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35 Midnight Blue Hair Color Ideas for A Unique Look

You won’t see midnight blue hair every day and that’s what makes it a unique choice. If you frequently observe the relationship between women and their hair, you’d be able to notice how personally they take it upon themselves to keep it neat and personalized.

For hair exposes a women’s femininity, identity, and liberty. So, can you guess what it means for a woman to get midnight blue hair?

This deep (almost black) color comes nowhere close to being crazy as it does to being formal and classy. It is camouflaged as black within some light spectrums, but ironically, this midnight blue color appears under the sunlight.

Therefore, when a woman acquires such hair color, the attributes of it get immersed within her. Such features that follow are that of conservatism and responsibility.


Beautiful Midnight Blue Hair Color Ideas

Here are 35 midnight blue hair dyes, which will exemplify what it looks and hopefully what it feels like to acquire such hair color.

1. French Girl Bob

Short Midnight Blue Hair with Baby Bangs


Amp up the classic layers of a French girl bob by adding a modern touch of blue to it. The roots are left pitch black to merge into the shiny blue hue of the chin-length hair and wispy side-swept bangs. A painter’s hat tops off the look.


2. Denim Blue Streaks

Bouncy Midnight Blue Layers


For the ladies who want to rock a midnight blue hair but don’t want it to be very dark, tone it down by adding denim blue highlighted streaks. The look can be enhanced further by adding a touch of royal blue too. This style however is high-maintenance.


3. Dutch Braids

Midnight Blue Braids


Natural roots peeking through are not a problem when it comes to the midnight blue color as it goes well with all hair shades. These dual Dutch braids keep hair out of the face while showing off the dark brown roots contrasting with the blue tint.


4. Out of the Blue

asymmetrical midnight blue hair


Try out a futuristic look that is quite unexpected but will surely keep all the eyes on you. The midnight blue asymmetrical blunt-cut bob has a naturally colored back shaved down into a sharp point peeking through and ending at the nape of the neck.


5. Night Sky Afro

Midnight Blue Afro Hair


This style is ideal for middle-aged women with natural afro curls. The kinky coils are cut short evenly all around the head and dyed in a dark blue shade that brings the night sky to your head. Use pomade to create a flat front contrasting with the back.


6. Dark Ocean Waves

midnight blue bridal updo


Although the chunky cobalt blue streaks seem subtle they bring a completely different dimension to the midnight blue hair. The blue locks are styled into a chic updo with the shorter strands curled up to mimic dark ocean waves. Complete the look with a vintage hair comb.


7. Monochromatic Moment

Wavy Midnight Blue Pixie


Why complicate the situation when a single hair shade is enough to set you apart? Make a bold move and chop the hair into a short boy cut and dye it in a pure bluish midnight shade. Hand-tousle the strands every now and then for a carefree appeal.


8. Midnight Blue Highlights

Midnight Blue Lob


The midnight blue itself falls in the dark category but it goes flawlessly well with another dark hair shade. These midnight blue highlights on black hair are to die for. Whether the shoulder-length strands are kept straight or curled up the blue tinge won’t be overlooked.    


9. A Touch of Green

Midnight Blue Hair with Neon Green Peekaboo


Create a unique look with this midnight blue hair color idea. The A-line wavy lob is painted in a dark blue shade but it doesn’t stop here. The chunky strands just above the ears are dyed in a vivid neon green shade to turn around some heads.


10. Vogue Fauxhawk

Sport a vogue fauxhawk by coloring it in a darker shade of blue. The hair is trimmed along the sides and kept longer on the top which is brushed up to create spikes. This style is easy to maintain and will get noticed instantly.  


11. Midnight Whisper

Cute girl Midnight Blue Hairstyle

This midnight blue merged within your dark hair color can be easily mistaken for black, in the dark. One way of attaining a confident aura is by accumulating this deep blue hair color, for nothing can slay it more than midnight under the sun.

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12. Starry Nights

Starry Nights blue haircut

If you feel that wearing a deep blue hair color is a bit formal for your character, consider keeping some of your black hair evident and add a few light blue and white strands. This look will give your hair a feeling of a night sky full of stars.


13. Ombres and Blues

 Ombres and Blues hairstyle you like

Try combining some gorgeous shades of black, midnight and navy blue hair color to give your hair a different dimension. Those colors, in particular, will give your curls some extra oomph that will make them turn heads.


14. Shaggy Bobs and Blues

girl favorite Bobs and Blues hairstyle

Want to rock with short blue hair dye? The combination of bobs and midnight blues is a great mixture to represent a women’s liberation. Both the cut and the color signify a confident, independent and spirited woman.


15. Degrade to Indigo

cool Midnight Blue Haircut you love

One beautiful color degradation is from the dark blue to indigo. Since midnight blue is considered a dark shade of indigo, there’s no doubt their fusion will be just as natural. Not to mention the indigo will add some lightness to the weight of symbols that midnight blue holds.

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16. Long Beach Waves

Long and curled hair like this is perfect for special occasions – weddings, engagements, and birthday parties. Lovely glamorous curls are achieved with a large brush or huge curling wand. This midnight blue hair will leave everyone without breath.


