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85 Hottest Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Women

No matter the event you are attending, a fishtail braid is very chic, cool, and easier to pull off than you think. Even if it looks complicated, the procedure is quite simple. At the end of this article, you will master the braiding method and will be able to use it for long or short hair, ponytails, and even dreadlocks and box braids. 

A fishtail braid uses tiny strands of hair and is ideal for weddings, business meetings, or wild nights in the club with your friends. Anytime you want a look that will make you stand out, a fishtail hairstyle will certainly make you glow. 


Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids can be styled on one side, using your bangs, or to create French knits. Either way, the outcome will be outstanding because the hairstyle leaves plenty of room for other embellishments. You can build waves, knots of hair, or even use this type of braid to make hair crowns. The options you get with this knit are limitless!

1. Fishtail French Braid

fishtail french braid

When you have long blonde Rapunzel locks, it’s so easy to make the mane stand out. Style a French fishtail braid that starts from the top of the head and goes on one side. Use a few strands and wrap them around the twist. Also, spare your fringe and curl it to obtain a romantic look. 


2. Fishtail Braid for Black Hair

fishtail braid for black hair

Not all of us were blessed with long thick gorgeous hair, and if you are not among the lucky ones, don’t worry, you still have some aces upon your sleeve. Use a faux ponytail and attach it on top of the head. This way, you will get a gorgeous fishtail for black hair. 


3. Fishtail Braid with Dreads

fishtail braid with dreads

Even if you have dreadlocks, that doesn’t mean you can’t still style those gorgeous strands. If they’re colored, that’s even better because all those shades will pop out when knitting a fishtail braid. 


4. Fishtail Box Braids

fishtail box braids

When having box braids, gather them in a high pony on top of your head and build a relaxed fishtail braid that you can wear on the back or shoulders.


5. Fishtail Braid for Wedding

fishtail braid for wedding

Weddings are key moments in a women’s life, and we all want to look our best. When all eyes are on you, glow and look fabulous with a stunning low spiral fishtail braid. It will undoubtedly get you a lot of appreciation from your guests. 


6. Fishtail Waterfall Braid

fishtail waterfall braid

Even if you want it, you can’t ignore a fish waterfall braid. Because it looks like a crown, with strands of hair falling from the braid, this hairstyle idea is fabulous with waves, ombres, and highlights. 


7. Ombre Fishtail Braid

ombre fishtail braid

Ombres make such a great team with fishtail braids, and the image above talks for itself. Start the knit at the base and secure it with a hair elastic.


8. Bubble Fishtail Braid

bubble fishtail braid

This bubble fishtail is perfect for office days or relaxed afternoons with friends. It’s so beautiful and at the same time, quite easy to style. Gather the hair on one side and secure it. Braid it for 4-5 times, then secure it again with a strand wrapped around the knitting. Repeat the process for the full hair length. 


9. Mohawk Fishtail Braid

mohawk fishtail braid

To reproduce this look, create two cornrow braids on each side. This way, the remaining hair will look like a mohawk, and it can be used to build a voluminous fishtail braid. To give it more dimension, pull off the edges a little bit. 


10. Fishtail Braid for Wavy Hair

fishtail braid for wavy hair

Style waves for the whole mane and on one side, build a fishtail braid. Start from the top of the head and secure the knit with a rubber band. 


11. Highlighted Mix

fishtail braid hairstyle for young teen girls

If you have highlights, then your fishtail braid is bound to become very fashionable. Choose the strands of different colors to make the braid, and the result will truly be amazing. This zebra-like style will really impress everybody.


12. Decorative Half Up Hairstyle

fishtail braid

No need to use all of your hair to create a braid. You can make one decorative one using just some of the hair on top. Take two side strands and twist them on top, then pull them together with an elastic band to create a ponytail. Then turn the ponytail into a fishtail braiding.

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13. Braids with Weave

fishtail braid 6-min

If your hair is not long enough to make a fishtail, no problem! You can get a weave. Hair extensions do a great job of creating impressive braids, which will really change your look and make you feel amazing.


14. Get Creative

fishtail braids for women

Why limit yourself to just one braid, when you can make two? Take a thin strand of hair on top and make a braid, which will turn into a strand for the bottom fishtail one. The result is truly creative and stylish.

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15. Use Jewelry 

easy to do fishtail braid with jewelry

Braids can become much more interesting if you use some accessories. Weaving different elastic bands or pins into the braid will really make it look fashionable. If your hair is dark, try using pearls. They will really stand out.


