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30 Best Full Beard Style Variations for 2024

A full beard can give any man a handsome look. It can even turn a kid-like appearance into a manly one. 

A full beard is also good for men who don’t have time to shave or whose skin gets irritated with a shave. The flexibility of style and compatibility with different face shapes make it a popular choice, although it does require a little maintenance.


What Does Full Beard Mean?

Full beard means long and thick facial hair with no or little-trimmed sideburns. The selection of mustache and its length also depend on the beard style. Long chin hair is an essential part of a full beard, while the width of sideburns and whiskers can vary from style to style. It’s preferable that your beard hair be thick, but thin hair can also work.


What Is The Length of a Full Beard?

A beard style with more than three inches of length falls in the category of a full beard. A full beard also includes a thick jawline, long chin hair, and sideburns. A mustache is optional. Hairstylists suggest both a mustache and beard if you want to enjoy the essence of the full beard style.


What Does a Full Beard Look Like?

full bearded man

A full beard doesn’t give soft, kind looks. It portrays a strong, grisly, and rugged appearance. The pure manly looks are suitable for adventure lovers and gym-goers with strong bodies who want to make a style statement. It looks awesome when you choose a style that corresponds with your face shape.


When Will My Full Beard Grow?

This depends on your genes and the age of puberty. It’s safe to say you can expect to start growing a full beard in your early 20s. 

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How To Grow a Full Beard

The growth of a full beard depends on your genetics. Color, thickness, and direction of hair determine the beard shape. Some people go for fillers and different kinds of medication to grow more facial hair, but it’s best to avoid unnatural hair growth tricks.

Skip shaving for six weeks. This includes plucking, trimming, and shaving the chin, cheeks, neck, and collarbone.

Decide the beard style you like and the direction of whiskers. Choose a style that accentuates the positive features of your face. You may experience itching at first. This happens when you stop shaving regularly, since shaving exfoliates the skin and clears out dead skin cells.

Regular use of beard shampoo and conditioner keep the beard clean and remove dust and sweat. High-quality moisturizers and oils promote facial hair growth. When you reach your desired length of facial hair, trim and style.


What Do Women Think About Men with a Full Beard?

The above survey from Quora and Esquire shows a full beard was favored more than being clean-shaven in the long term.


Tips for Maintaining a Full Beard

  • Resist frequent trimming and cutting. Let it grow and don’t trim more than an inch at a time. Proper combing will help keep your beard orderly.
  • Apply oil to keep it shiny and promote growth. The oil will protect the skin underneath, keeping it soft and moisturized. Use essential oils and apply conditioner once a week. Never use shampoo for your beard as it dries out the skin and causes itching.
  • A good wax is extremely important for your desired beard shape. It also helps nourish and straighten tangled hair.


The Best Full Beard Styles

Long beards come in many styles, as you’ll see from the 30 handsome looks below. Keep your face shape in mind to find the best look.


1. Bandholz

Bandholz Full Beard Style for men

This full beard style was introduced and named by the founder of Beardbrand, Eric Bandholz. His brand offers beard oils and combs for the growth and maintenance of facial hair.

You need a minimum of six months to grow this beard. It’s suitable for oval, diamond, triangular faces. Don’t shave or even trim this beard until you get the desired length. More maintenance is required for this beard style and proper oiling can help to grow hair faster.

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2. The Boss

mens best Full Beard Style

It’s a popular full beard style that you can get by fading sideburns. The best part of this beard style is that it suits every face shape.

To prominent the minor details of the beard, you need to trim the sideburns from the outside and give them a thin shape. It’s a simple and elegant beard style. Pair it with a stylish haircut to get a modish look.

Grow a mustache with a beard and keep them connected. Choose the length of the mustache as per your convenience.


3. The Two Tone

tow tones Full Beard cut

Tow tone beards are for middle-aged men who want a classy full beard style. If your face shape is oval or round, this beard style is perfect for you.

Let your beard grow until its length gets 4-5 inches. Male a pointed goatee and color the middle strip. Make sure that you color only a certain part of the beard and don’t spread it at the jawline.

Trim the black hair and let the white hair grow. Don’t bleach the roots or start bleaching by leaving an inch from the top if you want a greyish tone.


4. Bush and Coif

Bush and coif beard style are long and oval faces to give them round look. The wilder look of this beard is perfect for adventure lovers. Start off with a shorter cut and fade the sideburns.

Give a uniform look by trimming the lower part of the beard and give a square shape. Handlebar mustache matches well with this beard style while you need fade hairstyle and sideburns to make your beard prominent.

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5. Garibaldi

mens favorite Full Beard Style

This is a popular choice for youngsters who want to attain real manly looks. The round shape of this full beard style distinguishes it from other beard styles. Trim your mustaches and let the beard grow as much as you want.

Garibaldi is ideal for oval and rectangular faces but not suitable for thin facial hair. Trim the mustache and cheeks area and give it a round look when you get the desired length. The maintenance is easy while a trimmed mustache doesn’t make eating and drinking difficult.


6. The Warrior

Fierce appearance and uniqueness you get when you opt for ‘The Warrior’. It’s an incredible and unconventional beard style that requires an unusually strong commitment to growing facial hair.

No need to cut or trim beard hair, mustache, and sideburns. Let them grow freely and depart it into two parts when it gets 15-18 inches long. Make two braids and tie the endings with a rubber band.

\This beard style is amazingly awesome and turns every head. Regular combing and oiling keep hair soft and straight while the maintenance of the beard also becomes easier.


7. Handlebar

This isn’t a beard style in actual but this mustache shape looks fantastic when gets paired with a long beard. Any face shape opts for this beard style. Grow the length of the beard and mustache.

