25 Lustrous Orange Hair Color Ideas to Transform Your Look

Orange hair is skyrocketing the hairstyling trends, and it’s starting to become a popular color option.  If you are already blonde, you just need to choose among a wide variety of shades and start getting creative.

As a brunette, we advise you to visit your favorite hair salon because you will need to bleach your hair, and we all know how that can easily transform into a disaster if you do it at home.


Beautiful Hairstyles With Orange Hair Color Shades

You can also choose the highlighting process, which will take you several weeks to reach that stunning dominant orange hair color. This way, your hair won’t get as damaged as in the bleaching process. Either way, the outcome will look fabulous, and you can get your inspiration from the examples below.

1. Burnt Orange

This fabulous burnt orange color can be obtained by mixing a red-orange shade and a tint of blue that will create that fantastic dark effect. You can wear your hair in a bob haircut with bangs or simply let your long locks fall on your chest and back.


2. Dark Orange

This fabulous dark orange color will look vibrant and compelling, especially if you give it proper care. Use products designed for dyed hair that nourish your locks and make the color shine on your hair strands.


3. Black And Orange

If you adore unconventional hairstyles, black and orange hair is ideal for you. Choose a bob haircut with bangs and create striking orange highlights. You can style some waves to make the color stand out even better.


4. Red Orange

Red-orange hair is electric and perfect for any woman who wants to be in the center of attention. You can quickly achieve that goal with a stunning bright shade like this.


5. Orange Ombre Hair

For this orange ombre hair, you can keep your roots in their natural color and gradually transition to an outstanding dominant orange color. You can make this hairstyle by bleaching your tips.


6. Pink And Orange Hair

We all agree that orange looks fabulous, but you can make it look even more mesmerizing by adding some bright fuchsia highlights for the crown hair area. Style some easy waves to obtain that high definition we all want.


7. Orange And Blonde

This hair color is ideal for women with light skin tone and blue or green eyes. You can style an astonishing mix of orange and blonde by creating highlights or even an ombre.


8. Orange Brown Hair

Give your brown shade a spectacular glow with an orange gue that will make you look sun-kissed the whole year, not only in the summer. This color is not low maintenance, so get prepared to invest time and money in hair care products.


9. Bright Orange

A bright orange shade for your hair is undoubtedly eye-popping but very fastidious. You must always be careful to have undamaged tips because, with this color, any small detail is visible.


10. Copper Orange Hair Color

Cooper orange hair is such a distinctive color that undoubtedly gets everyone’s attention. It’s ideal for women with white skin tone and pinky shades, and if you have blue or green eyes is certainly a color you should try.


11. Neon Orange

If you are a bold girl with a strong personality, this bright orange hair is your one true love. You can create an A-line bob, or you can keep your rebel long locks falling in a cascade on your back.


12. Purple And Orange Hair Color

Whenever you love being creative and want to style a fabulous unconventional hairstyle, mix a purple root color with bright, vivid orange. Make your beautiful shades glow with some smooth waves that will enhance your stunning hairstyle.


13. Blue And Orange Hair

Blue and orange make a potent outstanding color mix. If you are not afraid of the attention, you will get, style a blue shade for your roots and end up with a bright orange for the tips. Make a half updo or some waves as styling.


14. Orange And Yellow

By wearing this stunning color, we already agreed that you are a bold, powerful woman who’s not afraid of getting all the attention she deserves. You can even take this hairstyle to a whole new level of greatness by sectioning your hair with a middle part and dyeing one side in an orange shade and the other with a yellow hue.


15. Pastel Orange Shade

Orange hair only doesn’t look marvelous in bright electric colors but also in pastel nuances. Use a faded color yo dye your mane and get an A-line bob haircut. Keep your hair straight with a few loose waves or get a curly hairdo to give volume to your hair strands.


16. Orange Curls

Spice things up with a stunning bright orange for your curls. The color will give your coils texture and high definition and will astonishingly glow in the sun.


17. Short Orange Hairstyle

For an out-of-the-ordinary short hair look, get yourself a pixie haircut and make it look fabulous with a stunningly bright orange color. Spread your bangs on your forehead or toss them on one side.


18. Long Orange Hairstyle

If you want to look like a princess and give your long hair the attention it needs, a ginger orange color will make it look eyepopping at any party or event. Style a few wide curls for the tips or make some easy, relaxed waves.


19. Black Girl With Orange Hair

Orange hair color is also ideal for black women who always want to have an entrance with a fuss. Choose a pale pastel orange for your long hair or style a curly bob with dimension for a gorgeous bob.


20. Orange Hair Weave

If you are scared of the bleaching procedure or you are not sure whether to make this change permanent, use a weave to create this excellent look. Use ginger hair extensions or blonde bulks of hair which you can dye in your favorite orange shade.


21. Asian With Orange Hair

As we mentioned before, this hair color is a perfect fit for women with light skin color. Asin girls adore the orange shade and stunningly blend it in their modern, sexy looks.


22. Sunset Orange Hair Color

If you want an outstanding look for a themed party such as Halloween, you can use a non-permanent hair dye to create a fabulous hue. This magical change works only if you have blonde hair.


23. Orange Tips Hair

Do you want to give your hairstyle a pinch of color? A blonde orange ombre or a hairdo with ginger tips can be the change you wanted. Use a non-permanent hair dye that will beautifully fade away when you wash your hair.


24. Fiery Orange

Express your personality with an intense fire orange color. Make a gorgeous ombre that uses red color for the roots and transits to a bright, vivid orange hue for the tips. Give your hair volume with some loose waves.


25. Orange Dreads

If you wear your hair in dreads, you already have a hairstyle that draws attention. Adding such an eye-catching color as orange will undoubtedly make you a highly noticeable person wherever you go.


Orange hair makes you look fabulous and will get everybody’s attention on you. As a brunette, if you want to reproduce any of the looks you’ve seen above, you’ll probably have to bleach your hair. As a blonde, the process is more straightforward, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be permanent!

There are plenty of non-permanent hair dyes out there that can help you get any of the orange nuances presented here. Just remember that this is not a low-maintenance hair color and that it will need loads of hair care products to nourish your locks and keep your color vivid.