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20 Trendy Long Goatee Styles for Every Face Shape

A long beard is cool; a goatee is cooler; but a long goatee is the coolest out there. A goatee that hangs multiple inches down the chin looks cool, stylish, and it doesn’t make you look older than your age like a full beard can. It even allows you to keep your hands off your beard for a long time—something men who want low-maintenance beard love.

Pros and Cons of Growing A Long Goatee

Deciding to rock a long goatee is a big move, and like anything else in life, it comes with its ups and downs.


  1. Unique Style Statement: First off, it’s a guaranteed head-turner. If you’re looking to stand out in a sea of clean-shaven faces or more conventional beards, a long goatee is your ticket to originality.
  2. Face Shape Versatility: Have a round or square face? A long goatee can work wonders in elongating your face, giving it a more balanced look.
  3. Less Maintenance than a Full Beard: Believe it or not, a long goatee generally requires less upkeep than a full beard. You’re focusing on a smaller area, so you save time trimming and grooming.
  4. Youthful Vibes: The long goatee can take years off your face. It’s got a youthful, edgy flair that’s hard to ignore.
  5. Personal Branding: If you’re in a creative field or simply want to establish a strong personal brand, a long goatee can become a signature part of your look.


  1. Not for Everyone: Let’s be honest, the long goatee isn’t universally loved. Some workplaces and social settings may not be as receptive to this bold style.
  2. Time-Consuming: While it may require less maintenance than a full beard, don’t underestimate the grooming time. You’ll still need to trim it, oil it, and keep it clean to look its best.
  3. Food and Drink Hazards: Let’s just say eating a sandwich or sipping a latte can become a bit of an operation. Be prepared for some awkward moments as you navigate your new facial furniture around food and beverages.
  4. Age Restrictions: This style can read as youthful and modern, but be cautious if you’re aiming for a more mature, classic look.
  5. Weather Sensitivity: In hot climates, that long goatee might feel like a fur scarf on your chin, while in cold climates, you’ll have to deal with issues like beard dandruff or “beardruff.”

So there you have it. Weigh these pros and cons carefully, because a long goatee isn’t just a style choice, it’s a lifestyle choice. Are you up for it?

How to Grow A Long Goatee

long goatee beard

Step 1: Let That Beard Flourish

First things first, you’ve got to give your facial hair some room to grow. Let your beard reach a length you’re comfortable with because that’s your canvas for the masterpiece ahead.

Step 2: Grab Your Tools

Next, it’s time to arm yourself with a quality beard trimmer and comb. These are your sculpting tools. Outline your goatee with precision, working around your cheeks and chin to create the shape you desire.

Step 3: Focus on the Details

Begin your outline about an inch above your Adam’s apple. Don’t worry if it seems too long at first. It’s easier to trim it back than to wait for it to grow in if you cut it too short.

How to Trim and Maintain Your Long Goatee

You want a long goatee, right? Well, you’ll have to trim and maintain it properly to look your best. First, get rid of any extra hair around your goatee. You want the focus to be on that stylish goatee, not on random hairs sticking out.

Once you’ve removed the extra hair, shape your goatee with a razor. Make it look exactly how you want. If you’re worried about cutting too much off, start by leaving it a little longer than your desired length. You can always trim more later. Use scissors for this, but be careful—cut a little at a time.

Now, let’s talk about keeping your long goatee nice and clean. Use shampoo and conditioner made for beards. This stops it from getting too oily and messy. Even if you’re growing it long, you should trim it regularly to keep it neat. This is especially important for the edges.

Don’t forget to shave the rest of your face, so your goatee stands out more. Some people like to use clear shaving gel for this. It makes it easier to see where you’re cutting.

Long Goatee Styles

If you’ve started considering this style for any reason, here are 20 long goatee beard styles for men in 2024 to choose from.

1. Long Circle Goatee Beard with Glasses For Bald Men

bald guy with long goatee beard

This long goatee beard is connected with the mustache which is known as a full goatee beard or circle beard in common. The bald head and browline rectangle glasses give this style a hipster vibe.

2. Wavy Blonde Beard with Undercut Haircut

long blonde goatee beard

For you to adorn your face with this long blonde goatee, first you have to grow a thick, full, and long beard. Then you need to shave the cheeks and leave this beautiful and wavy beard hanging down your chin.

The undercut slicked-back hair is long enough to reach the shoulder and you can tie them on the back of your head.

3. Squared Goatee and Patchy Mustache

long square shape goatee beard

The M-shaped hairline can be polarizing, but if you don’t want a lot of attention to it, you can dye your square-shaped long goatee beard with red beard color.

This long and bushy goatee beard is accompanied by a very thin patchy mustache with a big gap in the middle.

4. Long Double-braided Beard with Metal Ends

long Viking goatee beard

If you’ve finally decided to go with a long goatee beard, you might as well find a few ways to make it interesting and attention-grabbing.

In this case, the thick braids really get the attention, but what’s more interesting is the metal accessories at the ends of the braids of this double-braided goatee.

5. Long and Narrow Beard with Patchy Beard

long dark goatee beard

Grow your goatee downward but keep trimming the sides to reduce its width and make it a long goatee with a beard. The goatee is almost like an extension of the pointiness of the chin.

6. Grey French-fork Goatee with Shaved Head

old Asian man with long goatee beard

If you are an old Asian man with white beard and almost bald head, this French Fork inspired long goatee is perfect for you.

