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80 Creative Light & Dark Auburn Hair Colors to Try Now

Light and dark auburn hair colors are very popular among women of all ages. In fact, it’s a natural color many girls have but still want to improve. There are hundreds of different shades of auburn you can play around with when it comes to changing your hair color.

Light Auburn is often the shade many girls turn to when they are on their way from dark to blonde hair. A light auburn hue is easier to achieve than blonde and sometimes women decide to stick with it.

Dark auburn hair color is usually very rich and impressive. All kinds of different hair coloring techniques are applicable to this color. No matter whether you want an ombre, highlights, or just simple uniform coloring, dark and light auburn hair color can make your job faster and easier.


Light Auburn Or Dark Auburn – Which Shade to Pick?

Whether to go light or dark is always a tricky choice when it comes to hair colors. Unlike black, auburn hair color doesn’t necessarily flatter every skin tone.

When it comes to choosing light or dark auburn, remember light (think strawberry or copper blonde) pairs best with light skin tones and dark auburn pairs best with medium or darker skin tones.

When choosing between light or dark, you’ll also want to consider what shade your current hair color is. If you’re merely adding highlights, light auburn will look great as highlights against any base color.

Dark auburn is best saved for other dark bases, such as brown and black. Adding light auburn to the hair around the face is key for lightening up your overall look while a dark auburn can add edgy contrast to women with blonde or light brown hair.

Still, having trouble after all our tips? Look at hairstyles that show a combination of different shades of auburn to create a bombshell look.


Light and Dark Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Dark and light auburn hair color is a wonderful choice for any woman out there. No matter what shade you start with, auburn will look perfect. All you need to do is decide which hue will suit you best.

In order to find the perfect shade of auburn for yourself, you can check out the way it looks on other women. Consider their skin tone and eye color and pick the one closer to yourself. It’s the simplest way to understand how one or another color will look on you. We are offering you 80 different options to choose from. Good luck!

1. Dark auburn with burgundy highlights

auburn hair with burgundy highlights

Dark auburn hair color is beautiful all on its own but if you add just a few burgundy highlights, it will get an amazing and rich feel you always wanted your tresses to have.

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2. Dark auburn with light auburn highlights

nice auburn hair color for women

Different shades of auburn look amazing when mixed together. Consider a partial highlighting technique when most of the hair is dark auburn and just the front strands are light auburn.


3. Rich dark auburn

Rich dark auburn hairstyle you like

Rich dark auburn shade looks amazing when it’s natural. But even if you are not a lucky owner of natural auburn locks, you can ask your hairstylist for this shade. It’s not hard to create and keep fresh.


4. Autumn auburn ombre

Autumn auburn ombre

This autumn auburn hair color will look perfect when coupled with dark auburn in an ombre. Use the darker shade on top and the sun-kissed hue on the bottom. You will love the result on any hair length.

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5. Redhead attitude

 Redhead dark auburn hairstyle for young girl

Use a bright ginger shade of auburn to get a redhead impression. A full blown redhead might be too much for some women, so if you are not ready for a drastic change, use this option.


6. Dark fiery ginger


A dark fiery ginger shade of auburn is another way to get a wonderful redhead look. You need to spend some time deciding whether or not you are ready for this rich and impressive color.

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7.  Dark plum auburn

best Dark plum auburn hair style for girl

Plum dark auburn hair color looks very alluring. You will need to find a professional hairstylist who will be able to mix such a color for you. The result depends on the original hue of your hair.


8.  The taste of red wine


This red wine dark auburn color is a wonderful choice for girls with any skin type. If your skin is light, you will need to use a bit more makeup to outline your features.


9.  Ginger highlights on dark auburn hair

women favorite auburn hair with highlights

If you use red wine auburn or a fiery ginger shade of auburn, you will look amazing with bright ginger highlights. Don’t be afraid of experiments. These colors can look surprisingly natural.

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10.  Light fiery auburn

This is a very natural shade that can easily be achieved on brown hair. If you are a blond, the redhead affect will be even more obvious. If you have dark locks, you’ll get a rich light auburn hair color.


11.  Natural dark auburn brown

 Natural dark auburn brown hairstyle for women

Natural shades always look the best. So if you want to look as natural as possible, consider this dark auburn brown shade. It looks especially great on thick and long hair.


12.  Red fox


This red foxy auburn is an amazing shade for green-eyed girls. If you have a light skin tone, green eyes, and freckles, the auburn brown shade will look absolutely perfect.

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13.  Red caramel auburn

every women Red caramel auburn haircut

This is a great choice for redheads who want to upscale their color. Red caramel auburn hair color is exactly what your tresses need to look rich and impressive. You’ll love it!


