5 With-It Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Real Beauties

The boho style is an exciting part of the modern fashion world. Boho wedding hair is becoming more and more popular among brides all over the planet. Bohemian hairstyles look fabulous. These styles usually involve long curls and various accessories with flowers.

Boho hair is easy to arrange. Most of the time such wedding hairstyles don’t require a professional approach. Many women can make them at home. So if you are planning a close to nature wedding and want to save some money, these hairstyles can be a wonderful choice.


Beautiful Boho Wedding Hairstyles for Women

Boho wedding hair differs but it usually involves leaving most of the locks down. Such an earthy and natural approach creates a certain innocent and romantic appearance most brides truly love.

If you haven’t tried Bohemian hairstyles before or just want to check out a few options, we came up with 5 boho wedding hairstyles for you to choose from.

If your special day is coming up and you are looking for the best hairstyle one of the below pictures might help you make the right choice. Remember, close to nature is beautiful, elegant, and romantic. 

1. Loose braid

natural braid Boho Wedding Hairstyle

Leaving your hair down is a natural approach to a bohemian hairstyle, however, such locks may get into your way and cause you many inconvenient moments during the day. A loose braid on the side can keep the locks out of your face while still looking very boho. If you have long hair, try these long wedding hairstyles.


2. Beautiful bohemian wedding hairstyle

simple Boho Wedding Hairstyle

The best part about boho wedding hair is its simplicity. All you have to do is make waves or curls and add the right accessory. Leaving your hair down is very easy. It’s the closest to nature hairstyle you can come up with.

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Hair


3. Long boho braid

If you have really long hair or want to take advantage of hair extensions, a loose long braid is a way to go. Such braids allow your image to become old-fashionable and very natural. Add a few delicate accessories and you are ready to go.


4.  The right approach

Boho Wedding Hairstyle with accessories

Another way to keep the hair from getting into your face is to invest in the right accessories. A thin chain with a pendant you see on the photo can keep the hair away from your eyes while looking truly fantastic.


5.  Asymmetrical braid

Asymmetrical Boho Wedding Haircut

This is a wonderful boho wedding hairstyle for women with short hair. Look at how a simple bob gets a great bohemian appearance by adding a simple braid on the side and a few hair accessories.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Length Hair


Do you see how different and exciting boho wedding hair can look? It’s up to you to make the final choice but we recommend mixing the most natural styles with those that can keep the hair out of your eyes.

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