10 Mysterious Teal Blue Hair for Real Life Mermaid

Teal is a color that seamlessly mixes shades of blue and green so that it sits partway between the two. Many women find the color to be slightly mysterious with an unnatural air about it. The gorgeous and mysterious color has recently become very popular for women’s hairstyles. Young women can choose from a whole range of teal blue hair ideas.


Different Ideas for Teal Blue Hair

There are a number of different ways to wear teal hair. Solid teal blue hair color can create a really intense and vivid look, so it is a great choice for women who want to make a big impression. A teal ombré blue style is perfect for women who want to create a more boho look. On the other hand, women can also try rainbow styles or multi-colored ombré looks. These styles are perfect for girls who struggle to settle for just one thing.


Teal Hair with Dark Blue Lowlights

teal hair with dark blue lowlights

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Layered Cut and Side Fringe

Layered Cut teal blue color hair


Blue Dye and Thick Dark Roots

Thick Dark Roots on teal blue hair


Tousled Wavy Bob

weavy bob teal blue hair


Lightly Waved Mermaid Hair


Blue Hairstyle with Big Glamorous Curls


Beautiful Fishtail Braids

beautiful teal blue hair fishtail braids

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Blue Rainbow Hair and Choppy Bangs

blue rainbow hair


Green-Blue Ombre Hair in Soft Curlsgreen-blue ombre hair in soft curls


Perfect Fishtail Side Plait

side fishtail teal blue hair

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Teal is a lovely color for people who want to make a statement with their hair. If you can’t choose between blue and green, choose teal blue hair.