10 Full Beard Styles for Men to Look Manly and Handsome

Full beard style gives bold and gorgeous looks. It turns you into a manly look from a kid one while unbeatable grace gives add confidence in personality and boost the swag. From 2016 till now, a big modification has observed in full beard styles which don’t only improve the looks of men but also add value in style. Full beard style is also good for those whose skin gets irritated with a shave or don’t have time for a shave. The flexibility of style and compatibility with different face shapes prove it a versatile beard style which also requires a little maintenance.


What Does Full Beard Mean?

Full beard means long and thick facial hair with no or little-trimmed sideburns. The selection of mustache and its length also depends on the beard style. Long chin hair is an essential part of a full beard while the width of sideburns and whiskers can vary from style to style. Thick hairs are good for full beard style but thin hair can also opt for a few styles.


What is the Length of Full Beard?

Beard style with more than 3-inches length falls in the category of a full beard. Full beard also includes thick jawline, long chin hair, and sideburns. You can shave mustache only if you want but don’t shave other parts of the facial hair. Hairstylists suggest the simultaneous growth of mustache and beard if you really want to enjoy the essence of full beard style.


What Does a Full Beard Look Like?

full bearded man

A full beard doesn’t give soft and kind looks rather it portrays strong, grisly, and beastly appearance. The pure manly looks are suitable for adventure lovers and gym guys who have strong bodies and want to cast a strong impact on the viewers. No doubt, it looks awesome when you choose right style according to your face shape and the latest trend has made it the most awe-inspiring beard style.


When does Will My Full Beard Grow?

The certainly depends on your genes and age of puberty. However, after the initial shaves, you can’t expect to grow a full beard because it suits only when you have thick hair all over your jawline. So wait till 22 years to maintain a full beard style.

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How to Grow a Full Beard?

As I said earlier that the growth of full beard was depended on your genetics. The color, thickness, and direction of hair also determine the beard shape. Some people go for fillers and different kinds of medication to grow more facial hair. Avoid all kinds of unnatural ways of hair growth and only go for natural ways. Don’t shave hair for six weeks! Yes, don’t shave also includes plucking, trimming, and shaving of hair from chin hair to cheeks hair and from neck hair to collarbone hair. Decide the direction of whiskers and beard style. Choose a style that accentuates the positive features of your face. You may face itching problem at first but don’t bother and keep carry on. It happens due to the absence of regular shave that exfoliates the skin and clears out the dead skin cells. Regular use of beard shampoo and conditioner keep beard clean and remove dust and sweat. High-quality moisturizers and oils are very effective for the growth of facial hair.  Trim the beard and give it desired style when you get the desired length of hair.


What Do Women Think About Guys with Full Beard?

To answer the question, I will refer the survey made by Quora and Esquire where women voted in the favor of full beard style and preferred it clean shave. Women termed mature and strong to men who had a full beard and also wanted one for their husband/boyfriend.


Tips to Maintain a Full Beard

  • Resist to frequent trim and cutting. Let it grow and don’t trim more than an inch. Keep the beard orderly with proper combing.
  • Apply oil to keep it shiny and maintain the growth of facial hair. The oil will protect the skin underneath and keep it soft and moisturized. Use essential oils and apply conditioner once a week. Never use shampoo for the beard as it dries out the skin and causes itching.
  • A good wax is extremely important for the desired shape of the beard while it helps to straighten the tangled hair and nourishes them as well.


Best Full Beard Styles List

Long beard styles are having different forms and one can select hairstyle and beard style according to the face shape. Here we have collected a list of ten full beard styles for our readers.


1. Bandholz

Bandholz Full Beard Style for men

This full beard style was introduced and named by the founder of Beardbrand Eric Bandholz. His brand offers beard oils and combs for the growth and maintenance of facial hair. You need minimum 6 months to grow this beard while this beard is suitable for oval, diamond, triangular faces. Don’t shave or even trim this beard until you get the desired length. More maintenance is required for this beard style and proper oiling can help to grow hair faster.

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2. The Boss

mens best Full Beard Style

It’s a popular full beard style that you can get by fading sideburns. The best part of this beard style is that it suits every face shape. To prominent the minor details of the beard, you need to trim the sideburns from outside and give them a thin shape. It’s simple and elegant beard style. Pair it with a stylish haircut to get a modish look. Grow mustache with a beard and keep them connected. Choose the length of the mustache as per your convenience.