45 Coolest Short Beard Styles of All Times

Men’s style and short beards go hand in hand to get an elegant look without much ado. Short beard styles offer a lot of variety and styles that vary from thick or patchy to a closely shaved or stubble look.  Some men like to keep stubble while others like to grow their beards short yet thick.  There are a great many short beard styles to choose from.  They vary in styles, cuts as well as the texture of hair.  So, choose the beard of your choice from this list of some cool and stylish short beards that you can wear this year.


1. Thick and Full Short Beard

Men Thick and Full Short Beard Style

This short beard style is the easiest to grow and maintain.  The mustache in this style is kept short, the side strands are thick and attached at goatee and soul patch.  The cheeks above the beard are shaved to give the edges a nice clean definition.  Keep the mustache light to make the beard stand out.

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2. Untouched and Elegant

Untouched and Elegant short beard

Combine your natural beard with stubble that is kept in medium length.  This style is effortless and has a small soul patch.  Don’t need to trim or shave any part of the face.  This is as natural a stubble style as you get.


3. Crown Out Stubble

Crown Out Stubble beard style you like

Don’t shave for a few days to get this sexy style of beard.  It’s attractive and simple, yet you only have to let your natural beard grow for a day or two to get this look.  Again you don’t need to shave any part of the face.  Let it come naturally.


4. Thick and Full Stubble

Thick and Full Stubble beard style

This is another thick and full short beard style.  In this short beard, you only need to touch up your beard enough to shape the cheek.  If your beard is naturally thick, you can grow this effortlessly handsome look.  If your hair is light, this look might not be suitable for you.

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5. Van Dyke Look

 Van Dyke Look short beard style

This Van Dyke beard look is a spicy mix of the soul patch, goatee, handlebars, and sideburns that are both cute and attractive.  As you go up the sideburns, the beard is trimmed lightly pass the ears and a little above to make the whole look seamlessly handsome.