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20 Multicolored Hairstyles Trending Right Now

Have you seen any of the multicolored hair trending right now? It’s like a rainbow out there. Due to how popular this trend is, there are millions upon millions of women and men sporting rainbows on their heads—and we love it.

It takes a confident, daring person to reveal a head full of brightly hued tresses to the world. You have to believe in yourself and your own awesomeness to step out into the world with green, blue, purple, or pink hair.

You’re that daring, aren’t you? You know you’re stupendous, so why not splash out with sensational multicolored hair to let everyone else know, too?


1. Multicolored Cotton Candy Chunks

Multicolored Hairstyles for teen age girl

Usually, chunky streaks are something you want to avoid in your hair, but the multicolored hair trending right now is the exception. Thick hunks of different colored hues are just fine—more than fine, as you see here. The result is a rainbow of color.

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beautiful braid Multicolored Hairstyles

This beautiful braid is all over the Internet and has been forever now. It’s the goal, the end of the rainbow, the very epitome of ROY G BIV—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, that is. Multicolored tresses practically beg for braids.


3. A Neon Rainbow

 Neon Rainbow Multicolored Hairstyles

Here’s a brighter, much more vivid rainbow. The neon shades remind us of old-school Lisa Frank school supplies, and we are living for it. The blending up top, especially near her shorter layers/bangs, is particularly on fire. Protip: shades of yellow and green make neon palettes pop.


4. Pastel Perfection

 Pastel Multicolored Hairstyles you love

Much of the multicolored hair trending right now is fantasy-inspired. This? This is My Little Pony inspired. It’s fairy hair. What makes it even more magical are the periwinkle blue streaks, which explode from the pink and purple.

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5. Pretty as a Peacock

Peacock Multicolored Hairstyles foe women

Talk about hair goals! Electric blue is the primary color in this mane of hair. In the middle, wild hues of chartreuse and aquamarine explode out, creating a stunning kaleidoscope of color. At close look, it seems like the roots are a dark purple or indigo.


6. Rainbow Bright

Rainbow Multicolored Hairstyles foe girl

Every hue in the rainbow makes up this fabulous coiffure. The colors are extraordinarily pigmented, resulting in radiant splashes of color. Dare to adopt a multicolored style like this, and the colors will fade to a lovely pastel, as well.


7. Shades of Blue

Indigo, ink blue, pale ice, deep purple—a lot of the multicolored hair trending right now follows a monochromatic or ombre scheme that involves several shades on the same spectrum. Does green complement you? How about red or pink? Orange? Ask for a monochrome multicolored ‘do.


8. Multicolored Hairstyle: Teal and a Tease

combo Multicolored Hairstyles for girl

This isn’t a color combination that you see very often, but it’s to-die-for. Teal complements both the pink and coral interwoven through her braids. What unusual combo would you try?

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9. Bird of Paradise

Something about this hairstyle is evocative of a tropical bird’s beautiful plumage. Maybe it’s because the focus is on the green and yellow at the crown. How do you feel about the jagged, asymmetric cut?


10. Bejeweled and Bedazzled

Lighter shade Multicolored Hairstyles for girl

Spend a few minutes observing the multicolored hair in this photo. Can you pick out all the separate colors? Midnight blue’s hiding in there, as are teal and turquoise. Lighter shades of navy and cornflower mix with deep purple and fuschia.

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multicolored layered hairstyles





multicolored double bun hairstyles






multicolored hairstyles


The multicolored hair trending right now follows no particular pattern. The color combinations you choose are entirely up to you—what looks good on you? Which colors flatter your eye color and complexion?