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50 Beautiful Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas (2024 Guide)

Chocolate brown hair is one of the emerging hair color trends for women in 2024. If you’re one of those women who want to taste both worlds, why not try the chocolate brown hair color?


Chocolate Brown Hairstyles for Women

Taking advantage of chocolate brown hairstyles is something not every girl can do. The richness of the chocolate hues and the brightness of the medium brown shade can give your facial features the much-needed outline.

Meanwhile, the brown colors look extremely natural and can save you from frequent touch-ups when your dark roots start to show. Brown shades are popular among women who want to hide their silver hair and girls who are looking for something not too extravagant. Chocolate brown hair is exactly what you need for a subtle style change.

1. Sun-kissed Asian Bob

Asian girl with chocolate brown hairstyles

Sun-kissed light chocolate brown hair dye is a wonderful choice for girls with raven black hair who want to lighten up their mane. This color is especially appreciated by dark-skinned and Asian women since it brings their features some softness.


2. Chocolate Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

 medium and chocolate brown hairstyles for women

If you want your brown hair to look stunning, consider creating highlights by using two or more various brown shades. The way the hair flows from light brown to dark chocolate brown hair is stunning!


3. Reddish Brown

 Reddish medium and chocolate brown hairstyles you love

If you add some reddish highlights to your brown hairstyle, you immediately get a completely new look. Light reddish shades improve the brown color and make it sun-kissed and shiny.


4. Add Some Chocolate

 Nice chocolate brown hairstyles for women

Your dark blonde and reddish locks will look much softer and richer if you add chocolate brown. You can keep the lighter locks in front and compliment them with the darker chocolate strands in the back.

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5. Brown Ombre

ombre medium and chocolate brown hairstyles you like

Use various coloring techniques to flaunt your wonderful shades or brown. This reverse ombre keeps the lighter natural brown hair on top and adds a chocolate shade on the bottom. What a great idea!


6. Natural Auburn Brown

 Natural medium and chocolate brown hairstyles for girl

If you have natural golden brown hair and want to outline it, you need to use darker shades of brown for highlights. This dark chocolate brown hairstyle involves dark highlights and lighter golden locks.


7. Light Brown Highlights on Dark Brown Hair


If your natural hair is dark, you can add it some spice by using partial highlights. Add only a few light chocolate brown hair strands and you’ll be amazed at how drastically the overall image will change.


8. Copper Highlights

Golden light with medium and chocolate brown hairstyles

Only a professional hairdresser can choose the right shade of brown to give your locks an extra shine. Finding the right way to do the highlights will bring your natural hair a completely new image.


9. Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights


Lighten up your chocolate brown hair color by adding light brown highlights in the front. You don’t have to do full highlight or dye your hair. Just a few light brown or dark blonde strands in front can do the job.


10. Blonde Ombre

Blonde ombre medium golden brown hairstyles

Does your brown hair need some change? Make a stunning ombre by using various shades of light brown on top and blonde on the bottom. Keep the top natural except for one front strand, which will add the style some extra oomph.


11. Chocolate Strands


A few chocolate strands added to your warm brown locks will give your image an extravagance it might be lacking. Tired of light hair? Darken it up by creating a brownish chocolate hairstyle you always dreamed of.


12. Brown Combination

12 (2)Combining various brown hues is not as easy as it might seem. In order to get the effect you want, you need to have a good sense of style. Consider adding light brown bangs and side strands to a dark brown mane.

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13. Sandy Brown Hair

Blonde and brown hairstyle you love

Golden blonde and golden brown strands look great together. Just don’t forget to take care of the roots. They might make your style look a little duller than it should. If your hair is dark, dye the top part brown.


14. Chocolate Brown and Blonde Balayage

platinum blonde medium brown hairstyles

Blonde and brown hues look wonderful together. This chocolate brown hair dye matches the platinum blonde hair. The transition is smoothed down by golden brown strands.


15. Curly Half Up Hairdo

Dark chocolate brown hairstyles for beautiful girl

Chocolate brown hair is not always easy to achieve. If you decided to get a choco hairstyle on your dark hair, you need advice from a hairdresser. Once you know which hair dye to use, you can proceed on your own.


