35 Light Brown Hair Colors for Smart Girls

Light brown hair color is popular all over the world. However, many girls consider brown too dull of a color.

Fortunately, it’s completely untrue. When you compare brown and blonde, brown can win many times. It’s a versatile color, which needs the least maintenance while looking bright and attractive.

Women with natural dark or light brown hair color need just a few touch ups to look amazing. The brown hair color is often underrated but it can become one of the best choices for your next hair dyeing sessions. Consider a few different shades for your new look.


Highlights for Light Brown Hair

highlights for light brown hair

Most of the time, girls with brown hair opt for some sort of highlights. Any type of coloring technique looks great on light brown hair but highlighting is the most popular.

Here are a few ways you can go about highlighting your brown hair:

  • Shimmering highlights is one of the most popular deals. Only the lower part of your hair is highlighted in a way that just a few thin strands are lighter than the rest of the mane. This is a good choice for brown hair.
  • Going bronde is another way to deal with your brown locks. You need to choose the color about 2 shades lighter than your own and go for thin strand highlighting.
  • Partial highlights are great for girls with light brown hair who want it to look closer to blonde without too much hassle. The barely there highlights are easy to make and change the image in a flash.
  • Grey highlights are popular nowadays and they look strikingly perfect with brown hair. Consider adding some metallic shine to your locks and enjoy the bursting effect of your new look. Steel highlights look great with light brown hair as well.


Unique Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

Light brown hair colors vary greatly. There are so many shades of brown out there that you might get lost.

Meanwhile, various coloring techniques such as blonde or balayage look very attractive on brown locks. Brown hair doesn’t require frequent touch-ups like red or blonde hair does. It suits any image of face shape.

The brown hair dyes are usually less damaging since there is no bleaching involved. If you are not satisfied with your current color or looking for new ways to dye your locks, below are 35 amazing light brown hair color ideas.


1. Java Frost


Playing around with various brown shades can help you create a true masterpiece. This java frost option makes your hair look bright due to just a few light brown highlights which are slightly hidden on the sides.


2. Blonde highlights

Blonde Light & Dark Brown Hair style

Any brown hair color can benefit from blonde highlights. Light blonde highlights look the best with lighter shades of brown. Consider the mix of golden and honey shades. They have a winning appearance.


3. Golden & reddish brown

Light & Dark Reddish brown Hairstyle for girl

Light brown hair color looks great with reddish undertones. Red hair color needs constant touchups so many girls go for this mix. It looks just as great as red while offering you a chance to forget about frequent maintenance.


4. Light brown highlights

Light & Dark Brown Hair color idea for girl

If you are getting ready to become a blonde but not sure how to go about it, you can start with highlighting. Leaving a few light brown strands on your way to full blonde might convince you that this is a perfect look.


5. Light brown shades

 Light brown Hair style for girl

If you have brown hair then light brown hair color can easily diversify your appearance with the right highlights. These highlights are absolutely perfect for gals who don’t like going to the barber shop every month.


6. Balayage

Light & Dark Balayage Brown Hair for girl

Balayage is a complicated hair coloring technique which is usually done to make the hair lighter. You can lighten up your blonde hair color by choosing a special balayage for your brown locks. The mix is amazing.


7. Golden brown hair

Light & Dark Golden brown Hairstyle

Golden brown is a rare natural color that many girls crave. If you have light brown locks or maybe dark blonde tresses, this color is definitely for you. Golden brown might be hard to achieve for black hair.


8. Brown ombre


Different shades of brown look amazing together so you can consider using a couple to create a striking ombre. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of brown. Just make sure the contrast is visible.


9. Natural brown

Natural Light & Dark Brown Hair color for girl

Natural medium brown shades are not rare but many women just don’t know how to make them shine. Adding a little coloring to your natural locks can bring out the shine you always wanted. Ask your hairdresser for smart advice.


10. Chestnut brown

Light & Dark Chestnut brown Haircut

A light chestnut brown color is close to dark blonde. If you want to make your hair lighter without going fully blonde, you can ask your hairstylist if he or she is capable of creating such color. It might take time but the result is amazing.


11. Sun-kissed brown

Light & Dark Brown Hair

Sun-kissed brown is another color which is close to blonde but not quite it. This shade is suitable for girls with light brown or dark blonde hair. It can be achieved for dark hair color as well but will need frequent touch-ups.


12. Light Auburn


Light auburn hair shade is a mix between reddish and light brown hair color. It’s a sweet and soft color that many girls can appreciate. It’s a great idea for women with light skin and blue or green eyes.


13. Golden Auburn

Golden auburn brown hairstyle for girl

Golden Auburn hair color is a great alternative for red and blonde shades. You can have brown hair color and never know how easily it can turn bright and golden. If your locks are light brown, ask the hairstylist for this color.


14. Low ombre highlights


This is another subtle mix of highlighting and ombre. The top part is kept brown while the low part can be dyed anything from light brown to golden blonde. However, some natural strands must be left low as well.


15. Very light brown

Light Brown Hair style

Very light brown shades are closer to blonde than you can imagine. If you are hoping for a bronde image, consider something from golden and honey hues. They look truly fantastic and the color stays bright longer.


