15 Greatest Ginger Beard Ideas Trending in 2022

If you are lucky enough to have a ginger beard, wear your glorious red beard proudly. Gingers have a world of options when it comes to their beard styles, but you should really choose a style that shows off your red facial hair, as many would consider it one of your best features.

Whether you are Auburn, strawberry blonde, copper-red or any other variation, rock your ginger beard with pride.


Ginger Beard Styles

Your red hair may be one of your sexiest features.  Use it to your advantage by choosing a ginger beard style that shows it off.


#1:  The Ginger Full Beard with a Shaped Mustache

Ginger Beard with Shaped Mustache

If you opt for a traditional full beard with a shaped mustache, such as a handlebar or devil shape, you will call attention to your sexy ginger mustache.  It’s a great way to show off your personal style and show the world that you are proud of ginger.

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#2:  The Full Beard with a Thin Mustache

Ginger Beard with Thin Mustache

So we aren’t talking pencil-thin here, but pairing a full, neatly trimmed beard with a short thin mustache is a way to show off your handsome beard style.  The focus is on the beard and it’s glorious color and fullness.  This look is in keeping with the “lumberjack chic” aesthetic so popular right now. We also suggest these faded beards as they really look attractive.


#3:  A Coppery Red Beard with Coppery Coiffed Hair

Coppery Red Ginger Beard Styles

Maybe your ginger beard is more coppery in tone.  Accentuate it by pairing it with a very coiffed, pompadour-type hairstyle.  This draws attention to your unique coloring, creating a style that is all you.

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#4:  The Natural Ginger Beard

Natural Ginger Beard Style for men

Having red facial hair is so striking that it doesn’t really require a flashy beard style to have a lot of bang.  Choose a natural style and just let your ginger beard do its thing.  This is an easy, low-maintenance look that still gives you a ton of pop and pizzazz.


#5:  The Delightfully Dapper Ginger

mens best Ginger Beard Style

A full, red beard can still look suave and dapper.  Keeping your beard neatly trimmed is the key to this look, no matter what beard style you choose.  Again, you don’t need a complicated style when you are a ginger–the striking color of your beard can be the star.


#6:  Short But Full

A very full but short and neatly trimmed beard is a good look for nearly any man with full facial hair.  It looks sexy but still masculine, and the bright red hue takes the look up a notch.

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#7:  The Mid-Length Outgrown Ginger Beard Style

Mid-Length Ginger Beard Style your favorite

Sometimes, we just need life to be easy.  Let it go–your beard style, that is.  Let it go, and let it grow into a messy but hip mid-length beard.  This beard style is easy-peasy as it requires almost no effort, but the red color gives it a personality all its own.

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ginger beard styles




ginger beard





ginger beard man


No matter the shade of ginger, a ginger beard always looks amazing.  Let these handsome styles help you nail down your own look.