16. Chunky Highlights


Adding light brown or blonde strands to your dark chocolate brown hair is fun. You can achieve the zebra style by using lighter dye so the contrast between the dark and the light strands is obvious.


17. Brown and Flaming Red


Flaming copper red hair highlights can brighten up any hairstyle. By adding them to a medium or chocolate brown mane, you can significantly improve your image. Such approach doesn’t require frequent touch-ups.


18. Chestnut Red

19 (2)

The mix of chestnut, red, and chocolate can produce a wonderfully natural and impressive color. Keep the lighter hues on top and darker on the bottom to achieve an interesting image.


19. Brown Balayage

 Balayage medium brown hairstyles for girl

Using various shades of brown for a balayage technique is a smart approach to your hair dyeing. In the end, you get a very natural-looking mane that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups and looks fabulous.


20. Piece of Cake

20 (2)

The easiest way to achieve a golden chocolate brown hair color is if you have naturally light locks. This shade can be created on your own just by choosing an appropriate hair dye.


21. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Shiny brown hairstyle for women

In order to achieve a shiny brown hairstyle, you need to pay close attention to the touchups. If brown is not your natural color, you need to touch up the shade about once a month.


22. Red ombre


Medium brown chocolate hair dye looks especially effective when mixed with dark copper red. You can achieve a beautiful combination by creating an ombre where brown is on top and red is on the bottom. The beauty lies within the contrast.


23. Chocolate Brown Long Hair

your favorite medium and chocolate brown hairstyles

If you want to give your brown locks some volume without too much styling, you can consider hair extensions. Make your mane impressive, stunning, and beautiful by choosing the brown weave.


24. Espresso Brown Hair


This mix of an ombre and a balayage is subtle due to the very closely related shades of brown. See how amazing chocolate brown hairstyle looks when mixed with lighter brown strands on the bottom.


25. Partial and dark

Partial and dark brown hairstyles for girl

Have fun with your naturally brown locks by keeping the front strands natural and dying the rest of the hair a lighter shade of brown. When the roots start to grow, they’ll create a great match to the natural locks.


26. Chestnut Brown Hair Color


Coca cola brown is a color which is easier to achieve if you have a naturally dark mane. The richness of this color is so amazing that you won’t want to change it. It needs regular touchups to stay shiny.


27. Gingerbread brown

medium and chocolate Gingerbread brown hairstyles you love

Ginger with chocolate brown hair dye creates a spunky hair color that looks terrific on girls with light skin and green or brown eyes. After achieving such a color, you’ll definitely fall in love with its uniqueness and softness.


28. Balayage Highlights


This brownish chocolate hairstyle is a classic example of simple brown and blonde highlights. Even though some girls are not the fan of the classics, it still looks solid, respectable, and beautiful.


29. Brown Caramel

Caramel softness medium and chocolate brown hairstyles for women

Enjoy the caramel softness of your darker choco brown hairstyle created by a professional hairstylist. Such a smooth and beautiful color are hard to achieve on your own. Make a barbershop appointment.


30. Copper Brown Hair


All your locks to be simple. Choose one shade of brown and stick with it. Sometimes a classic brown look is a much better choice than various coloring techniques and complicated approaches.


31. Chocolate richness

black women chocolate brown hairstyles

Chocolate brown hair dye looks especially impressive on dark-skinned women. Their natural black hair mixed with brown highlights is a wonderful way to create a stunning image without a hassle.


32. Golden Blonde highlights


This chocolate hairstyle is a great idea for women with naturally brown hair. All you need to do to get a shiny look is choose the right golden dye. You can create an ombre if you wish.


33. Choco Light Brown Balayage

ombre with medium and chocolate brown haircut

The chocolate brown hair on top and dark blonde ends create a wonderfully contrasting mix that can make your hair look stunning. All you have to do is touch this style up once in a while to keep the top dark.


34. Asymmetrical Highlights


Asymmetrical brown highlights make your overall image unique. You can dye just the front strands and keep each one a different color. Just make sure that they are some shade of brown.

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35. Reddish Brown Highlights

Reddish brown medium hair

In order to brighten up raven black hair, you can use this brown chocolate hairstyle that involves reddish brown highlights. The overall look will change immediately.


