23 Catchy Styles With Blue Hair Color

Chances are, you’ve never had blue hair. It’s not typically a color women choose for a hairstyle, but they simply don’t know how great it can look! Whether it’s a temporary color you’re after or something more long-term, if it’s time for a new look and you’re feeling brave, we’ll show you 23 ways blue hair color can work for you!


Blue Hairstyles

For 23 beautiful ways you can wear blue hair, check out the hairstyles below!

1. Blue and Black Hair

blue and black hair

Three shades of blue are a beautiful ombre on black hair. Rather than wearing the hair straight, curl in some thick waves at the ends to flaunt over your shoulder.


2. Short Blue Hairstyle

short blue hair

In the light, this shade of light blue looks like it has hints of purple. That’s just one reason it looks so great on a jaw-length wavy bob with a center part.


3. Blue and Purple Hair

blue and purple hair

Now you can have cotton candy hair just by adding pink and purple to light blue hair. Take the leap and add the color at the salon this weekend. Thick curly hair will look colorfully regal.


4. Dark Blue

For women with dark skin, dark blue is a great choice for your hair. This style is a half updo full of soft waves that sit on the shoulders.


5. Blue Ombre

blue ombre hair

On a shoulder-length straight haircut medium blue and light green blend on a beautiful ombre for brown hair. Since the color adds all the style, you don’t need to anything else with your hair!


6. Pink and Blue Hair

pink and blue hair

Your new nickname will be Candy with a sweet addition of color like this soft pink at roots and a dark blue from the mid-shaft to tends. Add lots of curls and enjoy feeling like an icon!


7. Blonde and Blue

blonde and blue hair

If all over color isn’t right for you, try adding a section of light blue to the hair closest to your face. On a formal updo against blonde hair, the color will pop beautifully.


8. Faded Blue Hair

faded blue hair

This faded blue hair color actually has hints of light green. If it’s a mermaid vibe you’re going for, this color comes straight from the sea and looks amazing on long straight hair with soft waves.


9. Navy Blue Hair

navy blue hair

This particular shade of navy blue is hardly noticeable on black hair, but that’s what makes it a great choice for professionals who need to keep their look work-appropriate.


10. Icy Blue Hair

Move over, Elsa, there’s a new princess in town! Elsa won’t have anything on your icy blue braid. Thicken it up by teasing the hair before braiding it, then let it drape dramatically over your shoulder.


11. Baby Blue

Baby blue, or periwinkle, hair color is a soft choice for women’s hairstyles and is beautiful against light or pale skin tones. Add it to a short curly bob for a great look not harsh in the slightest.


12. Light Blue

light blue hair

On the top of a short pixie hairstyle, light blue brightens up locks while a patch of dark blue is a nice pop of personality at the ear. Wear hair straight and smooth it down with hairspray for finishing touches.


How to Dye Black Hair Blue


13. Long Blue Hair

long blue hair

Whether it’s dreadlocks or box braids you want to add blue hair color, pull half of your hair up into a ponytail and decorate it with silver or bedazzled beads and hoops.


14. Mermaid Blue Hair

If your goal is to go shorter and get more colorful with your hairstyle, try out a teased pixie for thick hair with blue hair color. In the back at the tips of the hair is light purple that adds a girly touch of color.


15. Brown and Blue Hair

brown and blue hair

When you’re loving your natural hair color but want a dash of color, ask your stylist for blue highlights. When hair is braided into a mohawk, the pops of color will really stand out.


16. Midnight Blue Hair Color

Midnight blue sure is dark but it’s still noticeable on black hair, especially when light hits it. The subtlety of color is the obvious choice for classy women ready for something different but not ostentatious.


17. Royal Blue Hair

royal blue hair

On women with light or pale skin, royal blue is a stunning dark contrast. A center part and cascading curls complete this statement style.


18. Red and Blue Hair

red and blue hair

Do you already have a favorite hair color you’re rocking? Top it off with blue roots! Here, light blue and bright red work together to add bright personality to a peppy wavy bob.


19. Blue Braids

blue braid

Space buns are quickly becoming a popular hairstyle choice for young women. While box braids are gorgeous on their own, by adding a touch of blue hair color and you’re favorite pair of earrings, you’re sure to be stylin’ all day.


20. Silver Blue

Go for a twist on your greying hair by adding a tint of blue. You’ll maintain your youthful spirit and appearance by fashioning hair into a long straight style with straight bangs. You can also add ombre to get a unique color combination.


21. Sky Blue Hair

sky blue hair

Another gorgeous color for women with light and pale skin tone is this sky blue. Let it brighten up your day and your short straight bob with blunt-cut ends.


22. Blue + Green Hair

If color doesn’t make you uncomfortable, test your limits by mixing medium or light blue with a medium shade of green. Have even more fun by playing with different eye shadows to play up the color.


23. Teal Blue

teal blue hair

A long top and short sides are featured on this sport pixie. On a woman with dark skin, the color is the perfect complement. Wear it straight or try adding soft waves to dress it up.


24. Black Girl With Blue Hair


25. Blue Hairstyle for Curly Hair


Are you feeling inspired yet? We’re sure you’re mind is reeling with the number of beautiful ways you can add blue hair color into your current look!

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