14. Natural-looking highlights


This is another way to mix dark and light auburn hair color. The bigger the difference between the shades is, the closer to blonde the highlights will look and the easier they will be to maintain.


15. Fiery auburn ombre

Fiery ombre auburn brown hair

Mahogany brown on top and fiery auburn hair color on the bottom will create a unique hairstyle you always dreamed of. This color mix can be used on the hair of any length.


16. Shimmery red auburn

cute women auburn red hair

Shimmery red auburn is one of the few colors you’ll have trouble trying to copy. All depends on your initial hair shade. The best one will be light red. But dark auburn hair color can do the trick as well.


17. Very light auburn

12 (2)

Very light auburn hair color looks very natural and extremely alluring. So if you have light tresses, don’t skip the chance to become a beautiful babe with very light auburn locks.


18. Dark auburn with partial highlights

all time favorite Dark auburn with partial highlights

Dark auburn hair color might seem a little boring, so why not diversify it with partial highlights. You can use any other shade of auburn for highlights to make your hair look amazing.

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19. Cherry auburn

 Cherry auburn hairstyle for women

Cherry auburn shade will look great on women with dark skin tones. But women with light skin will also look amazing if they know how to go about their makeup.


20. Flaming auburn

nice Flaming auburn hairstyle you like

Flaming auburn tresses can make you look truly stunning if you keep them maintained. Don’t forget to do regular touch ups in order to avoid dark roots that are far from being aesthetically pleasing.


21. Light golden auburn

Light golden medium auburn hair color

Light golden auburn is a wonderful replacement for blonde locks. This color looks natural and doesn’t require many touch ups unless your natural hair is very dark.


22. Dark copper auburn

Dark copper auburn color hair

Copper is a great choice of color for girls of all hair types and face shapes. No matter what your skin tone is, you definitely need to try this dark auburn hair color and see how much you like it.


23. Natural dark auburn

asian girl natural dark auburn brown hair color

Natural dark auburn shades are great for girls with light skin tones. The color looks especially alluring on thin and straight hair. If you have thick and curly locks, you can try lighter hues.

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24. Light auburn hair color with a twist


Light auburn hair color looks great and natural but some girls like adding a little zest to their hair. Create a few burgundy strands and hide them under your locks. They will appear when carelessly brush your hair away.


25. Dark tips

girl auburn brown hair color

Your fiery auburn locks will look especially inviting if you add some dark shade on the tips. This approach will definitely make you fall in love with your hair and it doesn’t need too much maintenance.


26. Dark burgundy auburn

Dark burgundy auburn brown hair color

Burgundy shades might seem extravagant to some but when mixed with auburn, they create a beautiful impression, you don’t want to miss. Ask your hairstylist for a burgundy hue.


27. Soft reddish auburn


Auburn hair color comes in all kinds of shades. Soft reddish auburn is a wonderful way to make your image sweet and humble. This color will look amazing on the hair of any length.


28. Add the eyebrows


When you are choosing a dark auburn hair color for your locks, don’t forget to deal with your eyebrows. If you dye the eyebrows the same color, your image will be complete.


29. The darker the better

women cool light auburn hair

Dark auburn is a rich color. You can make it even more impressive by adding some dark chocolate shades to your locks. You can either make highlights or mix different dyes to achieve the result.


30. The classics

The classics dark auburn hair

If you are not a fan of too much experimenting but still want something interesting done with your hair color, go for the classics. Light auburn highlights look amazing on dark auburn locks.


31. Dark auburn ends


Dark auburn ends are a great addition to any hair color, be it golden blonde or dark red. If you don’t want to go for too much contrast, add the dark auburn ends to your chocolate brown locks.


32. Beautiful highlights

Beautiful highlights hairstyle

Auburn hair color is very easy to play around with. Pick two shades of auburn and create amazing highlights. The lighter you make your locks, the more impressive dark highlights will look and vice versa.


33. Golden hues


Light auburn hair color can have a golden hue to it if you apply it to light hair. So if you are a blond and tired of your image, consider dyeing your locks auburn and you will get a sun-kissed look.


34. Medium reddish auburn

nice looking dark auburn hair color

This hair color is perfect for girls with light skin tone and blue or green eyes. The redhead image is easily achieved without any highly potent shades which sometimes don’t give the desired effect.

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35. Light auburn and golden brown

33 (2)

Light auburn looks great when mixed with golden brown. Such a combination allows you not to dye your hair too often if it’s naturally dark. You will lighten up your locks while looking natural.


36. Cherry and auburn

Cherry red auburn hairstyle

Cherry auburn shades are rich and look amazing. However, there is often nothing natural about them. Take some time to decide whether or not this color will be suitable for your skin tone.