To give handlebars shape to the mustache, increase the length up to four inches and wax them to make collar shape. Proper waxing will convert it into W shape. Curly hair and pointed shape of the beard lift the edges upward and this well-kept shape looks positively magnificent.

Long beard and handlebars mustache answer to the needs of every face shape and you achieve a real manly look.


8. The Hippy Hipster

This beard style looks cool and refreshing. Curly facial hair is ideal for full flowing beard style while you need to balance the soft and wild look with proper trimming and side fading.

Allow the beard and mustache with the same length and let mustache fall on the lips. The fade hairstyle and thin sideburns make the best combination. Let the bead grow in its natural way and give it uniform shape later.


9. Amish Beard

Full amish Beard Style

This noble beard style is for old people. No restriction of face shape while shaved mustaches make maintenance easy. Let facial hair grow without bothering about the shape of a beard.

The strands of beard will flow freely and you can shave the cheeks if any hair presents there. Young boys can also grow this beard style and later they can change it if they want to get a modish appearance.

Shampoo the beard and keep it clean especially in the summer season to avoid skin problems if you have thick and curly hair.


10. Old Dutch Beard


This beard style gives fantastic looks to oval and diamond-shaped faces. The beard style is similar to the lumberjack look. Grow the sideburns and don’t disturb their width. Grow the beard and sideburns outward and keep a balanced flare.

Dutch doesn’t need any mustache so you can shave it and keep your focus on the beard only. Grow hair present under the lower lip and give it a rectangular shape. You can bleach this part to bring variation in the overall style.

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11. Traditional Ginger

ginger full beard

Men with ginger hair color typically have a ginger-colored beard as well. This works in your favor since the full beard looks more put together when hair and facial hair colors match. 


12. Bald with Full Beard

chopper style full beard

If you have a round or oval shaped face, take that same shape to your beard. The above style shows how bald men can handsomely rock a short rounded beard with a long mustache.


13. Long at the Chin

A short haircut or one with faded sides will look handsome and professional with a beard that is mostly short but longest at the chin. The longer length at the chin will emphasize a long or oval-shaped face.


14. Black and White Full Beard

Don’t worry if you’re an older man starting to get grey or white hairs in your beard. Use them to make a hot, scruffy style. Neck hair can be buzzed or trimmed very short.


15. Thick and Tapered

full beard with bald head

Another full beard style that looks good with a bald head is one that is tapered. The effect is most noticeable with straight, thick facial hair, thin sideburns, and a short mustache.


16. Long Hair with Short Beard

Is your hair long or at least chin-length? Comb it back into a man bun or ponytail and rock it with a very short full beard. While the hair is thick, its length is easy to maintain at home. The mustache also has more rounded corners, a good style on round faces.


17. Taper Fade + Thin Beard

If you’re a younger man with thin facial hair, rock a couple inches in length and use a beard oil to neatly comb it straight down. A taper fade haircut is youthful and will complement this beard style. 


18. Blunt Taper Fade Beard

Instead of leaving your beard to its own devices, shape it into a masterpiece. Taper fade beards are always in style and handsome at any age. This one is prominent and balances out a taper fade haircut.


19. Curly Hair + Full Beard

full beard styles with long curly hair

Men whose hair is this thick and curly are practically required to show it off, so pump some volume into it with a little mousse. A short full beard in the same coloring as your hair will make you feel like a model.


20. Thin Mustache + Curved Cheekline

Finding an attractive beard style for a round or curved face can be a struggle. A curved cheek line, thin mustache, and thin sideburns will really define your best facial features, along with a short haircut with a hard part.


21. Long Beard and Short Hair

Contrast is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes to men’s hair. This look shows how interesting a short haircut with a long beard can be. Prevent your facial hair from looking too scraggly by neatly combing with a beard oil.


22. Long Handlebar Mustache

If you’re the type to prefer a longer mustache, accentuate its shape on a long full beard with a little color. The lighter blonde of the ‘stache seen here makes it stand out perfectly on a dark beard.


23. Square Beard

garibaldi full beard

Rugged and manly is what you can expect with a thick medium to long beard. Trim it into a square or rounded shape and grow a long handlebar mustache. Sideburns can be thin to medium thickness.


24. Short Beard and Fade Haircut

A faux hawk in a faded haircut is just the style to make you feel like a suave smooth-talker. A little product on fingers will make it easy to style. A short full beard, medium-sized sideburns, and longer mustache will pull the style together.


25. Purple Everything

Love wacky hair colors? The best way to make a full beard and your new haircut stand out is with an eye-catching shade, like purple. Spiked hair and a pronounced handlebar mustache will fulfill your color craving.


26. Mustache Gap with Beard

Some men are branching out in their beard styles by complementing facial hair with a mustache that has a gap. It’s a small detail, but it works well on a short full beard and short haircut combo.


27. Pencil Mustache + Taper Fade Beard

 faded full beard

Black men won’t feel anything short of suave and fresh with this triple threat combo: a finger wave shape up haircut, a pencil thin mustache, and a taper fade full beard. 


28. Extra Wide Beard

By the time you’re an older man, you’ll have enough beard length to try a truly unique full beard style. We can pretty much guarantee your extra long and wide look will be the only one of its kind.


29. Simply Short

short full beard

Don’t have a lot of time to spend on styling a beard but want the full look anyway? Keep it short and simple, including your haircut. 


30. Long with Thin Sides

ductail style full beard

If you’re rocking a bald fade haircut, let thin sideburns lead the way. Connect them to a full beard with just a little length and a short mustache. 


Full beard styles bring an amazing change in your personality by giving you a great look. Consider your personality, profession, and patience before selecting a full beard style for you. Ignoring these factors may disappoint you later when you realize you aren’t truly happy with your results.