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10 Modern Square Beard Styles to Try in 2024

You’ve tried out different beard styles and lengths before. But what about changing its shape? If that’s new to you, the square beard might be worth a shot.

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about beard styles for guys with square faces. This is about having a beard that’s cut into a neat square shape.

It’s cool because you can wear it with anything – it looks sharp with a suit, and chill with jeans and a tee. Who knows, this could be the style update you’ve been looking for.

What Is a Square Beard?

blonde guy with square beard

A square beard is a facial hairstyle that gets its name from the way it’s cut and shaped, which gives it a distinct square or rectangular-like appearance.

The process involves trimming the beard so that the hair on the cheeks falls straight down to the jawline, forming straight lines. Then, the bottom line of the beard is cut straight across in a horizontal manner.

This type of beard can make a man’s face look more strong and sharp. Like a round shape beard, the length of the beard can be short or long.

How to Shape a Square Beard

how to shape square beard

Shaping a square beard isn’t exclusive to professionals. With the right trimming skills, you can give your beard a square shape right at home. Here are the steps to shape a square beard:

Step 1: Straighten the Cheeks

Start by shaving the cheeks of your beard. Use a beard trimmer, preferably with a guard, and trim the hair on your cheeks in a straight line down to the jawline.

The objective is to ensure that the line running from your sideburns to your jawline as straight as possible. Create a vertical line on each side of your face. This forms the sides of the square.

Step 2: Shape the Bottom

Once you’ve got your sides sorted, move on to the bottom part of your beard, the area around the chin and underneath it. Trim this area straight across in a horizontal line.

Start trimming at one corner of your jaw, straight across your face, and stop at the other corner of your jaw. This creates a straight, horizontal line that forms the bottom of the ‘square’.

Step 3: Define the Edges

Now that you’ve got your sides and bottom straightened out, it’s time to work on the corners. These are where the sides of your beard (vertical lines) meet the bottom of your beard (horizontal line).

Trim the hair in these areas very carefully to create sharp, well-defined angles. These corners are what will give your beard its signature square shape.

Step 4: Maintain the Shape

Now that you’ve got your beard shaped into a square, you’ll want to keep it that way. Depending on how quickly your beard grows, you should trim and shape your beard every 1-2 weeks.

Regular maintenance ensures that your beard keeps its well-defined, square shape for as long as you want to maintain this style.

If this is your first time shaping your beard into a square, you might find it helpful to see a professional barber.

They can shape your beard into the perfect square, and you can then maintain this shape at home by following the steps above.

Best Square Beard Styles For Men

You can choose any beard style and give it a square shape. For your convenience, we have picked some of the best squared beard styles for men.

1. Classic Square Beard

classic square beard

This is the foundation of all square beard styles. A beard that is full and grows upto a certain horizontal line from the cheeks and chin.

The width of the beard from one side to the other side of the cheek is same to it’s downward from the cheeks. This beard style is great for small face as it adds length and width to your face.

2. Long Goatee

squared goatee beard

A classic long goatee but with a twist – the hair around your chin and mustache form a square shape. You’ll need to shave the rest of your cheeks clean to keep the focus solely on the chin and mustache.

Try this beard style if you have round face as the goatee will make your chin look sharp and hide your chubby cheeks.

3. Full Beard

full square beard

Do you like your beard thick and full? Then this style is for you. You let your facial hair grow out, keeping the square shape by trimming the corners sharply.

4. Short Tapered Beard

short square beard

If you don’t like to keep a long beard, you can taper your beard to give it a square shape. Pair a short fade haircut with the beard and it will instantly provide you the coo vibe you have been looking for.

5. Long Beard

long square beard

Now, it’s time to check a longer version of your favorite square beard. Grow your beard as long as yeard beard (5-7 inches). It’s like wearing a statement piece that’s part of your face. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

6. Medium Beard with Mustache

square beard with mustache

Like the idea of a square beard but want to add a bit of style? Consider the medium length beard with a handlebar mustache. Keep your hair pressed on the top to make your face look squarer.

7. Red Beard with Glasses

square beard with glasses

Another style for round face men that have a trendy haircut and a beard in one. The hair on the head fades, starting long at the top and getting shorter towards the sides.

It blends seamlessly into your square beard. The beard and round glasses provide a fresh and modern look which people will surely compliment.

8. Squared Bottom with Rounded Jawline

square beard with rounded jawline

Think of a square beard but with a rounded jawline. The squared bottom with a rounded Jawline style creates a softness to the square beard’s sharp angles. It’s an interesting mix of hard and soft lines that can give your face a nice contrast.

9. Curly with Bald Head

bald guy with square beard

A perfect curly square beard style for professionals who like things precise. The beard is trimmed to perfection, with every hair in place and sharp square edges.

The combination of a bald head and this dapper beard pairs excellently with corporate suit-dress attire.

10. Garibaldi

short square beard with handlebar mustache

If you’re always on the go but still want to maintain a strong and unique style, this beard style is ideal for you. It combines the full and robust garibaldi beard with a handlebar mustache.

The beard covers the entire lower part of the face and is kept in a clear square shape. Meanwhile, the handlebar mustache captures attention with its unique form.


How long does it take to grow a square beard?

Generally, It takes around 2 to 4 months to grow a beard that’s long enough to be styled into a square shape.

Can I style a square beard at home?

You can style a square beard at home. But if you’re a beginner, it might be easier to go to a barber initially to get the desired shape and you can then maintain this shape at home.

Which face shape suits a square beard?

A square beard can look good on many face shapes, but it is particularly suited to men with round or oval faces. You can also customize the width and length of a square beard according to face shape.