Top 10 Brunette Balayage Hairstyles to Copy

Some people say that brown hair is mousy and dull, but those people are jerks and have probably never seen the beauty that is brunette balayage. Balayage works magic on every hair color. There’s no such thing as boring when it’s involved. Pair it with a killer haircut and learn how to style your coif to the gawds, and you’ll never hear another person try to trash talk your hair color.


Most Beautiful Brunette Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Who decided brown hair isn’t as pretty or interesting as blonde, black, or red hair, anyway? Did you cast your vote? We didn’t, either. We maintain that brown hair is lit, and brown balayage proves it—there’s so much potential! There’s no way you can scope the following hairstyles and not fall in love with at least one of them.


1. Mocha, Cinnamon and Caramel

Cinnamon Brunette Balayage hair color idea

Brunette balayage doesn’t mean brown, brown, brown. The brunette spectrum is just as rich and varied as any other hair color. Just look at this glorious coiffure. The streaks are cinnamon, caramel, and milk chocolate, all brightening up a mocha base.


2. Fade to Blonde

Blonde Brunette Balayage hairstyle for women

From the blunt ends of the bob to the toasted almond tips, everything about this hairstyle is winning. blonde—and blonde-ish—streaks are the most common adornments for brunettes, but you can clearly see why.

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3. Milk Chocolate Drizzle

Brunette Balayage

The balayage spotted here is so subtle that you almost can’t see it. You have to have an eye for colors and textures. Gossamer strands of hair are milk chocolate, which lightens up the dark brown of the natural color.


4. Vanilla Streaks

Vanilla with Brunette Balayage hair color

You might want to go a little lighter, in which case your brunette balayage is going to need some bleach. Don’t worry; you won’t end up with yellow or green toned hair. An expert stylist can achieve just this kind of vanilla swirl. Just be advised that if your natural color is incredibly dark, you might need to have the balayage done a few times before you reach your desired level of blonde.

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5. Gradual Brightening Brunette Balayage

Brunette Balayage

The brightening here is so gradual—but that’s the magic of balayage. The blending and balance are flawless. There’s no abrupt change in color or extreme line of delineation. This is absolute perfection.


6. Face-Framing Color

Brunette Balayage

Use balayage to draw attention to your face and brighten your features. It’s simple. Pick a lighter color—lighter than your natural hair color, that is—but make sure it complements your eyes and skin tone. Tell your stylist what you want—more color toward the front, especially around your face. Notice how the bleaching of the top layer is very subtle, but underneath, she has a sheath of caramel.


7. Golden Tips

Golden Brunette Balayage hairstyle for girl

The fade from dark brown to light golden brown is exactly what brunette balayage is all about. Observe how natural that looks. This is the look to go for if you want it to appear as if you don’t do anything at all to your hair. Don’t worry—we’ll never tell.

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8. Two Shades Lighter

Brunette Balayage

There’s no need to choose an extreme color when you go for balayage. If your roots and/or natural color are dark, then anything lighter will pop.


9. Butterscotch Balayage

Here’s another stunning example of gradual change and gorgeous blending. See how a few streaks of gold start at the crown? By the ends, there’s a smooth caramel/butterscotch shade.


10. Sun-Drenched

natural Brunette Balayage hair color

Spend enough time in the sun and you end up with natural streaks, right? You don’t have to wait for the sun, or the summer. A caramel on brunette balayage effect does the job even more beautifully, quite frankly, and you don’t have to worry about sunburn.

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Brunette balayage is perfect for any woman who doesn’t want to make an outlandish or ostentatious change to her hair. Are you tempted by any of these looks?