15 Mysterious Teal Blue Hair for Real Life Mermaid

Teal is a color that seamlessly mixes shades of blue and green so that it sits partway between the two. Many women find the color to be slightly mysterious with an unnatural air about it. The gorgeous and mysterious color has recently become very popular for women’s hairstyles. Young women can choose from a whole range of teal blue hair ideas.


Different Ideas for Teal Blue Hair

There are a number of different ways to wear teal hair. Solid teal blue hair color can create a really intense and vivid look, so it is a great choice for women who want to make a big impression.

A teal ombré blue style is perfect for women who want to create a more boho look. On the other hand, women can also try rainbow styles or multi-colored ombré looks. These styles are perfect for girls who struggle to settle for just one thing.

1. Light Teal Medium Hair 

light teal blue hair

If you’re considering light teal blue hair, make sure the hue that you choose compliments your skin tone. Electric teal works well with cool skin tones and makes blue eyes pop. This medium-length style is right on trend, too. 


2. Gunmetal and Teal Balayage 

teal blue hair

 A pop of teal looks fantastic against a unique yet trendy color like gunmetal gray. Ideal for fair skin, this look focuses gray on the majority of hair while painting on dark teal color on the ends and outer edges of hair using the balayage technique. 


3. Dark Teal Curls 

Make a statement this season with teal blue curls. Golden skin tones are best suited to dark hues and look seamless if your natural hair color is brunette or black. Be sure to adequately hydrate hair to give bouncy curls irresistible shine.   


4. Teal Blue Ombre Hair 

Warm skin tones with hints of gold or olive require deep and cool color for the most natural-looking contrast. This teal and blue ombre color is easy to wear on medium or long hair. Bedhead texture keeps the whole look edgy. 


5. Green Teal Hair 

Technically, teal contains hints of both green and blue. This look has a decidedly more green tone, which is perfect for tan skin with olive undertones. This seamless color is versatile, so wear it on long hair, as seen here, or on pixie-length locks.


6. Teal Hair with Dark Blue Lowlights

teal hair with dark blue lowlights

Particularly pale skin with pink undertones can handle the deepest teal colors out there. Navy and denim are wildly popular right now, so ask your stylist for lowlights in these shades if you’re used to wearing black hair but want to freshen things up. 

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7. Layered Cut and Side Fringe

Layered Cut teal blue color hair

This dark blue teal looks especially stunning on a modern hairstyle. Long side bangs and layers create effortless movement on blue hair for a truly mermaid-like effect. 


8. Blue Dye and Thick Dark Roots

Thick Dark Roots on teal blue hair

Roots have been ‘in’ since the 90’s, so why not rock them with your teal hair? The contrast is best if your hair is dark, however. This hue is more of a true blue, but the look works for teal with more green as well. 


9. Tousled Wavy Bob

weavy bob teal blue hair

Tousled wavy bobs are very popular right now, but it’s probably not everyday that you see this style on blue-green locks. To keep it fresh, ask your stylist for an A-line cut so hair is slightly longer surrounding your face. 


10. Lightly Waved Mermaid Hair

Give off that true mermaid essence with sexy, beachy waves. Whether your hair is totally teal or a green and dark gray ombre like this one, this gorgeous texture is a true crowd pleaser. 


11. Blue Hairstyle with Big Glamorous Curls

Soft waves are nice, but bigger, more glamorous ones are great for statement-making occasions. Ideally suited for long locks, large curls with a soft side part draw attention to your gorgeous face. 


12. Beautiful Fishtail Braids

beautiful teal blue hair fishtail braids

When working with more than one tone, details like braids are ideal for showing off dimension. This icy, cotton candy look contains light teal and light mint with a half-up fishtail style for touch of whimsy. 

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13. Blue Rainbow Hair and Choppy Bangs

blue rainbow hair

If you prefer your hair with bangs, then you can definitely carry a tri-color look with style. Add deep baby blue color to the crown of the hair and the choppy bangs. It should fade into a neutral platinum before finally fading into mint at the ends. 


14. Green-Blue Ombre Hair in Soft Curlsgreen-blue ombre hair in soft curls

Teal with green undertones is perfect on pink skin tones. Go for a seamless style or create an ombre effect with grayish black roots. Wavy texture captures the blend best and gives hair the beachy vibe that teal hair evokes. 


15. Perfect Fishtail Side Plait

side fishtail teal blue hair

Fishtails make so much sense on teal hair! This big braid captures all of the stunning tones, like denim, and deep, icy teal like a charm. To keep it sexy, leave plenty of short layers down and loose surrounding the face. 

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Teal is a lovely color for people who want to make a statement with their hair. If you can’t choose between blue and green, choose teal blue hair.

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