16. Side Fishtail Braid

side fishtail braid style

Side fish braids are great for women, whose hair is not thick enough to create two braids. Sweep the hair to one side and use the full volume to create your new and improved braid. Let it run down one of your shoulders.


17. Levels

fishtail braid 13-min

Levels might seem close to impossible to make on their own, but some experienced girls still manage to create them. If you are not sure you can, go to the stylist for some help. The result is so impressive, it will keep you coming back for more.

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18. Let it Loose

fishtail braid 50-min

Loose braids look very sexy and don’t require as much attention as tight ones. However, they don’t last as long. Loose braid is created by pulling at the strands of a tight one. Nothing hard about it! Use some hair spray to prevent it from being too messy.

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19. On One Side

fishtail braid 49-min

You can get creative and make a fishtail braid on just one side. The other side can be left alone. The result will be quite interesting and original. Make sure to use some hair gel to keep unbraided hair neat. Otherwise, the hairstyle will lose its originality.


20. The Tighter, The Better

fishtail braided hairstyles for women

Tight braids are very popular since they serve the initial purpose of braided hair – neatness. If your hair is long, it is hard to keep neat and that’s where the tight braids come in. Make them as tight as possible and forget about your hair for the whole day.


21. For a Special Occasion

fishtail braid 47-min

If you are getting ready for a special occasion, a fishtail braid is a great idea. It looks very stylish and can be decorated with different accessories. Let some of the hair loose in front and curl it. You will be ready to conquer some hearts!


22. Loose and Messy

messy fishtail braid

If you like messy hairstyles, then you will appreciate the loose braid. The hair is brushed to one side and a loose fishtail is made to add zest to the messy picture. Such styles look very creative but need some care not to fall apart completely.


23. Tight Ends

fishtail braid 45-min

If your hair is not thick enough to create a full-fledged fishbone braid, you can go for making one on the ends only. This will make an impression of a voluminous hairstyle on top and a braid on the bottom. Make sure to use some hair spray to keep it in place.


24. Voluminous Braid

fishtail braid 44-min

If you are a lucky owner of thick hair, you can make a high and voluminous fishtail braid. Gather your hair at the crown of your head and tie it together with a wide elastic band. You will get a high ponytail, which you will use for making the rest of the braid.


25. Half and Half

fishtail braid styles

Girls with long hair can experiment with half and half fishtail style. All you have to do is sweep the hair to one side, start making a braid and stop in the middle. The rest will be a ponytail. This is perfect for women with thin hair, since it creates more volume.


26. The Runaround

fishtail braid 42-min

Run around braids have been popular for centuries. You start braiding your hair on one side of the head and then go around the forehead and down to the back. The top part can be a regular braid, while the bottom is open to fishtail experiments.


27. The Classics

fishtail braid 41-min

The classical fishtail braid is possible if your hair is long and thick. You need to make a low ponytail, tie it with an elastic and start braiding. The result will truly be amazing. Apply some hair spray in order to keep the braid neat throughout the day.


28. Fishtail and a weave

Fishtail and weave hairstyle with sunglass by a girl

Weave is great for girls who dream about braids. But there is no reason to get lazy and leave everything up to the hair extensions. You can braid your own hair on top and then add a weave on the bottom. A great combination!

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29. Braided Ponytail


If you have always dreamed of golden hair, but couldn’t achieve it by dyeing, no problem! Use a weave. Hair extensions look the best when braided since they don’t require much maintenance. Take a look at a fishtail weave to make your dream come true.


30. Be natural

natural looking fishtail braid

Many girls with long hair like going blond. No need to do that if you have a beautiful shade. Make a fishtail braid to outline your natural color. Wear it over your shoulder to flaunt the length. Being natural is very fashionable.


31. Ribbon Braids

fishtail braid 37-min

If your fishtail braid is not very long and thick, you can add it some charm by braiding a ribbon into it. Ribbons make braids look amazing and can make any girl look even more fabulous. Choose the accessories to suit your wardrobe.

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32. Bardot Bangs

weave with fishtail

Even if your hair can’t be braided in a way to make a weave look natural, no reason to forget about it. Nowadays fishtail hair extensions are very popular. You can attach them to almost any hairstyle. So, don’t be afraid to go for it!

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33.Tight and bright

fishtail braid 35-min

The tighter your fish braid is, the better it will look, providing your hair is thick enough. If you are just starting out, you need to first learn how to make a very tight braid. Other variations are available for more experienced girls.


34. Cascade

Cascade hairstyle

This cascade is so charming, you will surely be the queen of the block. However, it might be quite complicated to make on your own. So, if you are not a real fishtail braid guru, ask for a stylist for some professional help.