The beard has a rift in the middle. It’s completely grey and you can see quite a few flyaway hairs that add to the look of this beard style.

7. Single-braided Thin Beard with Long Wavy Hair

long braided goatee beard

You’ve got a long beard but since you already have long hair, you feel as though your face isn’t that visible.

A great solution to this problem is a single-braided goatee. You can now let your long and wavy hair loose.

8. Curly Long Beard and Horseshoe Mustache with Square Glasses

long goatee beard with mustache

Do you feel your prescription glasses occupy too much space on your face? You can make your beard the main attraction of your face by growing it long and curly.

While the goatee hangs down your chin, you can go with a horseshoe mustache for some more attention-grabbing details.

9. Salt and Pepper Beard with Bald Head

long grey goatee beard

The long goatee beard might look a bit scraggly here, but you’ll be balancing the effect out with a neatly trimmed mustache.

It’s the salt and pepper effect that shines through in this style and creates a great point of interest on the face when you have a completely bald head.

10. Disconnected Goatee and Chevron Mustache with Dreadlocks

dreadlocks with long goatee beard

You must admire the several layers of style in this look as it combines three different elements perfectly. The goatee is only slightly long and kind of bushy with a thick soul patch on top.

The mustache is what you would call a perfect chevron. Lastly, you have long dreadlocks falling on both sides of your face.

11. Long Egyptian Goatee with Soft-parted Hair

long goatee beard style for men

This long Egyptian goatee beard hangs down from the chin with no hair above the chin. The rest of the face is completely shaved.

The soft-parted hair is brushed back and to the side. It’s interesting how the goatee adds length to the lower part of the face despite a very squared forehead.

12. Slightly Long Circle Beard with Long Wavy Fringes

fat guy with long goatee beard

It’s a circle beard that’s slightly long below the chin. The mustache is very well-trimmed and the upper and lower lips are clearly visible.

Complement the style with a soul patch and long wavy fringes that almost cover your eyebrows along with your forehead.

13. Ducktail Goatee with Buzzed Mohawk

curly long goatee beard

The long goatee is quite wavy here. Since the hair growth isn’t very thick, the beard has narrowed down toward the end, making it a ducktail goatee beard.

What’s even more interesting is the buzzed mohawk that looks like a rectangular patch of hair in the middle of the head.

14. Long French Beard with Overgrown Push Broom Mustache

long goatee beard style for older men

A goatee is the perfect style to pick when you don’t want a big clump of grey hair on your face and look too old.

This grey goatee for older men looks stylish and mature at the same time. The mustache is a slightly overgrown version of what you’d call a push broom mustache.

15. Scraggly Petit Goatee with Modern Horseshoe

long white goatee beard

Once you have trimmed the sides of your grey goatee, you can let it be scraggly because it still looks tamed and shaped.

The goatee is quite small despite being a bit long and only as wide as the chin. The mustache, on the other hand, is a modernized (aka short) version of a horseshoe.

16. Very Long Chin Beard with Stubble and Connected Mustache

guy with long goatee beard

You can notice the extended pyramidal mustache connected with the goatee through thin channels. The beard is extremely long and a bit stringy.

What’s noticeable is the heavy stubble on the cheeks and a small stud right where the soul patch should be.

17. Long Silver Beard with Black Nose Ring

very long goatee beard

You’ve worn your silver beard with pride. It’s a very long goatee beard that’s hanging down the chin and resting on your chest.

Of course, the walrus mustache suits this style, but what catches the eye is the black nose ring, which is minimalistic yet very stylish.

18. Short Curly Goatee with Buzz Cut

black man with long goatee beard

This long goatee beard for black men isn’t too long. The size is kind of short and the curls make it even shorter.

As for the mustache, you can see it’s a pencil mustache made out of stubble. The buzz cut shows that the central theme of the style is neatness.

19. Curly Red Beard with Stubble and No Mustache

long ginger goatee beard

This one’s a classic goatee style with no mustache. However, this goatee is several inches long to make it noticeable on the face, so its redness isn’t the only reason for you to look at it.

It’s slightly curly, but that just goes with the rugged look, which is probably what the gentleman is aiming for as can be seen from the stubble on the sides.

20. Candy Floss Goatee with Handlebar Mustache

long goatee beard with handlebar mustache

The hair texture of this long goatee is thick and curly, making it look like candy floss. It’s long and ducktail-shaped.

What brings more to this grey long goatee beard is the handlebar mustache, which isn’t purely grey. Due to the bald head, it makes sense to go with rectangular glasses so the face doesn’t seem too rounded.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Trim your goatee regularly to keep it from getting messy.
  • Know and understand your hair type for optimal goatee length and shape.
  • Create an outline as a guide for shaping your goatee.
  • Apply beard oil daily on slightly damp hair to maintain cleanliness and prevent acne.
  • Remove any food stuck in your goatee; consider taking smaller bites.
  • Wipe your face after each bite to keep your goatee clean.


  • Don’t let the edges of your goatee grow in random directions; keep them clean and neat.
  • Don’t use bar soap for cleaning; opt for beard-specific shampoo for better moisturizing.

The length of your goatee is entirely your choice, and you can make up your mind with ease knowing fully well that there are ways to tame a long one, such as braids, metal caps, etc.

Most importantly, you’ll see that our list of long goatee beard styles in 2024 also includes beards that are only a couple of inches long, so you have something to choose from if you aren’t a fan of long beard falling on your chest.