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Leanesha Marrone

Leanesha Marrone, Hair Colorist

Lives in: Perth, Western Australia

Expertise: Hair Color, Hair Dressing, Hair Care

Experience: 27 years

A professional hairdresser from Perth, Western Australia. She works in a salon named ‘New Style‘ in Landsdale, Perth, Western Australia.

Hairdressing has always been her passion, but even more so, coloring hair! She loves everything about it and the challenges people constantly set.

She has been involved in hairdressing since she was 13! Every day after school and Saturday morning, 27 years on and she has developed her passion further with endless education and training in the areas particularly of hair coloring (that’s what she shares with our audience on Hairstyle Camp), but also beauty and massage.

Do you still love what you do? We asked.

Her bold reply: “I absolutely still love what I do every day. There’s nothing better than being able to make someone’s day! 💃🏼💃🏼 “

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