60 Coolest Short Beard Styles of All Time

Men’s style and short beard go hand in hand to get an elegant look. Short beard styles offer a lot of variety and styles that vary from thick or patchy to a closely shaved or stubble look. Some men like to keep stubble while others like to grow their beards short yet thick.


Short Beard Styles

There are a great many short beard styles to choose from. They vary in styles, cuts as well as the texture of hair. So, choose the beard of your choice from this list of some cool and stylish short beards that you can wear this year.

1. Short Beard with Long Mustache

short beard with long mustache

Trim your ginger-colored into this short beard and mustache that match a long messy hairstyle. The mustache isn’t too thick, so it won’t be overwhelming or too oldies for the style.


2. Short Boxed Beard

short boxed beard

This black beard is perfectly trimmed and styled to match its neat black hairstyle. Use a razor to shave in a soul patch shape to your beard and keep the side burns trimmed to match for a consistent classy look.


3. Short Gray Beard

short gray beard

For a gray beard, there’s a small tinge of black color throughout and on the mustache. These two colors are handsome for older men and should be embraced.


4. Short Neckline Beard

short neckline beard

A neckline beard is just that: a beard that meets the neck-line. This red beard is super short and great for men who need to look professional throughout the week.


5. Short Blonde Beard

short blonde beard

For a medium-length blonde hairstyle, whether it’s loose or in a man bun, a blonde beard that stops under the chin is handsome. Trim your beard hair daily for a kept look.


6. Short Thin Beard

short thin beard

Men who want a beard but have thin hair can still freshen up their scruff. The mustache on this look is disconnected from a sparse beard. But the trimmed style makes it look intentional.


7. Bald Man with Short Beard

bald man with short beard

If you’re already bald, don’t mess up your style by shaving your beard completely. Let a bit of hair grow so that it’s short yet trim to balance out the emptiness up top.


8. Long Hair with Short Beard

long hair with short beard

A long thin haircut can pull off a short beard really well. The mustache on this beard curves downward instead of straight across. The rest of the hair is kind of scraggly and messier but works well with the long hair.


9. Short Beard for Black Guy

short beard for black guy

If you have really short hair, match it with a short beard. The one is styled so that the hair is a chin-strap. There is no mustache or soul patch so the focus is all on the jaw.


10. Short Beard for Round Face

short beard for round face

On men who have round or oval-shaped face, the style looks better when a beard is short and not long, which draws the face down. Blonde and white combine on this beard with hairs brushed straight down.


11. Short Beard with Design

Lots of male pop stars have shaped their beard into this shortie. With its precise lines and shaved in details, it adds character to a colorful haircut.


12. Short Small Beard

short goatee beard

On a men’s slicked back hairstyle, a small and low-maintenance beard is complementary. Hair is buzzed or shaved around the cheeks, but shaped into a square at the chin to line up with a mustache.


13. Full Beard with Side Hairstyle

short beard styles

A hairdo for medium length hair features a deep side part while the beard is full and dark. The mustache is straight across, connecting with the short beard.


14. Thin Beard and Mustache

short chinstrap beard

Prefer your beard to be short and narrow? This one features thin lines of hair from sideburns down to the chin where it gets fuller. The mustache is disconnected and very thin as well.


15. Goatee Beard and No Mustache

short chin beard

If you’re a balding man or have very short hair, try a goatee with no mustache. It’s super easy to maintain and is one of the best beard styles you can pair with a no-hair haircut.


16. Thick and Full Short Beard

Men Thick and Full Short Beard Style

This short beard style is the easiest to grow and maintain. The mustache in this style is kept short, the side strands are thick and attached at goatee and soul patch. The cheeks above the beard are shaved to give the edges a nice clean definition. Keep the mustache light to make the beard stand out.

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17. Untouched and Elegant

Untouched and Elegant short beard

Combine your natural beard with stubble that is kept in medium length. This style is effortless and has a small soul patch. Don’t need to trim or shave any part of the face. This is as natural a stubble style as you get.


18. Crown Out Stubble

Crown Out Stubble beard style you like

Don’t shave for a few days to get this sexy style of beard. It’s attractive and simple, yet you only have to let your natural beard grow for a day or two to get this look. Again you don’t need to shave any part of the face. Let it come naturally.


19. Thick and Full Stubble

Thick and Full Stubble beard style

This is another thick and full short beard style. In this short beard, you only need to touch up your beard enough to shape the cheek. If your beard is naturally thick, you can grow this effortlessly handsome look. If your hair is light, this look might not be suitable for you.

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20. Van Dyke Look

 Van Dyke Look short beard style

This Van Dyke beard look is a spicy mix of the soul patch, goatee, handlebars, and sideburns that are both cute and attractive. As you go up the sideburns, the beard is trimmed lightly pass the ears and a little above to make the whole look seamlessly handsome.


