45 Flattering Mermaid Hair Color Ideas for 2021

Thanks to Disney, we too often think of red when we picture mermaid hair colors. Everyone’s favorite ginger princess is kind of boring, though.

Today’s mermaids are bold, vibrant, and in love with vivid colors. They’re confident, unique, and they’re no longer content to hide under-the-sea where no one can see their striking tresses. If you’ve always dreamed of living that mermaid life with long green, teal, or turquoise hair, it’s your time to shine.


Mermaid Hair Colors

Eager to make a splash? The next time you hit up the hair salon, tell your stylist that you’re ready for a mermaid hair color.

The best news is that there’s no limit to that descriptor. Mermaids wear their hair in a rainbow of colors. From pink and purple to gray and blue, you’ll find an all-over color or an eye-popping mermaid hair color combinations that are perfect for you.

1. Short Mermaid Hair

mermaid hair color for short hair

The back of this short haircut is bluntly cut while the front is long, straight and layered. The color, however, is what gives it its glow: green,blue and purple are three bombshell colors that look great together. 


2. Pastel Mermaid Hair Color

pastel mermaid hair color

Pastel hair color is all the rage these days. Add pink, light green, purple and blue for major mermaid vibes. Curl the ends and brush out for loose waves.


3. Blonde Hair + Mermaid Tips

blonde hair with mermaid colors

Another great way to add mermaid vibes to your long hair is with purple and pink. The main color may be light blonde but the style is turned up when you give it these gorgeous flirty colors. Add tight curls to the ends for volume.


4. Mermaid Hair Highlights

mermaid hair highlights

If you have a job that doesn’t have any qualms about self expression, you can try out this colorful long hairstyle. Green, yellow, and pink cover roots to ends for a showstopping look.


5. Mermaid Hair Underneath

mermaid hair underneath

You can rock mermaid hair color and still be professional just by adding color to the under layers of your hairstyle. This is another look whose main color is blonde while the rest is covered in blue, purple and pink. Pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail, leaving the rest loose and curly.


6. Oceanic Shades

Oceanic Mermaid Hair Color for girl

There’s no single mermaid hair color, you know. To truly look like a mermaid, your hair must hold all the secrets of the sea. Shades of green, blue, purple, teal, and turquoise blend to create a flawless mermaid coif.

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7. Pastel and Pale

Mermaid Pastel hair Color for young girl

Check out the pale baby blue mixed with pastel purple. What kind of mermaid has hair like this? Where would she live? Somewhere tropical and hot, perhaps, where the flowers grow in similar pastel shades.


8. A Hint of Mermaid

 bright Mermaid Hair Color you like

You don’t have to go bold and bright to release your inner mermaid. Let her peek through subtly colored sections of hair. For this ‘do, you want the platinum to show more than anything. Everything else is just a hint.


9. Mermaid Drama

dark blue Mermaid hair color idea for women

Each combination of mermaid hair colors inspires a different aesthetic. Here, the colors are darker and more subdued. The base is dark blue, and none of the streaks are too bright. This mermaid gives off a dramatic vibe. She’s a mystery.

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10. Sunkissed

different Mermaid Hair Colors idea

How bright are these pastels? This mermaid has hair that’s brighter than the sun. Look close. Do you see the stand-out detail? Each chunk of hair has different colors running down the length.


11. All That Aqua

Shades of blue are ideal for mermaid-inspired hair. The combination pictured here includes aqua, turquoise, royal blue, and even some indigo. Always go for indigo, by the way—it doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves.


12. Top to Bottom Teal

darker Mermaid Hair Colors idea you love

This bright teal shade is almost electric. Although it’s darker at the roots and lighter at the tips, it’s not quite an ombre. It’s subtle than that, which actually makes the variations pop that much more.

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13. Unreal Teal

Mermaid Hair Color

As you can see, teal is a popular color for mermaid locks. This is a darker take on the shade, and it’s vivid all over. It’s almost matte, but there are faint highlights that give it more dimension.


14. Ice Ice Baby

Ice shade mermaid hair color idea

This, clearly, is a mermaid from an icy see. She’s cool and glacial, so it’s only befitting that her hair is a stunning icy blue/lilac hue. You have to deal with a lot of bleach to get a color this light, but the prestige of being a cool mermaid is worth it.


15. Just the Ends

Mermaid Hair Color

There’s no need to get an all-over mermaid hair color. Dip dyeing exists for a reason, you know. Here, the tips are mostly blue, with subtle sections of green and yellow. Imagine how at home this hair looks underwater.


16. The Warmest Green

Green Mermaid Hair Color your favorite

The green pictured here is a signature mermaid green. It’s not too bright, and while there’s a slight ombre effect happening at the roots, the length is primarily the same rich shade.


17. Cotton Candy Mermaid

No rule insists that mermaid tresses have to be blue, green, or yellow. To achieve mermaid perfection, get inspired by sweet cotton candy colors that look like underwater flora.

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18. Rainbow Swirl

Mermaid Rainbow Hair Color for girl

It’s hard to say what’s better about this look. The pale primary colors are on-point, but the spiraled curls show off the streaks to their best effect. Notice how the roots are darker. Gorgeous, isn’t it?


19. Baby Gray

Mermaid Hair Color

This shade of gray is a newer mermaid hair color, perhaps inspired by the flux of dark Gothic frappes and ice cream cones popping up as an answer to the current unicorn mania. It’s a little blue, a little lavender, and all spectacular.


20. Teal and Purple


Long hair is not necessary to rock your stuff like a mermaid, darlings. You can do it with a pixie crop, too. Short hair can take dramatic colors, though, so don’t be afraid to get something as rich and deep as this teal and purple combo.


21. Blue Meets Purple

Mermaid Hair Color

The blending on this hair is sublime. Blue turns into purple, and somewhere in the middle, it creates a splash of indigo. Just don’t forget to invest in a deep conditioning treatment if you go for two-toned hair.


22. Mermaid Ombre Hair

nice Pink Ombre Mermaid Hair Color

Nearly any fantasy hue qualifies as a mermaid hair color, provided you rock a mermaid attitude to match. This mermaid pink ombre begins with dark raspberry, transitions into a rich strawberry pink, then fades into a soft icy shade.


23. Electric Mermaid

Mermaid Hair Color

Streaks of electric blue stand out against sizzling teal and shades of turquoise. Hair this wild has to belong to a mermaid. The combination of colors is honestly astounding—her hair looks almost natural.


24. Golden Blue

Girls Golden Blue Mermaid Hair Color

Have you ever seen this kind of pastel? Ice blue to pale yellow to the lightest green—from the hair to the braids, this entire coiffure is perfection.


25. Deep Teal

Mermaid Hair Color

Teal and turquoise are two of the most popular mermaid hair colors for a good reason. Her hair belongs underwater, mixing in with plant life and gorgeous sea creatures.


26. Pastel Rainbow

beautiful Pastel Rainbow mermaid hair color

It doesn’t get sweeter than this. See how the gradient occurs down the length of her hair? That takes talent and patience.


27. A Little Glitter

Glitter is just what you need to take your mermaid locks to the next level. Glitter at the hairline also helps to hide your roots, just FYI.


28. The Mermaid

Mermaid Hair Color

No matter what mermaid hair color you have, this is the look you’re going for. Get out in the water and practice your Ariel hair flip.

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crown braid with mermaid hair





mermaid hair colors






side braided mermaid hair with ponytail





layered mermaid hair




long mermaid hair


What hair colors make you think of mermaids? We’re partial to teal, blue, and turquoise with a little green thrown in for good measure.

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