36. Wavy Balayage Hairstyle

Thick wavy hair gives all hairstyles a chic upgrade that all women seek for. This balayage looks excellent since it consists of many different shades of chocolate brown hair color. You can enjoy in this hairstyle for days since these curls can last really long. Just make sure your hair is healthy and well treated with oils and serums.


37. Face Framing Highlights

Brown hair is attractive, but with blonde highlights, you can make it look fantastic. Opt for those face-framing highlights that will make your face look great and your hair chic and fresh. These colors are complementary and would be a great choice for summertime.


38. Long and Thick Curls

Large and glamorous curls will make you look elegant and sophisticated. Whether your hair is dyed or not, this shade of chocolate brown will definitely enhance the beauty of the waves. You can use a curling wand or a wide brush to make this hairstyle come together.


39. Brunette Braid

Braided updos are simply stunning. You can make them for both casual and elegant occasions and expect to look absolutely beautiful. This brunette makes this braided ponytail works, so can you! This updo will appear even better if your hair is done with ombre or balayage technique.


40. Two Shades of Brown

medium chocolate brown hair

While the dark brown dye is reserved for the middle part of your hair, as well as for the roots, lovely chocolate brown shade is put on the bare hair ends, just to spice up this combo. If you add curls – even better! Your medium chocolate brown hair will look gorgeous and ready for both casual and everyday wear.


41. Natural and Healthy Hair

If you want to look all-natural, then there is no better way to do that than leaving your curls at their best. Just wash your hair and air dry it. That is how you will protect it from heat and keep it healthy and shiny.


42. Light Brown Highlights

Light highlights on your chocolate brown hairstyle can make it look more appealing. Side braid like this can be the perfect addition to your wavy hair, especially for special occasions. If your hair is long and healthy, you can definitely provide it with these great hair end waves.


43. French Twisted Updo

Many women choose to wear updos like this one. No surprise there. They are utterly stylish, sophisticated, and timeless. Twisted and braided hair is everything you can ask for, especially for elegant or special occasions. Your brown hair will look even more beautiful when you do your bun like this.


44. Waterfall Braid

Braided hair looks more than beautiful. From French to Dutch braids, you can make your both short and long hair look great. However, this waterfall braid is really special. They are interlaced with the rest of your hair, and that is why it seems like it falls down. You should try it in combination with medium beach waves.


45. Choco Brown Long Balayage

Chocolate Brown Balayage Hair

Chocolate brown hair color is great if you want to do a balayage. This beautiful technique makes all the shades of your brown dye look gorgeous and quite beautiful. These contrasts between the shades are even more visible when you curl your hair or style it with a brush. You should definitely try it.


46. Dark Chocolate Red Hairstyle

Medium hairstyles are perfect for everyday wear, as well as for low maintenance. This hair length is great because it requires less time in the morning to get ready, and it takes less effort to make it look gorgeous. The chocolate brown shade will even enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.


47. Rose Gold Balayage

There is a strawberry blonde, but you can also ask your hairdresser for strawberry brown shade. This shade will make your hair look great, with that specific and quite unique strawberry hue. Your brown hair never looked this better before! Don’t hesitate to style it with curling wand as well.


48. Golden and Chocolate Balayage

Golden blonde is a fantastic shade, especially when paired with a chocolate brown shade. Those highlights will look absolutely great if you are looking for something practical and stylish at the same time. Your medium, layered hair can stay like this for months.


49. Straight Ombre Hair

chocolate brown ombre hair

If you like to wear your hair straight or you use an iron to straighten your curls, then this is a blend for you to try. While your roots are dark brown, the rest of this long & straight layered hairstyle is in light chocolate brown hair color. Keep in mind that only healthy and well-protected hair can look like this.


50. Wavy Brown Hairstyle

chocolate brown wavy hair for women

A wavy brown hairstyle like this will be even more eye-catching if you tell your hairdresser to add some highlights on. You will adore these curls and make them all the time either with a curling wand or with a brush.


Chocolate brown hairstyles can make you look truly stunning only if you learn how to use the colors right. Whether it’s mixing and matching, highlighting or solid coloring, you can give your hair a completely new life.