50 Glamorous Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Turning 50 can be very depressing for many women due to the visible signs of growing old. But reaching that age doesn’t mean you should stop trying different haircuts and hairstyles to look glamorous. For women over age of 50, hairstyles are part of showing personality. You should choose a haircut depending on what look you want to achieve. Is that you want to look cool and respectful or prefer to get a glamorous and hot appearance. So it’s your choice to select a perfect hairstyle that will suit your over 50 age.


Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50

We have collected some awesome haircuts which will fit good with women in this age range. Below is a list of 50 most respectful and glamorous hairstyles for women over 50.


#1: Long Waves

Long Waves hair perfect for women over 50 to 60

One of the greatest ways to keep a youthful look is to let your hair be longer and style it in a simple but beautiful way. This is how we often see Sarah Jessica Parker even on the red carpet. Who can believe that she is over 50?


#2: Mid-length

Mid-length haircut for women over 50

Our favorite character Phoebe from Friends is now a mature woman who has chosen a mid-length hairstyle. It is easy to maintain and promotes healthy look overall because it helps the hair to grow also in volume and not only in length.


#3: Centered-parted Lob

Centered-parted Lob haircut for adult women

If you are looking for presidential style, Michelle Obama’s centered-parted lob may be the right solution to you. Feel like the First Lady every time you look in the mirror – classy and majestic.


#4: The Bob

Bob hairstyle women adult

One of the all-time favorites best hairstyles for women after 50 is the glorious bob. The amazing bit about it is that it goes perfectly even with gray hair. You don’t have to continue dying your grays, simply embrace aging with this gorgeous look.


#5: Spiky and Short

Hairstyles for Women 5

Older on paper but younger in spirit? You go, girl, keep that feeling in your hair too! Go for a spiky and short cut and prove once again that age in just a number. A great inspiration for your transformation can be the gorgeous Halle Berry. What a woman!


#6: Wispy Pixie

Wispy Pixie haircut 50 to 60 women

Style like one of the most influential mature women in the entertainment business – Kris Jenner. The mother of the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been rocking a wispy pixie for years now and she definitely makes it work. So why not get a thousand bucks look?


#7: Medium and Layered with Side Swept Bangs

Side Swept Bangs fifty aged woman

Jessica Lang is an everlasting symbol of style for mature women. Her look is always impeccable and her hair looks simply amazing. Her medium layered hair with side swept bangs is one of the iconic hairstyles for women over 50.


#8: Shoulder-length

Shoulder-length haircuts - 50 above women

The great thing about having shoulder-length hair is that you can style it in any way you want. You can curl it, straighten it or put it up – it will look fantastic. Some days you may be going for the more effortless look and sometimes when you are in the mood you can easily bring the glam up.


#9: Freeze mid-waves

Freeze mid-waves

Natural look with a red carpet twist – this is what freezy mid-wave hairstyles will do for you. Feel like a classy beautiful woman that you are. All you need is a wide curling wand and not too strong hair spray that will let the curls fall and form naturally.


#10: Natural Curls

Natural Curls Hairstyle for Women 50 above

There is nothing better than embracing your true look at any period of your life. If you have gorgeous curly or wavy hair just let it be the way it is. Even if your curls are not all in place that will only enhance the beauty of your natural look.

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