21. Classic Short Beard Style

mens favorite Classic Short Beard

The soul patch along with the handlebars gives this short style of beard a classic look and feel. Keep the strands of hair uniform throughout your face, and you’re good to rock this look. Perhaps a little shave on the cheek to make this classic beard look neat and tidy.

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22. Unkempt Short Beard

mens favorite Short Beard

This short beard style is for those who have thick hair. Overall, there need to be more hair on the face along with a mustache and the soul patch. This short beard style is an attractive way to spice up your summer style.


23. Faded and Full

 Faded and Full short beard cut

This is a faded style for short beard. The facial hair kept uniformly trim neat, and the faded design reaches up to the sides to the ear. The sides of the head just above the ear are also kept faded and trimmed to blend smoothly with the faded sideburns and the overall faded look.


24. Fuzzy short beard

Fuzzy short beard style you like

Don’t shave for some days to get this fuzzy beard. Then trim the beard uniformly throughout except the sideburns. As you trim the sideburns, trim them shorter as you approach head to give it a nice tapering look.


25. Wavy Short Moustache and Beard

men Wavy Short Beard style

For those who have naturally wavy hair, they can get this look. Keep your whiskers short and trim them uniformly to get this spicy look.


26. Well Groomed Look

short Well Groomed beard style

Trim off your beard short with your natural hair at the right place, and you will get this uber-cool look. This neat and well-groomed look is achieved by combing the strands of your beard in a neat and well-organized look.


27. Medium hair short beard style

mens favorite Medium hair short beard style

For those men who like to wear long mane can don this look for their short beard. The soul patch is kept thick to match the long mane. The handlebars are also left thick to give off a majestic look.


28. Chin Strap and mustache

In this type of short beard style, the hair is kept in the form of a strip along the jaw line. The sideburns join this thin hair strip and frame the face giving it a distinct look. The look is combined with a simple mustache for an overall attractive look.


29. Classic Short beard Style

favorite Short beard Style for men

This short beard style aims to keep beard hair short and straight. For those who have long whiskers, when they trim their beard it has a bald fading effect. This effect is prominent near the ear to bring in a gap or a kind of disconnection from the head. The hair on the head is also slicked back to give the overall appearance an edge.


30. Short and Patchy

men Short and Patchy beard style

This short beard style falls in the category of patchy beard and is best suited for men who have more hair on their face. Keep a mustache that has some strands on the side that in turn join the goatee and the soul patch.


31. Slicked Full Short Beard

Full Short Beard style

There isn’t anything unique in this beard. This is a full beard naturally grown without any outlining. Instead of shaping the beard, just brush the beard down to create this simple yet attractive short beard style.


32. Sexy stubble

Sexy stubble short beard style

Stubble look is all about leaving your beard to grow in its own shape. To get a stubble look, you should not trim or shape your beard. This is a long stubble that you can get if you don’t shave for a week or so. This look works its magic best if you grow a mustache to match it.


33. Sharp and detailed

If you like simplicity, this style for short beards is for you. This beard is short yet elegant with a chin strip that is shaved closely near the cheeks and a soul patch. This style rocks with a pair of mustache to go with it.


34. Rebellious Trimmed Beard

cool short Trimmed Beard cut

This is a rebellious short beard that looks bold and edgy yet needs a little effort. The look comprises of scattered whiskers throughout the face. At the sides, the beard curves up to the sides to give it a distinct personality.


35. Smooth Chin Patch

Chin Patch short beard style

The short beard comprises of a small patch of whiskers on the chin to give it a distinct prominence. The look is matched with a thin and small mustache. Shave the cheeks nice and smooth to finish off this short beard style.


36. Tapered whiskers

Tapered whiskers

This beard gives off an elegant look with its tapered trim from the chin upward to the ears. This is one impressive beard that gives a dark tone to your personality.


37. Thick Wavy Beard

Wavy Beard style

The beauty of this style is that it has a thick full beard that covers the entire chin. This beard is worn all over the face and gives a definition to your face.


38. Circle Short Beard Style

Short Beard Style for black men

This is a stylish beard in which the mustache joins the goatee and forms a full circle around the lips. The cheeks are shaved closely to give the beard its characteristic shape.


39. Bold and Textured

Bold and Textured beard style

This beard offers a bold look to your face and personality. Let your naturally textured hair grow for a few days. When they grow a few inches, you can trim them off uniformly to achieve this look.


40. Disconnected stubble

stubble short beard for men

This is another cool short beard style. The stubble doesn’t need to be trimmed for this look. Don’t shave the cheeks as well. Your natural beard hair decides the shape of your beard in this style.























With all of these short beards for men to choose from, we’re sure you won’t have any problem finding one you like.