35. Curly Braid Style

Curly fishtail braid

If you are getting a fishtail weave and don’t know what to do with the rest of your hair, consider making curls. They make a really regal appearance while hiding the place where hair extensions are attached. A great idea!


36. Fishtail Crown Braid

crown fishtail braid

Fishtbone braids are perfect for making runaround crowns on top of your head. They are especially good for girls whose hair is not thick enough to make a full time one. Add some waves on the rest of the hair and you will look fantastic!


37. Neat and Thin Fishtails

fishtail braid 31-min

If your hairstyles has levels, then you can easily start braiding your fishtail a little lower than the classics dictate. Leave the bangs hanging freely and create a neat braid on the bottom. The combination of neatness and messiness is amazing.

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38. Middle Part Braids 

fishtail braid 30-min

If you are a braid fan and your hair is long and thick, you can make an all over braid extravaganza, which will keep all the heads turning your way. Make two regular braids on top to frame your forehead and let them continue into the fishtail braid.


39. Thick and loose

fishtail braid with colors

If you want your hair to look thicker, go for looser hairstyles. The more volume you create on top, the better the style will look. You can then make a fishtail braid on the bottom in order to create some contrast.


40. Creative Fishtail

creative fishtail braid

Creativity is always very rewarding. So, why not do some experimenting? Make a regular ponytail, tie it with an elastic band and then run a strand of hair over to hide it. Then proceed with making a fishtail. Stop in a while and tie it with another elastic. Then hide the elastic band the same way you did the first one and leave the rest to be a ponytail.


41. Double fishtail braids

fishtail braid 27-min

Lucky owners of thick hair can proceed with making this creative hairstyle. Collect your hair into a high ponytail, divide it into two parts and make two fishtail braids. Then twist them together to create an amazing hairstyle.

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42. Wedding Braids style

fishtail braid 26-min

Fish braid styles are a great idea for a wedding hairstyle. They look very neat, while providing volume to even the finest hair. You can use some of the most intricate accessories to outline the braid. And you can be sure it will last all day long!


43. Double Fishtails

cute Double fishtails

Another creative way to go about fishtail braided weave is to make a double braid. Leave your hair wavy and a little messy and attach a double braid on one side. The hairstyle will look terrific and will make you feel absolutely fabulous.

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44. Natural and disheveled

Natural looking fishtail

Some of the best hairstyles are the ones that look most natural. Same goes for braids. Once you make one, pull some strands out to create a messy appearance. Keep it in place by some hair spray and enjoy the natural look.


45. Fishtail Braided Bun

Fishtail bun style

If you are tired of wearing heavy braids, which might be quite a hassle if they are long, consider getting a bun. All you need to do is make the braid you wish and then arrange it into a low bun with the help of some pins.


46. Summer colors

fishtail braids perfect for summer

If you are into making braids, don’t forget to pay some attention to the color of your hair. Blond is usually the most popular one, but there are myriads of shades. If your skin is not too pale, choose golden blond and you will not regret it!

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47. Twisted Braids

Twisted braids with fishtail

Once you learn how to go about a classical fishtail braid, you can go for a different twist. Take a look at the braid on the picture. Start making it from the top and then twist it in the middle and use some pins to keep it in place. Continue making the braid until you are done.


48. Nothing Extra

fishtail braid 16-min
Elastic bands and accessories might look good, but natural -looking braids are always in style. To make them look even more natural, hide the elastic bands with the help of some strands. The result will be beautiful.


49. Thin Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid 15-min
If your hair is not too thick, no problem! You can make a thin fishtail braid, as long as it satisfies you. Create more volume on top to contrast the thinning braid on the bottom.


50. Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Blond fishtail braids
If you dyed your hair blond and missed a stylist appointment, you probably have some dark roots sticking out and making you upset. Don’t worry. The braid will save the day. Use the trick of focusing the attention away from the problem by making a beautiful low braid.


51. Coarse and spunky

fishtail braid 11-min
If your hair is thick and coarse, you can still easily make a fishtail braid. Use some softening hair products to make the braiding process easier. You can leave long bangs loose, while using the rest of the hair to make a spunky braid.

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52. Asymmetry is the word

Asymmetrical braid with fishtail
Asymmetry is in style, so why not use a braid to underline it? Make one thin braid on one side to make your hairstyle stand out of the crowd. A nice small fishtail hairstyle will be lifting your mood all day while you catch raptured glances.


53. Neat and sweet

fishtail braid 4-min
Young girls can go for simple and neat fishtails. These braids are a very comfortable way to tie your hair and forget about it until evening. This is a great choice for school and college girls, who are too busy to deal with their hair during the day.


