30 Best Silver Blue Hair Options to Make A Statement

Did you ever think that silver blue hair can look exciting? Most likely you didn’t dream about this color when you were young. But the times change, and the fashion changes with it.

Blue colors are usually used by girls trying to make a statement. But there is no one way to go about the blue. There are many shades and colors you can choose from, including silver blue. You don’t have to dye your whole mane blue in order to look stunning. Many girls choose highlights or even partial highlights.


Silver Blue Hair for Making a Statement

beautiful silver blue hair color

Making a statement with silver blue hair is easy. It’s much harder to maintain the color. You need to be ready for the color to wash out and to stop looking as silver as you wish. That’s why you need to consider partial dyeing or be ready for constant touchups.

Silver blue is a wonderful color for special occasions or cosplays. That’s why you might want to consider semi-permanent dyes in order to check out the way the blue looks before making it your permanent choice.


How To Get and Maintain Sliver Blue Hair

Watch the below video to know how you can get a gorgeous silver blue hair:

Maintaining silver blue hair is a hassle. So you need to get ready for a fight. You can ask your hairstylist for some advice, but you’ll most likely hear a sigh instead of a reply.  Here are the simple steps you should follow to keep the color intact for as long as possible.

  • Buy special hair care products for dyed hair (shampoo and conditioner)
  • Apply special hair masks to your locks at least once a week.
  • Try to avoid washing your hair every day
  • Don’t use hair dryers and curling irons
  • Go for color touchups at least once a month


Popular Silver Blue Hair Color Ideas

You can buy silver blue dye and create the silver blue hair on your own. However, such wild colors should be taken care of in the salon. A professional hairstylist will apply the color evenly and you’ll have a chance of keeping it fresh longer. If your hair is too dark, you might need to go through a hair lightening procedure in order for the blue color to stick.


1. Highlights

Highlights Silver Blue Hair for girl

The best way to go about your blue hair is to make highlights. If you are starting out with blonde hair, try several shades of blue when dyeing the strands. You’ll get a great blue extravaganza.

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2. Ashy addition

Ashy addition with Silver Blue Hair your favorite

Besides using the silver blue hair color, you can add ash blonde locks to the overall image. Since the blue is your main shade, it can easily be complimented by various options.


3. Violet ombre

Violet ombre Silver Blue Hair for cute girl

Besides using silver and blue for your highlights, consider bringing the violet shades into the picture. You can keep the top part light violet and the bottom half of the ombre can stay blue and silver.

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4. Simple color blend

Simple Silver Blue Hairstyle for girl

If you are planning to highlight your hair blue, try to choose a simple color blend. Blue is drastic enough for a hairstyle, so the rest of the colors should be subtle, such as blonde or silver.


5. Metallic blue

Metallic Silver Blue Hair color for Asian girl

Metallic blue shades look especially effective. If you are ready to maintain this color, you can take advantage of the stunning appearance. The longer the hair is, the more stunning such hue will look.


6. Light blue shade

Silver Blue Hair

The lighter you make the silver blue hair color mix, the more natural it will look. Remember, if you have pale skin, such hair color is not for you. Even if your skin is olive, you’ll need to use some prominent makeup.


7. Partial highlights

Partial highlights Silver Blue Hair for cute girl

Give your hairstyle a subtle boost by adding partial silver blue highlights. Don’t be afraid of coloring a few strands. They will only improve your overall appearance and add you some extra oomph.

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Silver blue hair is not popular. That’s why if you choose it, you can count on sporting a unique hairstyle. Take another look at these seven options and make a good decision about your new image.