37. Dark auburn with reddish highlights

nice women Dark auburn with reddish highlights

Dark auburn or brown hair looks amazing with reddish highlights, even if they are partial. Start with dyeing just a few strands to get a better idea whether or not they are suitable for you.

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38. Conquer the world


If you are not afraid of a challenge, you can conquer the world with rich hair colors. Raven black and dark burgundy are a great mix you’ll never regret you tried.


39. Auburn ombre


Different shades of auburn don’t just look well when used as highlights, they are also suitable for a good ombre. Keep the top dark auburn and make the lower part light auburn. The combination will look fantastic.


40. Deep mahogany auburn

girl mahogany auburn hairstyle

Mahogany and auburn hair colors are different. Mixing deep mahogany with auburn hair color can give your hair life. Keep mixing and matching auburn colors until you get the perfect combination for yourself.


41. Light tips

cool light auburn hairstyle for girl

Creating dark tips is a great approach, but what about light tips? The technology is the same while the results are different. You can experiment with both and decide which ones you like best.


42. Light auburn a sun-kissed blonde


An ombre with light auburn on top and sun-kissed blond on the bottom is a stunning idea. If you are not afraid of frequent touch-ups, this choice will make you look amazing.


43. Light auburn hair color

nice light auburn hair color for women

Light auburn hair color is a smart choice for women who don’t want to go blond but always dreamed about lighter locks. This color looks perfect with the darkest skin tones.


44. Rich dark auburn


Rich dark auburn hair color is not always easy to create. You need to start with light hair in order to get the best results. Remember, light doesn’t mean bleached. Bleached base will make the locks too light.


45. Light maroon auburn


Light maroon auburn is a lighter version of the burgundy locks that still has an amazing effect. This color is hard to maintain but it looks truly impressive.


46. Going blonde


Light auburn locks are created to be turned into blonde tresses. So if you are naturally auburn and need some changes, you can achieve an amazing golden blonde hue very easily.


47. Brown and auburn

cute girl brown auburn hair color

If your locks are naturally black or brown, you can create an amazing ombre. Keep the hair color natural on top and add some fiery ginger auburn on the bottom. The effect will be stunning.


48. All shades of burgundy

all time favorite auburn hair colors

Burgundy and maroon shades look great on their own but even more impressive when mixed. Choose several shades and go for amazing highlights that will keep head turning.


49. Brown and ginger


Your natural brown locks will look awesome with ginger highlights. Give them a try! The more ginger hues you use, the brighter you overall image will be.


50. Soft dark auburn

Soft dark auburn hairstyle for girl

Soft dark auburn tresses look so natural, no one will ever guess you just got out of the barber shop. Just make sure to keep the roots dyed or the perfect impression will disappear.


51. Auburn Lowlights

auburn lowlights

If you are someone who prefers dark roots, dark auburn hair color is perfect. It starts off with dark auburn roots that slowly face to more orange auburn lowlights. It’s perfect for all skin tones because of the dark roots.


52. Fringe It Up

This is another perfect ombre auburn hairstyle. It starts with dark roots, which fade to more of a rose auburn color which further fade into dark auburn red. When these three colors are blended together, it looks absolutely stunning.


53. Go A Little Darker

This hair color was a classic Lana Del Ray hair color for a long time. It’s a perfect blend of dark auburn brown with a little more of a bright auburn color as highlights.


54. Blonde And Auburn

This hair color is perfect options if you want to stick to being blonde, yet at the same time do something a little bit different. The Blonde blended into the auburn brown come together beautifully. Blonde, brown and auburn brown go perfectly together.


55. Dark Auburn

dark auburn hairstyle

This deep auburn hair color is just majestic to look at. Again this is another hair color with dark roots, but the quickly fade into this deep maroon auburn color. If you notice the maroon is a little brighter in certain areas and a little bit darker in certain areas. 


56. Colors of Christmas

You would think that auburn red and slim green would never look good together. Yet here we are, this combination is different but looks amazing. It’s perfect for someone who loves out of the box stuff.


57. Brown Auburn

Change up your typical brown locks with auburn highlights and a redder of a base. The tinge of red is subtle, but the auburn highlights really pull the look together.


58. Rosy Auburn with Dark Root

This hair color is more on the rosy auburn style. The color is young and has the perfect balance of subtle and out there. The dark red roots along with the rosy auburn highlights blend together wonderfully.


59. Auburn and Light Blond

Another hairstyle with blonde in it, a perfect example of these two colors going well together. The auburn highlights alternated with light blond ones look perfect.


