101 Modish Emo Hairstyles for Confident Girls

Emo hairstyle is all about non-conformity and daring to be different. The whole movement revolves around the idea that you can be an individual without having to be alone. Many of the emo hairstyles for girls in the list below will help to express these sentiments perfectly.


Modern Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Rather than copying the girls emo haircuts and hairstyles, look through the list and use it to inspire your own individual hairdo. There are many different common features of “emo” hairstyles, such as sweeping fringes, contrasting colours and intense layering. Here are 101 modish short and medium length emo hairstyles for girls to look colorful.


#1: Over and Under

Emo Hairstyles for Girls 1

Layer your hair so that it is long underneath and much shorter on top. Dye the bottom layer a dark colour, then colour the top layer a much lighter, contrasting shade.


#2: Choppy Bob

Emo Hairstyles for Girls 2

Cut your hair into a short bob, and then cut in lots of spiky layers. To give the hairstyle a real emo feel, add a splash of colour.


#3: The Blue Emo Hairstyle

emo girl hairstyles

Blues and blacks go well together in hair. Use different shades of blue dye to “highlight” sections of your black hair.


#4: Accessorise

teen emo haircut for girls and women

If you already have the perfect style, why not change up your look by adding an emo hair accessory? There are thousands of skulls, spiders, and bows out there which you can use to enhance your style.

Best curly wavy haircuts with short hair for girls

#5: Show your roots

short emo hairstyles

In an emo hairstyle, showing your roots does not have to be a bad thing. If your new colour is not a strong enough contrast to your natural colour, you can ask your stylist to put in artificial root colours for you.