54. Braid extravaganza

Braid extravaganza
If you have a special occasion coming up, ask your stylist for a real braid extravaganza. It is hard to make on your own, so professional help is in store. You will be truly amazed by the result and will definitely come back for more.


55. Colorful Mix

Colorful fishtail braid hairstyles for girls
If you have highlights, use them to create an amazingly creative braid. Ask your friend to some help in order to make the color transition neat and impressive.


56. Pigtail Braid

School girl fishtail braid

Two braids on the sides make a wonderful school girl style. This simple, yet fashionable way to create braids has been popular for a very long time and hasn’t lost its style. All you need is 5 minutes and your beautiful fish braids are ready.


57. Heart Braids

Heart shaped fishtails

If you are good at making fishtail braid hairstyles, you can try something more complicated. Look at the photo. This style is achieved by braiding a regular fishtail hairdo in the middle and weaving side strands into it in four places.


58. Very loose and very stylish

loose and stylish fishtail braid

If you want to create a lot of volume, go for a very loose braid. It is created by pulling strands out of the braid. This hairstyle requires a lot of patience, since overdoing it will ruin the look.


59. Cute Bow Braids


This hairstyle will suit girls whose hair is not long enough to make classical fishtail. Separate the strands on one side of your head to make a fishtail and then pull it to the back and use it as part of a ponytail. Take one strand from another side to make a bow and pin it to the elastic that holds the ponytail.


60. Braided Updo

fishtail braids for women

This fishbone braid hairstyle is perfect for special occasions. These braids are easy to make, but they look very complicated. This quality is perfect for beauty pageant hairstyles, weddings and photo shoots.


61. Pastel Pink Hair

pink fishtail braid

Make the queen Elsa braiding style even more dreamy by replacing the simple side-swept braid with an alluring fishtail braid and enchanting pastel color. The above attire will surely put everyone around you in awestruck.


62. Fishtail and Messy Ponytail Hairstyle

Take a delightful break from regular ponytail style and adorn it with side fishtail braid and bandana for a modern chic look. If you have a fervent travel bug, you can wear this ponytail to get an adventurous and captivating aesthetics because of its tad messy features.  


63. Punk Style

 If your facial features don’t allow you to wear edgy punk hairstyle, simply go for tetra fishtail hair with spunky red, blonde and silver highlights with black undertone. It is a perfect look to wear for weekends!


64. Simple, Warm and Textured

Not all the hairstyles that are kept loose or embellished, look mesmerizing on women sometimes going for a well-kept, tucked fishtail braid can give you sophisticated features because of its clean and neat look. It goes pretty well on any attire and the warm lowlights provide the hairstyle fiery and enigmatic vibes.


65. Boho Hairstyle

half updo with fishtail braid

Boho hairstyles can put every person around you in a deep fascination and when you combine the boho style with a fish braid, it will create a heart throbbing combo! Side part the hair and turn the upper half portion into a fishtail braid. Now, twist the braid in such a way that it resembles a spiral seashell. Turn the lower half hair into loose waves for a finishing touch.


66. French Twisted Bun

This fishtail bun has totally “attention grabber” features that you can achieve by making two loose French fishtail braids and twisting these braids over each other till you get the desired look. Pull out a few swirly hair strands for a compelling stance.


67. Artistic Fishtail Braid

This awe-inspiring flower braided hairstyle features fishbone braids, floral art, and two-toned hair color. You can achieve the look by interlacing the strands with each other. If you find it difficult to style then, do not worry as you can get these kinds of weaves very easily now.


68. Princess Braids

To achieve this look, you need several elastic hairbands. Make two braids on both sides of the head and join both braids with bobby pins at the back. Now, take and tie few hair strands with an elastic band and fold them inward. Continue this step till you get a finished look.


69. Half up Double Fishtail Braid

You can achieve this look very easily as it is super easy and cute as well. Separate hair through mid-partition and create a double Dutch fishtail braid. Keep the remaining hair sleek and straight. Add the captivating element to hairstyle through golden blonde balayage.


70. Front Braids with Bangs

side fishtail braid

This loosey-goosey side fishtail braid with side swept bangs and wavy blonde hair provides girl a dazzling look that she can adopt for her quinceanera, but embellish it with hair ornaments. It is simple and quick to style.


71. Fishtail Hairstyle with Floral Accessories

Have fun with twists! But, how? Take two sections of hair and start twisting these sections at the back of the head and join these sections by making a short messy braid. Turn the remaining undone hair into soft waves and embellish the hairstyle with floral accouterments.


