50 Creative Light & Dark Auburn Hair Colors to Try Now

Light and dark auburn hair colors are very popular among women of all ages. In fact, it’s a natural color many girls have but still want to improve. There are hundreds of different shades of auburn you can play around with when it comes to changing your hair color. Light auburn is often the shade many girls turn to when they are on their way from dark to blonde hair. A light auburn hue is easier to achieve than blonde and sometimes women decide to stick with it. Dark auburn hair color is usually very rich and impressive. All kinds of different hair coloring techniques are applicable to this color. No matter whether you want an ombre, highlights, or just simple uniform coloring, dark and light auburn hair color can make your job faster and easier.


Light and Dark Auburn Hair Color Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Dark and light auburn hair color is a wonderful choice for any woman out there. No matter what shade you start with, auburn will look perfect. All you need to do is decide which hue will suit you best. In order to find the perfect shade of auburn for yourself, you can check out the way it looks on other women. Consider their skin tone and eye color and pick the one closer to yourself. It’s the simplest way to understand how one or another color will look on you. We are offering you 50 different options to choose from. Good luck!


1. Dark auburn with burgundy highlights

auburn hair with burgundy highlights

Dark auburn hair color is beautiful all on its own but if you add just a few burgundy highlights, it will get an amazing and rich feel you always wanted your tresses to have.

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2. Dark auburn with light auburn highlights

nice auburn hair color for women

Different shades of auburn look amazing when mixed together. Consider a partial highlighting technique when most of the hair is dark auburn and just the front strands are light auburn.


3. Rich dark auburn

Rich dark auburn hairstyle you like

Rich dark auburn shade looks amazing when it’s natural. But even if you are not a lucky owner of natural auburn locks, you can ask your hairstylist for this shade. It’s not hard to create and keep fresh.


Learn how to dye auburn hair color:


4. Autumn auburn ombre

Autumn auburn ombre

This autumn auburn hair color will look perfect when coupled with dark auburn in an ombre. Use the darker shade on top and the sun-kissed hue on the bottom. You will love the result on any hair length.

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5. Redhead attitude

 Redhead dark auburn hairstyle for young girl

Use a bright ginger shade of auburn to get a redhead impression. A full blown redhead might be too much for some women, so if you are not ready for a drastic change, use this option.

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