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25 Gorgeous Copper Brown Hairstyles for 2023

Whether it’s the caramel, ash brown, strawberry brown or the copper brown hair color, there’s no denying that brown color has its own charm, aesthetics, and aura.

Women have an urge for the extraordinary semblance of style especially when it comes to hairdos and dyes. It goes without saying that brown color is pretty vanilla and need more flair which is pretty basic for a color like brown as it is a composite color made by three different colors namely red, black and yellow.

With that being said, Brown is an extremely deep color that represents many hues such as, copper brown, chestnut brown, honey brown, chocolate brown and so on.

Brunettes always have had a hard time deciding their hair dye as the process is lethargic and agitated, however, it should be the other way round. Choosing a hair dye is easy as pie once you figure out the basics (your skin undertones, eye color and natural hair color).


How to Get Copper Brown Hair

If you have decided to dye your hair copper brown, then you should know that it’s a color full of richness and bounty. Therefore, if done wrong, it can lead to disastrous results.

It is advised to get a professional hair dye from the hair experts, especially if it’s your first time dyeing the hair. However, some people like to experiment and love to do-it-themselves, so if you’re the one, here’s a step-by-step process to dye your hair with copper brown hair dye.

Bleach Your Hair

copper brown hair dye

If you have naturally dark hair, you might need to get your hair bleached. Bleach is a corrosive and harmful chemical that should be used with proper care and attention. Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days before you decide to bleach it.

Get a bleach that is blue or purple as it reduces the brassiness. Follow the guidelines mentioned on the packaging for bleaching your hair. Rinse out the bleach with cold water thoroughly after 30-35 minutes.


The Dyeing Process

how to dye copper brown hair

Get a box dye from your favorite brand. Mix the dye and developer in a non-metallic bowl using an applicator brush. Using hair clips or pins, section your hair. Apply the copper brown hair color with the help of an applicator brush, starting from the roots to tips.

Once you’ve applied the dye to the section, roll it up and secure with a clip. Move onto the next section and repeat the same procedure. When you’re finished with all the sections, sit back and relax for at least 30-35 minutes.

TIP: For deeper penetration of the dye, you can use a blow-dryer.

Rinse the hair with warm water without shampooing your hair. Keep rinsing until the water runs clean and clear. Deep condition your hair for about 3-5 minutes and do not shampoo. It is recommended to avoid shampooing your hair for at least 7 days.


Dry and Style the Hair

how to style copper brown hair

When you’re done with rinsing and conditioning, it’s time to dry and style your hair. You can either use blow drying or let it air dry. Moreover, use a blow dryer with the lowest temperature. Style and flaunt your hair the way you want it.


Tips to Maintain

maintenance of copper brown hair

It is deplorable how copper brown hair color fades like a shot. If you enjoy your hair color, you probably want to know how to keep it longer. Colors like red and copper are hard to maintain but with a few tips and tricks, you can surely learn to keep them longer.

  • Sulfates and parabens are harmful to the hair, especially the chemically treated hair, look for the shampoos that are paraben and sulfate-free.
  • You will experience dryness and itching of the scalp too often after dyeing your hair brownish copper. To prevent the dryness, oil your hair for at least once a week and leave it for an hour. Coconut oil is the best for chemically treated hair.
  • Avoid swimming in the pools as they have Chlorine in it. Chlorine has bleaching properties that will bleach out your hair leaving it faded and damaged.
  • The UV rays of the Sun are harmful to your hair and skin. Keep your hair out of reach of the Sun. Always wear a hat when going out on a sunny morning and apply sunscreen to save your skin.


Copper Brown Hair vs Chestnut Brown Hair

Copper Brown Hair vs Chestnut Brown Hair

With over a hundred shades of brown, it is quite baffling to distinguish between the different hues. However, copper brown and chestnut brown hair are often confused, one for another but they are as different as chalk and cheese.

Here’s how they differ from each other.

Copper brown is a warm and rich burnished brunette shade which suits almost all skin types and tones and looks regal with green, hazel brown and blue eyes. This hair color is a hot take on the red dye with opulence and elegance.

Chestnut brown is a beautiful color lushly blended with shades of brown and red. Like the copper brown hair color, it also compliments the most skin tones except for the people with yellow undertones, it makes the complexion look paler and dull.


Stunning Copper Brown Hairstyles

Here are 25 alluring copper brown hairdos for women.

1. Bardot Bangs

Copper Brown Hair with Bardot Bangs

Copperish brown hair dye is a rich brown color that suits almost every skin color. Wear this color off with confidence if you have the warm medium or fair undertones. The beautiful hair color, Bardot inspired bangs with smokey eyes and nude lips is a love affair.


2. Copper Brown Wavy Hair

Women with Copper Brown Wavy Hair

Medium-length brownish copper hair with soft and subtle waves is flattering and gorgeous.


3. Side Swept Hair

Side Swept Long Copper Brown Hair

This hairstyle looks regal and royal as Kate Middleton. The side-swept hairstyle with dreamy waves is something out of the world. This copper brown shade perfectly complements her cool, delicate skin with pink undertones.


4. Crown Braid

Copper Brown Hair with Crown Braid

The brownish copper red hair color leaves us with ample options to style the hair gracefully. A half fishtail braid is effortless yet a glorious hairstyle to fancy for long and wavy hair.


5. Chic Short Bob

copper brown short bob for women

Whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, short hair doesn’t care, and a short bob is a slayer. A copper brown bob is everything you need for a sleek, straight and short hairstyle.


6. Long Wavy Bob

Make your green eyes pop and come alive with this dye. Long and soft wavy bob with ethereal makeup and green eyes makes a style statement with copper brown hair.


7. Side Messy Ponytail

messy ponytail for copper brown hair

Go for a coppery brown dye if you’ve got long and thin hair as the dye adds definition and texture to your hair. For a messier look, tie your hair in a messy low ponytail, back-comb and tease it from the front a little.


8. Light Copper Brown Hair

You can always opt for a lighter shade of copper brown and simply rock the look if you aren’t a woman who loves to wear darker shades.


9. Curly Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

curly copper brown hair with highlights

Blonde highlights look exquisite with a dark copper hair base. Ace the dark copper brown hair with highlights you’re looking for a bold and flashy hairstyle.


10. Curly Updo

Curly Copper Brown Updo

Give your dry, brittle curly mane a refreshing start with copper hair color. Curly hair styled in an updo is absolute goals and hair inspirations.


11. Pixie with Highlights

dark copper brown hair with highlights

This is a perfect blend of dark and light hair. A pixie bob is a defined and sophisticated hairstyle that adds grace and glory to your look. Let your hair do the talking with these sublime copper highlights on dark brown hair.





copper brown bob with bangs






copper brown hair





copper brown hair with side fringes


layered copper brown hair


Copper brown hairstyles are beautiful yet tricky. Dyeing your hair time-to-time is the best way possible to keep it rejuvenated and refreshing. Spend a hefty and reasonable amount of money in buying quality conditioners, shampoos, hair masks, and serums and you’re good to rock your hair.