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17 Ducktail Beards to Freshen Up Your Look

A Beard is the most attractive feature of a man’s face that everyone tends to take notice of initially when they happen to see a guy passing by. It is also one of the most versatile features of a man’s face after their hair that can be styled in multiple ways, such as a ducktail beard in this case.

The ducktail has been a part of the beard trends for a long time and a lot of celebrities have also been seen wearing it as their signature looks.


Ducktail Beard Styles

To find out what kinds of ducktail beard styles we have mentioned here, keep on reading further to have an idea of what’s currently hot in this trend.

1. Long Ducktail Beard

long ducktail beard

A long ducktail beard requires some attention, and remember that you will have to style it every day to make it look impressive. Use special oils and waxes for your beard, and make sure you use a moisturizing cream for the face.


2. Long Beard For Black Men

ducktail beard for black men

When you have afro hair and dark skin, a ducktail beard is the best choice for black men who want a rebellious yet fancy look. Define the edges and make sure you daily hydrate your skin. 


3. Ducktail Beard with Comb Over

ducktail beard for round faces

A ducktail beard is perfect for round faces because the longer chin hair works its magic and creates an illusion that makes your face look slimmer and elongated. To better obtain that effect, go for a slightly lifted comb-over. 


4. Short Pointy Beard

A short ducktail beard will look fabulous on you if you are a man over 50 that wants a modern touch. Keep your mustache longer and twist the tips upwards to gain that retro appearance. It will fabulously suit with your chic glasses. 


5. Disconnected Ducktail Beard

Such a ducktail beard with a faded trimmed side will look perfect if adequately groomed, and your chin hair will get all the attention.  To obtain a more modern look, choose a bald fade with a hard part and a longer messy top.


6. Pointy Beard for Bald Men

If you are a bald head man that wants to channel his rebellious side, a ducktail beard is just the thing you need. If you have thick facial hair and adore tattoos, this beard shape is everything you need to look perfect.


7. Ducktail Beard with High Top Hair

The ducktail beard is sophisticated, and if it’s well-groomed, it will keep the neckline clean and offer an elegant touch. You can get a high top haircut with an undercut if you want to create that stunning disconnection. 


8. Round-Bottom Ducktail Beard

ducktail beard styles for men

Men who have a nice and tall structured face can go for this look. Due to the strong facial features, the beard is styled in a round-bottom shape that really softens the face cuts to bring a nice symmetry towards the bottom of the face.


9. Ducktail for Diamond Shaped Face

ducktail beard for diamond face

A Ducktail beard on a diamond face shape is just the right combo for defining the term “Impeccable”. The beard style blends so well with the face shape that one can’t just look away from the person’s face.


10. The Brad Pitt-Style Ducktail

brad pitt's ducktail beard style

We’ve all seen the famous Hollywood star, Brad Pitt rock this ducktail beard as his signature look, which is partially why it became popular during his time. The ends of the beard are thin and long; somewhat like Captain Jack Sparrow’s beard style.

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11. Full-Grown Beard Ducktail Style

fully grown ducktail beard

Men who have a straight and thick growth of beard can easily style this look. All they have to do is just let the beard grow out completely and then ask the barber to trim the ends of the beard evenly to give it a nice ducktail shape.


12. Horseshoe Shaped Ducktail Beard

Horseshoe Shaped Ducktail Beard

Men who love keeping a very long beard can surely keep this ducktail beard on their must-try list. Having a long beard that is not well-trimmed can seem to look like a major put-off when seen by others, so to look neat and groomed, one should get it trimmed in a horseshoe ducktail style.


13. French Style Ducktail Beard

French beard is the classiest and most popular in beard trends which Is why it also has a similar version called ducktail beard. The difference between both is that, French beard is only present around the lips and chin, whereas the ducktail is a full beard, but the chin area is slightly longer and pointy towards the end.


14. Old Man’s Ducktail

ducktail beard style for old men

Being an old aged man does not mean you cannot follow the latest beard trends. In fact, the older a man is, the hotter the beard style is, like ducktail, in this case, which would look better on them.

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15. Thin-Edged Ducktail

Men who have a slow or thin growth may keep a thin-edged ducktail beard style. It’s simple and does not require much effort if you don’t have much time in hand to style.


16. Pompadour Ducktail Style

ducktail beard styles for men

A bushy or puffy beard can also be trimmed into a nice pompadour ducktail style. Men who have an oblong facial structure can go for this look as it will really help in lifting up those facial bones.


17. Two-Tone Ducktail Beard

Two-Tone Ducktail Beard

This is a common ducktail beard amongst men who are growing old day by day. White hair appears on the front with darker hair growth on the sides which makes it double-toned.

However, if you’re young and want a nice two-tone shade in your beard, then you may always dye your beard with blonde or any shade and on any area of the beard that you like.


Men who want to carry a mature and strong appealing look can go for a ducktail beard style which has many ways of styling it.

One can either just let it grow in its natural state i.e. a white beard or even go for a certain style of trimming the beard, like a horseshoe or a pompadour beard style depending on one’s preferences, face shape, and of course their beard’s hair texture.