72. Triple Fishtail Fun

One must master the hair braiding procedure to get this intricate fishtail hairstyle. Its two-toned appearance gives the entire look extra, well-defined features. These complicated braids are then, tied together flawlessly that you can barely see any conjunction point.


73. Fishtail Braided Updo

This fishtail updo is full of simplicity and elegance that you can wear for weddings or other formal occasions. Referring it as a nuptial updo would not be wrong! What do you guys think?


74. Mermaid Braids

vibrant fishtail braid

It is a half done look of mermaid style fishtail braid that features a brunette base that pops in blonde balayage and red highlights. You can adorn the hairstyle with elegant headpieces to add glamour in your looks. Tug the braid slightly for messy and bigger appearance.


75. Summery Fishtail Hairstyle

Do you have fine hair and are looking for a fresh hairstyle for beach vacations in summers? You can go for this easy to maintain style without a second thought. Keep the fish braid a tad bit tight than the other discussed fishtail hairstyles, to keep the loose hair away from your face.


76. Low Side Fishtail Braid

Busy mums looking for a glam hairstyle to pull throughout the day can get some inspiration from this particular fishtail hairstyle. You can carry this style for small gatherings and official Meetup as well. Magenta highlights look stunning on black sleek hair.


77. Hairstyle with Bandana

You may have worn a half up and half down hairstyles a lot of times for a normal day to day life routine, but have you ever thought of adding glamour to this regular hairstyle? If not yet then, direct implement this creativity on your hair for a delightful look.


78. Magnificent Fishtail with Ancient Head Piece

This hairstyle will take you back in the renaissance era because of its magnificent and regal outlook. It includes waterfall braid and mini fishbone braid hairstyle that got ultra-dignified by ancient tiara and alluring colors.


79. Pastel Blue Hair

Rock a princess look with funky element! Having thick hair will let you get this jazzy fishtail braid crown that you can wear by wrapping the massively executed fish braid around your head and securing it with bobby pins. Do not forget to wear a bandana before wrapping process.


80. Golden Blonde Highlights

fishtail braid with highlights

Get a low maintenance hairstyle with a class! The core feature of the traditional fishtail braided hairstyle is the warm highlights that give definition to every single braided section.


81. Fishtail Hairstyle for Proms

Managed to get a stunning outfit for a prom party? What’s about the hairstyle? Magnify your appearance with an adorable fishtail hairstyle. Create two tights braids at one side and adorn the other side with less constricted fishtail braid; after that, tie the braids into a swirly ponytail.


82. French Braid Headband

Curls can make an entrancing combo with a fish braid only and only when you know how to carry this combo. Side part the hair and start making a fishbone braid. Now, wrap the braid on the top front like a headband. Leave the curls muddled for natural vibes.


83. Double Dutch Fishtail Braids

It features two braid styles .i.e. double Dutch braids and fishtail braid. When these two simple braided looks combined with vibrant multicolored highlights, the entire hairstyle becomes pretty much impressive and expressive.


84. Fancy Ginger Hair

long double fishtail braidings

We hope you have understood why we are calling it a fancy braid style! Yes, because of its fabled red and long hair. It features three main sections; the top contains two mini braids then, here comes straight, undone hair which is then tied into two long fishtail braids.


85. Braids  for Short Hair

fishtail braid for short pink hair

Girls with short pink hair can get an admiring appearance by incorporating a side fish braid along with side bangs. The whole look involves layered short haircut with side swept bangs, loose braid at one side of the head; and pastel and blonde highlights. What a summery impression! Isn’t it?


How to Make a Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid can be made out of fine, thin, thick, straight and curly hair. It looks especially great on highlighted medium-length hair. While it seems pretty complicated, this hairstyle is very easy to make. Before you start, brush your hair well and moisturize it with water or special hair products. Otherwise, hair might get tangled up or attract static electricity.

french braid hairstyle

  1. Brush your hair well and sweep it back
  2. Start with the temples. Take strands, which are about 1 inch wide, and cross them at the crown – right over left
  3. Use your right hand to push the hair to your head. Then grab the left strand with your right hand and cross it with the right strand. Then use the first left strand to braid it with the new one.
  4. The two new strands you got should be crossed with each other.
  5. Then follow the instructions over and over until you reach your neck.
  6. You can either stop here and tie it with an elastic band or continue until the hair ends.


Now that you’ve looked through these 85 amazing options, you must have at least an idea of what type of fishtail braid you need. Don’t forget to experiment with all kinds of different hair extensions. These amazing braids will make you look like a queen any day of the week!