17. Brown Hair with Blue Highlights

It takes a bit of courage to wear this shade of blue on your hair. However, once you try it, you simply won’t be able to stop! This girl opted for the ombre technique. While the bigger part of her hair is dyed in midnight shade, the hair ends are left grey. That is how you get a fantastic style that does require more styling, but the results are amazing.


18. Teal Blue Hair Hues

Lovely hues of teal and midnight blue will look amazing on your hair. However, you need to have a good base – this color is best achieved on dark brown hair. Your hair will look like a night sea. You can’t do anything but adore this hairstyle!


19. Black Roots and Blue Curls

Sometimes, women are not totally sure if they want to make a transition from their dark natural color to some unique one, as midnight blue hair color definitely is one of those. That is why they leave their roots undyed and just dye the half of their hair in some appealing shade. This technique is also known as ombre, and all women adore it. 


20. Dark Blue Hair

dark midnight blue hair color

Shades of blue hair can be different. But, they are all beautiful, we can guarantee that. If you choose to wear something more low-key, then look no further than this lovely dark blue hue. It is almost black, but that is actually what makes it look attractive and beautiful.


21. Ponytail Bob

For those girls who are not afraid to show off their eccentric style, blue hair dye is one of the best shades to work with. This girl decided to go with multiple shades, combined in one hairstyle. So, next time when you do your hair into a ponytail, different colors will be on point!


22. Silver Blue Hair

One thing is for sure – you need to take care of your blue-dyed hair more than anything else. It is washed out quickly, so try not to overwash it. On the other hand, you can learn to love your washed-out hair. It gets lovely ash tones which look more than beautiful.


23. Purple Blue

A perfect combination of blue and purple will give you this kind of hair look. It is a great mix that suits women with cold and mixed skin undertones. You can simply curl your hair or let it grow long and wear it like this every day.


24. Almost Black Hair

This shade is almost black, yet it is called dark midnight blue hair color. It is perfect for women who don’t want to attract too many views. This shade is more low-key, but it is definitely matchable with any style. You can count on this hairstyle for everyday wear, but you can curl it for elegant occasions.


25. Ocean Blue Wavy Bob with Bangs

midnight blue hair color ideas for women

This length is perfect for women who prefer low maintenance and minimal effort to get a perfect hairstyle. Yes, it is definitely more than possible with longer bob. You should also cut your fringes at the side, so they can frame your face perfectly. The shade of midnight blue hair dye seems like an ocean by night.


26. Short Bob

Short bob is one of those great haircuts that are perfect for women who like to have their hair in order, but not to lose too much time around it. This chopped and layered bob in blue also has some highlights across the base color. This color will definitely attract many amazed viewers.


27. Highlighted Braid Hairstyle

Sometimes, it is best to start slowly before dyeing your hair thoroughly. Braid a long and tight braid as you usually do. This time, try to use a spray dye in that will make this braid look attractive. Don’t overdo it – leave the part of your hair in natural hair color.


28. Box Braided Bob

Instead of wearing classy bob hairstyle, you should braid it. It is a perfect summer solution that can save you from tangling, brushing, and styling your hair every day. Dye your hair in a dark shade of midnight blue and enjoy in results.


29. Midnight Blue Highlights

If you are still not sure about dyeing your hair completely in blue, try simple yet effective highlights. You can ask your hairdresser to start small, so you can see if this color suits you or not. Also, do them in a few shades of blue, including the midnight one. Any way you choose, don’t hesitate to try it!


30. Curly Balayage Hairstyle

curly midnight blue hair

These kinds of curls can be achieved with the curling wand. You can divide your hair and make it look gorgeous by curling it. This midnight blue hair dye will look even more enhanced when your hair is curled. It will show off all its beauty.


31. Wavy Bob with Platinum Highlights

If you want to make your hair to look even more interesting, do blue shade on platinum hair. That is how your highlights will be enhanced, and your curls will look even more appealing than before. The point is to choose a platinum shade with ashy undertones that will stay light blue at the end.


32. Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Loose curls and braid – is there anything that this hairstyle misses? We don’t think so. It is gorgeous and can be worn for both casual and elegant occasions. If you are feeling a bit brave dye your hair in midnight blue – the results will be stunning.


33. Curled Pixie with Long Bangs

Short pixie looks are not for all of us. Only girls with a lot of courage can style them, without feeling guilty because they cut their hair so short. The midnight shade might seem like quite a change from your natural one, but if you are interested in a transformation, go for it!


34. French Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid on midnight blue hair

Fishtail braids might not be the easiest ones to make, but once you manage and learn how to do it, you won’t be able to stop. Your midnight blue hairstyle will look even more attractive with a braid on. The good thing about this style is that you can wear it from day to night events.


35. Curly Hairstyle with Headband

short midnight blue curly hair

Natural curls are beautiful. Not all the girls are happy to have naturally and curly hair, but you, who are, we can only say – lucky you! You can now dye your curls in blue and expect many comments and amazing views. During the summertime, wrap a colorful scarf around the head, but leave the few strands of your darker blue hair out – just for the showcase.


After these examples, we hope you got an idea of what it’d be like to have midnight blue hair. So, if you’re wondering which color to dye your hair make sure to know what comes with it -from what it looks like to what it signifies.