffy handlebar mustache.


7. High Fade and Goatee

handlebar mustache with goatee

Connecting a beard or goatee to your handlebar mustache is one very attractive way to sport the trend. A short haircut also helps keep the look trim and dapper.


8. Jumbo Handlebars

Indian man with handlebar mustache

Throw some contrast into your look by working your thick facial hair into a jumbo shapely handlebar mustache and pairing with a short cropped beard.


9. Stubble Beard

handlebar mustache with stubble beard

A stubble beard or five o’clock shadow doesn’t have to decorate your lower face area on its own. Wear it with a handlebar mustache and natural textured hair.


10. Full Beard

full beard with handlebar mustache

If your hair is thick and coarse, rock a full beard with a handlebar mustache. Dye the hair dark to match your haircut.


11. Round Faces

handlebar mustache for round faces

Emphasize a round face shape by shaving or trimming the beard area and wearing with a handlebar mustache. A funky hat adds a pop of detail.



thin handlebar mustache



ginger beard with handlebar mustache



balbo beard with handlebar mustache



goatee with handlebar mustache



grey handlebar mustache



young guy with handlebar mustache



full beard with handlebar mustache



handlebar walrus mustache



blonde handlebar mustache



handlebar mustache style


22. 90 Degree Handlebar

90 Degree Handlebar Mustache with goatee

Both ends of this mustache are lifted upward and it’s difficult to handle. More care and waxing are required to style two sides into a 90 degrees angle while it covers a big part of your mouth that makes it annoying at the start.


23. Classical Handlebar

Classical Handlebar mustache with spike hair

It’s another amazing yet classical mustache style that is easy to wear and effortless to clean. The twisted ends are shorter and don’t spread on the major part of your face. Add some accessories with it and get an outstanding heroic look.


24. Beveled Ends

back combed men with beard and handlebar mustache

Beveled ends to portray the gentleman in you and never disturb you because of the balanced size and shape. The sides of this mustache aren’t curled but upward and erected. Go for this style if you have dark and thick hair.


25. Slight Twist

Slight Twist Handlebar Mustache hairstyle

Stand out from the crowd and get a slight twist mustache to turn every head. It maintains zest and elegance simultaneously by keeping both slightly twisted. To avoid extreme wild look and uphold manly appearance, a slight twist is the best option for everyone.


26. Acute Angle

An acute angle is for those who love leveled and thick handlebar mustaches. It covers a major part of your mouth and you have to take care while eating. The selection of the ends styles absolutely depends on you, i.e. twisted or leveled.


27. English Handlebar

favorite Handlebar Mustache for old men

Medium thickness and large size are the basic characteristics of the English handlebar mustache. Wax is used to attain the symmetrical shape of a mustache and maintain a straight bicycle handle. If you have white or bold hair, then never go for this style as it will never suit you in any way.


28. Mustache and Straight Beard on Chin

Mustache and Straight Beard style for men

It’s another elegant and classic mustache that is straight and horizontal from the chin. The style is only good for those who have thick hair on the chin and have a fair complexion. It’s necessary to keep mustache thin and erected.


29. O’ Curved

O’ Curved beard cut

The mustache makes O shape at both ends. Medium thickness and curved shape are the main features of O’ curved mustaches and while it looks best when the dark shade is used to highlight the grayish shade.


30. Bushy Handlebar with Chinstrap

Handlebar with Chinstrap beard style

Get an extremely fashionable look by contrasting your mustache with a chinstrap. It seems bushy when gets combined with short chinstrap. This combination will look fantastic and impressive to both young boys and middle-aged men.


31. Natural Handlebar

 Natural Handlebar beardstyle

The natural handlebar doesn’t need any artificial shape or curls. Let your hair grow in their natural way and maintain natural curls. Never use different mustache products available in the market and avoid excess trimming to get the exact style.


32. Cape Buffalo Style

Buffalo Style beard

Do you love hunting and expeditions? Portray it through your style and get a mustache style that gives an illusion of cape buffalo. The curved shape of the mustache gives an exact look of buffalo horns while the hair present under the lower lip makes V shape when get combine with a handlebar mustache.


Confused How to Grow The Perfect Mustache? Watch the below video.

Facial hair distinguishes a man from a woman and every man should accept it wholeheartedly. Grow a handlebar mustache to look stylish, manly and fearless.


Maintenance Tips 

The handlebar mustache is pretty easy to maintain. There are several tips to follow that help achieve the perfect mustache.

  • Patience is a crucial part of growing and maintaining a handlebar mustache. Growing the mustache until it is thick and full may take some time. Do not trim until it fully grows in, as tempting as it may be.
  • Wash the mustache at least 3 times a week. Use natural soaps or cleansing oils. Don’t forget to exfoliate the skin under your mustache at least once a week.
  • Trimming your handlebar mustache is crucial to maintain once it’s fully grown. Your mustache should be thick but trimmed and lined up neatly. Use a beard trimmer to keep the length and any hairs growing outside the edges of your mustache.
  • Wax is a vital part of maintaining your mustache. Choosing a wax that works for your beard is very important. Wax helps keep your mustache looking great and feeling healthy. To apply the wax, use a generous amount to smooth over your mustache as you style it. 


Handlebar Mustache vs. Imperial Mustache 

Handlebar Mustache vs. Imperial Mustache 

Handlebar mustaches and imperial mustaches are very close in style. Both types are thick, parted in the middle, combed towards the sides, and turned up at the ends. The main difference in these styles of mustache is in length and formalness.

Handlebar mustaches are more formal. These mustaches are typically more stiffly combed and twirled up at the ends. It also tends to be a bit thinner than the imperial. 

Imperial mustaches are a little more casual than the handlebar mustache. Imperial mustaches are longer than handlebars. They also have a more relaxed curl at the ends.



Here are some commonly asked questions about handlebar mustaches.

Where Did the Handlebar Mustache Come From?

Mustache popularity continues to rise and decline with time. Handlebar mustaches have also seen waves of popularity. King Charles, I rocked a handlebar mustache in the early 1600s. They became popular in the U.S. in the 1920s following the 1st World War. 

Beards were a hazard in the war because gas masks could not seal well over them, so they trimmed them into mustaches. This mustache grew in popularity as it symbolized brave soldiers. 


How Long Will it Take to Grow a Handlebar Mustache?

Growing a handlebar mustache could take up to three months, depending on how quickly you grow facial hair. Handlebar requires a full, thick mustache. You will want to continue to grow it until all patches fill in and there is enough length to style it into the proper shape. 


What’s the Difference Between a Handlebar Mustache and Fu Manchu Mustache?

A handlebar mustache grows on the upper lip and curls upwards at the ends. It does not hang further below the mouth. The length of the mustache typically does not grow below the upper lip.

Fu Manchu is a much longer mustache. This mustache starts on the upper lip, just like the handlebar mustaches but continues down past the lips and chin. The ends do not curl upwards but are left hanging down off the face.


How Long Should a Handlebar Mustache Be?

A handlebar mustache needs to be long and full enough to comb to the sides. It is up to you how long you want it to be beyond that requirement. However, at a certain point, your handlebar mustache will turn into an imperial mustache due to the length. You may also want to think about what length will be flattering for your face. 


Never miss an opportunity to look stylish and trendy as it’s no less than a blunder to waste your thick and natural facial hair when you can make different styles from them and experience different looks at a time. Handlebar mustache provides you with outstanding ways to get a style in 2022.