How to Grow Beard From Scratch – 8 Tips

Want to grow a beard from the scratch? You just need to follow some steps to be bearded. Here we come with 8 tips to help you in growing the perfect beard.


1: Be Focused And Avoid The Negative Attitude

beard growth of men

During the growth of the hair, the hair may look a little awkward as the beard has no shape. Just avoid the nauseated pranksters and wait for a few weeks. After this time, you will be able to cut your beard in the desired type and will get the look you wished for.

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2: Keep The Face Clean

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Regular cleaning is necessary for a healthy beard. When you clean your face, the pores open. Which helps to grow strong hair.  To avoid ingrown hair, facial scrub and cleansing soap or gel can be used 2-3 times a week which removes the dead cells of the skin.

When the facial hair grows, use specific beard shampoo to clean the hair. Without harming skin, this product helps to improve the beard appearance.


3: Maintain Healthy Chart

healthy food for beard growth

There is nothing compared with the healthy food. A healthy diet is not only good for the body but also necessary for your beard. The hair gets strength and grows well. The deficiency of a properly nutritious diet may cause hormonal imbalance which will create a bad impact on hair growth.

Regular physical exercise helps to stimulate the testosterone hormone production which is responsible for the growth of the hair. So, frequent exercise is also important for a healthy beard.


4: Let The Beard Grow

growth of beard

Avoid trimming the hair while growing, thinking that they will grow faster. Don’t put any blade on the face and just let the hair grow naturally.

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5: Have Patience

Your facial hair may grow slower and at the beginning, they may have a different length which is very common. But you have to stay calm and wait to get the perfect height of the hair.


6: Take Care Of Your Skin

taking care of skin for beard growth

Many men face itching and irritation problem during the hair grows because at this time the hair forces the passage to break the skin. Some hair fails to break his path and known as ingrown hair. So, at this phase, cleaning is necessary.

To get rid of these problems, beard balm is a great solution that will help you to stick on this mission. The refreshing and anesthetic properties of balm will give you relief. You can check these products as these are the best in the market. Just don’t think that shaving is the only solution and stay focused on your project.

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7: Trim The Beard Hair

trimmer for beard growth

You can trim your beard after 4 weeks, to improve the beard look. Use trimming machine, scissors and comb to trim. If you are not an expert, then go to a barbershop.


8: Finally Beard Appears

how to grow a beard

Depending on the gene and hormone, almost after 3 months, you will have a real beard. Though it looks like a long time, actually it is not. You can get the favorite beard type or style you want.

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Finally, you have got your desired beard.  But the maintenance of beard is another main issue. You have to clean and moisturize your beard with the beard product like shampoo, oil or balm. After following the steps with your own view, you can display your charming beard and shut the mouth of the pranksters who made fun at the beginning.

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