16. Coconut Spice


Light brown hair color looks great when combined with some silver strands. Gray hair is popular nowadays but it doesn’t suit everyone. If you mix it with brown hair, you can get a stunning look without any downsides.


17. Reddish blonde

Reddish blonde Light & Dark Brown Hairstyle

Reddish blonde and strawberry blond mix look close to light brown. This is a great choice for blonds who want to darken their hair a little without losing the brightness of the blonde hues and keeping the maintenance low.


18. Mousy brown

Mousy brown Light & Dark Hair

The mousy brown color might not sound like something you want to sport but when you look close, you realize how soft yet rich this color is. You can settle for full color or add some light brown highlights as a bonus.


19. Black ombre

 Black ombre with Light & Dark Brown Hairstyle

Light brown highlights can become a great addition to your black ombre. Take a look at how amazing this mix is. Meanwhile, you can forget about touch ups and enjoy your stunning appearance for a long time.


20. Careless style


If you have curly or wavy hair, it’s hard to make the right highlight transition to look smooth. That’s why you might want to think about this careless style. A few highlights on the bottom look fantastic.


21. Extensions

Beautiful Light & Dark Brown Hair for women

If you want to add your dark brown hair color a new look without any dyeing, you might want to consider light brown hair extensions. You’ll need just a few to make your image appear natural and stunning.


22. Hidden touch


Give your black locks a hidden touch of brown and you’ll understand how much you’ve been missing out on. Just a few beautiful light brown highlights can light up your appearance in a way you never thought possible.


23. Straight forward and stylish

Light & Dark Brown Hair

This simple brown ombre can make you look amazing for a special occasion or another day in the office. The top is naturally brown while the bottom is dyed light brown shades. A great choice for any girl!


24. Smart highlighting


Light brown hair color can be a wonderful choice for this smart highlighting technique. Take a look at how fantastic such approach can make your hair look. This is a good option for women with straight hair.


25. Sunkissed ombre

ombre Light & Dark Brown Haircut for girl

A sun-kissed ombre is achieved by mixing light brown hair color with your natural locks. Whatever your natural color is, you can achieve a sun-kissed ombre with minimal effort. This ombre looks great on any hair length.


26. Dark copper brown hair

The dark brown usually goes as shade number 27 A; it’s a great shade for both light skin tones and warm skin tones. It starts lighter at the top and works its way to get relatively darker at the bottom, giving the hair much more character.

There is no going wrong with this light brown hair color if you are trying to look for a safe bet this one’s worth a shot.


27. Cool brown for elegance

Dark, cool brown goes as shade number 10. This brown shade provides a perfect balance between blond and brown because of its cool undertone. If you have always swayed towards blonde shades or are a natural brown lover, this hair color is perfect for you.


28. Medium auburn brown hair

Medium auburn hair is usually the number 22; it’s a great brown tone red wherein the accents of both the colors together result in a great reddish-brown color. This light brown hair shade is perfect for someone who is either transitioning from a darker to a light tone or is naturally a redhead.


29. Copper highlights

Light brown is the color that goes by the number 15, the dark undertones in this look make it suitable for all skin tones. Hence, having to worry about the color suiting you or not shouldn’t be on your list of troubles! This hair color is a safe bet that you should go for.


30. Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail with light brown hair

Dark Blonde hair color is magnificent on its own; it’s referred to as 9N on the chart. The best part about this color is that the undertones of it as well as the roots are both dark colors. Because of this very reason, this lighter brown hairstyle is perfect for someone who is going blonde for the very first time.


31. Light brown curls

Women with curly hair are often doubtful about getting their hair colored; we are going to tell you why you should do it. The best thing about curly hair that it has both volume and texture, which is exactly why light brown hair colors seem to come alive when you color curly hair.


32. Medium golden blonde highlights

Just a single color of blonde can start to look flat after a while, and change will be due! The dark undertone makes the hair color perfect for any skin type, which is why you don’t have to think about how it might look bad.

The blonde that adds as the top layer adds so much more depth into an otherwise flat hair color job. It’s the perfect hair color to go all out with.


33. Light caramel shade

The light caramel brown color pays off as a brown with a hint of red, it’s different but yet an extremely beautiful mix of colors. This hair color is perfect for someone who is diving into hair color for the first time; it isn’t much maintenance and can suit all skin tones as well.


34. Light brown hair with Babylights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights

If you haven’t noticed already, pairing brown and gold makes an interesting mix which ends up looking good no matter what.

The goldish light brown hair shade is the number 12 in the chart and is a brown that is extremely in between when it comes to undertones. This brown happens to be one of the most trusted light brown hair colors worldwide.


35. Auburn Brown Balayage

light brown balayage hair

Auburn balayage is specifically perfect for deeper skin tones since the undertones are more of a dark brown and a dark red. This hair color can never disappoint anyone, making it a crowd-pleaser.


If you are looking for a way to apply light brown hair color to your locks, you now have 35 ways to do it. We hope you can enjoy at least a couple before you decide to go on to the next color.