60. Auburn Orange Curls

auburn orange curls

Coloring curly hair can be hard, but here’s a perfect representation that Auburn is a good choice. Alternate your highlights with light and dark auburn orange to achieve this look. It’s perfect for the summer. It isn’t a lot of maintenance as well, because the roots are dark.


61. The Perfect Mix of Colors

This hairstyle has a mix of dark brown lowlights with auburn highlights that are alternated with blonde highlights. All these colors just look extravagant together. Make sure your hairstylist understands the tones in this hair color because the blending between each color is extremely important for it to look this seamless.


62. Stick to Black

A perfect option if you want to play with your black hair. Get maroon-ish pink auburn highlight. The look is ideal for any and every sort of outing. You can easily grab everyone’s attention with this stylish light and dark auburn hair color.


63. The Sleek Auburn Hair

This hairstyle is quite unique because the pigment of auburn alternates from a redder undertone of auburn to a darker brown undertone. Bu together this color looks spectacular.


64. The Red Bob

Dark roots with red highlights are a great color for your bob this summer. The red is not too loud, and if you are someone who has always had dark hair, this is the kind of change that is not too far from your comfort zone.


65. Auburn Ombre

auburn ombre hair colour

If you are into ombre hair colors, this is another perfect option. Dark roots that fade into auburn highlights. It is perfect if you want to keep your length as well. 


66. A-Line Lob

An A-line bob is the perfect length to beat this summer heat, even yet get that bob colored in auburn reds. The different tones of highlights bring about dimension to this haircut, all in all, the dark auburn hair color and the cut look breathtaking.


67. Bright Dark Red Waves

This hair color yet again is just empowering off the bat which will give you a younger and more confident look. The darker roots and the dark ends go perfectly with the brighter red towards the center.


68. Orange Auburn Hair Color 

If going red is too much for you, here is a lighter and subtler version of Auburn hair color. Again the dark roots keep it natural which fade into is auburn orange blonde shade. This hair color is most suited for pale skin tones.


69. Blend Bland and Red

Another variation of mixing black and auburn deep red. The deep auburn high lights could be a good change for you if you have dark hair. 


70. Bold Auburn Red Hair

auburn hair color for women

Reverse the dark roots to a dark tip. This hair color is bold and beautiful. Go all out with this dark auburn red for the summer. If you are not afraid of color this is perfect, the only downside of this hair color is that it will need regular touchups.


71. Red Lob with Bangs

This red lob with bangs is perfect for the summer. This hair color has black undertones and a bright red color towards the top.


72. Side Part Auburn Bob

Another variation of auburn red with black roots and a dark brown undertone, perfect for the summer. This color is so versatile that it will look good on every skin tone.


73. Pink Auburn Tones 

If you are not afraid to go all out, this auburn red with pink and purple undertones is perfect for you.


74. The Perfect Red Pixie

Perfect hair color to change up your regular pixie haircut. This magenta red is perfect for all skin tones.


75. Blue Underneath 

auburn hair with blue underneath

Your hair is a reflection of your personality. If you are the one who is not afraid of standing out and having a pop of color in your hair, this Auburn hair with blue underneath is perfect for you. The pop of blue color is not extremely out there, but it’s the perfect burst of color.


76. Auburn Highlights

If you are someone who likes a more subtle hair look this auburn high light is perfect for you. There are different tones of auburn highlights that are alternated strategically. You could stick to the dark hair base and have it blend into the different auburn brown tones that are noticeable in this hair color.


77. Auburn Brown

Auburn brown is a perfect brown color for all skin tones. The color is subtle and natural but still a little different from the mainstream dark brown shades and blonde. There are light and dark auburn highlights mixed together with a dark brown undertone for the hair color. 


78. The Orange Tint

When you look at this hair color, you will notice that this has a more orange tint. Lighted skinned girls wear this hair color particularly more but if you are confident enough to carry it will suit any skin tone there is. This hair color also graduates into a darker color towards the bottom. Whilst towards the top it’s a more blond based orange tinted auburn.


79. Brighter Than the Sun

This Auburn is a classic shade. Its been in style for years and yet is always in trend. The color is more towards the orange-ish red side than to the magenta red shade. But it is an extravagant color and will look perfect on anyone.

This should be one of your go too summer hairstyle options because the color is a warm tone and the haircut is short. Nothing could be more apt for the summer.


80. Dark Auburn Top Knot

dark auburn top knot

This top knot hairstyle is perfect if deep auburn is your color. This looks great with dark roots and has low maintenance.


Watch The Following Tutorial of  DIY Auburn Hair Color at Home


Light and dark auburn hair colors are an amazing way to change your image while keeping your hair looking natural. There are so many shades to try that a lifetime might not be enough to do it. Time to start now!