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20 Beautiful High Ponytail Hairstyles To Make Your Hair Shine

Girls with long hair think they know all there is to know about ponytails. This hairstyle is often considered to be a quick fix for times when your imagination runs out or you have no time to wash your hair.

However, a well-made ponytail is a separate hairstyle all on its own. Knowing how to make amazing ponytails is a great skill which is an absolute must-have for all the girls out there.

So, if your hair is long or at least medium in length, there are loads to learn about high ponytail making. They can make you look really beautiful without draining too much time. All ponytails are created in a matter of minutes and, if done right, can last all day.

Choosing the right one depends on your mood and the accessories you have. But even a simple scrunchy can help you create an amazing image. Don’t be afraid of learning something new about high ponytail hairstyles. You will find these options very useful.

Amazing High Ponytail Hairstyles For All Hair Types

A high ponytail is a universal hairstyle used by all men and women with long enough hair. However, not enough attention is paid to the variety of ponytails out there. By considering a simple way to arrange your hair, you deprive yourself of a chance to make some very stylish arrangements.

We have done a long job of choosing the most amazing high ponytail hairstyles to help you understand how much you might have been missing out on. You can try them one by one to look incredible every day.

A high ponytail is a great way to always keep your hair neat while sporting a very fashionable hairstyle other girls will admire.

1. The classics

high ponytail hairstyles 1-min

This classic high ponytail seems easy to make, but there are a couple of tricks to it. The hair is not pulled in tightly to create some volume on top of the head. If you have bangs, such hairstyle will not look as effective.

2. Loose top

 Loose top high ponytail hairstyle for women

This high ponytail looks very special due to a loose and voluminous top it creates. You will need to make a middle part and brush your hair to the back and upwards. Once the volume is reached, tie the ponytail with an elastic band. You can pull one strand of hair around the band to hide it.

3. Wavy ponytail

high ponytail hairstyles 3-min

If you’ve always dreamed about wavy hair but didn’t want to go through the hassle of perming damage, this ponytail is for you. You will have to curl just the lower part of your locks, which can save your hair some quality. The curls will stay intact longer.

4. High and mighty ponytails

High and mighty ponytail haircut

This ponytail is perfect for girls who are into sports. It is very tight and doesn’t get into your face while exercising. The hair is collected on the very top and tied together with a thick elastic band to create a high impression. A strand of hair is pulled over the band to hide it.

5. Get creative with braids

high ponytail hairstyles 5-min

If you have a bit of time and are tired of simple ponytails, this hairstyle is for you. Create braids on both sides of your head and pull them up and backwards. Add the rest of the hair and make a loose ponytail. You will get an amazingly wild hairstyle.


6. High hair

black high ponytail hairstyle for young women

High hair is a perfect choice for girls with round and square faces. However, it is a little complicated to make and will require some hair products. You will need to leave some hair loose while making a high ponytail and then secure it with hair spray or gel.

7. Worry free

high ponytail hairstyles 7-min

This worry free high ponytail hairstyle is familiar to all women with long hair. It is a real quick fix for the times when you are too busy to think about your hair. Just pull it back and upwards and tie with an elastic band. If you want to make it neater, spend 30 seconds applying some hair gel.

8. Weave

cute ponytail haircut you always like

Always dreamed about amazing long locks but your own tresses just don’t live up to the standards? No worries. Hair extensions can make your dream come true. The easiest way to use a weave is to attach it as a ponytail.

9. Ponytail accessories

high ponytail hairstyles 9-min

Scrunches and elastic bands are not the only tools you can use when making high ponytail hairstyles. There is a large variety of accessories, that can make your ponytail really shine. Try one of the wide bands to create a ponytail shown in the photo.

10. High ponytail with bangs

women ponytail with bangs haiecut

If you have long bangs, don’t always hide them in a high ponytail. You can leave them hanging to create a more romantic look. Of course, such hairstyle will require more maintenance and more regular touch ups, but the result is truly worth it.


11. Messy ponytail

high ponytail hairstyles 11-min

Girls with thick and wavy hair know all there is to know about messy ponytails. Since it will take too much hair gel to make them tight and neat, a messy look is in order. Straighten out your bangs to add your image more style.

12. Combined ponytail

teen age girl favorte Combined ponytail hairstyle

If you have long bangs, you can make a combined ponytail that will really turn some heads. Collect your bangs and brush them backward. Create a regular high ponytail with a strand to cover the elastic band. Clip the bangs where the ponytail starts.

13. Pinned ponytail

high ponytail hairstyles 13-min

When you think about a ponytail you often imagine an elastic band. However, you can create a special hairstyle by pinning your hair backwards strand by strand. Use some bright pins to make your ponytail really outstanding and catchy.

14. Ponytail with a bun

young girl high ponytail hairstyles

If your hair is long, you can make a mix between a ponytail and a bun. Start by making a bun, but let the rest of the hair hang in a ponytail. The result will be really impressive. The same image can be achieved by attaching a weave to your existing bun.

15. Keep it neat

high ponytail hairstyles 15-min

If your hair is thick and wavy, it is very hard to keep it neat in a ponytail. You can forget about tight and sleek hair on top of your head. What you can do to add your hairstyle some neatness is created really high hair. Use a little hair gel to keep it straight at least on top.


16. High ponytail on the side

cute look ponytail hairstyle

Ponytails look just as great on the side as they do in the middle. In fact, side ponytails are perfect for photo shoots since they are visible from the front. Play around with side high ponytails and you will surely love them. You can even make one on each side!

17. Real high and colorful

high ponytail hairstyles 17-min

Want to make a really long lasting impression, go for a very high ponytail that starts on top of your head. Want to make it even more outstanding? Use some wild colors to highlight it. You will surely make an amazing statement.

18. Go wild

high ponytail hairstyles 18-min

Choose some crazy accessories to make your simple high ponytail look wild. If you think they are hard to find, you just haven’t between looking. Planning a special occasion? Accessories will be the key to your image.

19. Color play

high ponytail color hair for women

If a high ponytail is your favorite hairstyle, then you can highlight your hair accordingly. Keep the top part one shade and make the ponytail itself look completely different. A good idea would be to make the top darker than the rest of you hair.

20. Medium length

high ponytail hairstyles 20-min

If your hair is not too long, it doesn’t mean a high ponytail hairstyle is not for you. All you need to do is make sure it is neat. Shorter hairstyles are often layered and it’s troublesome to collect all the strands inside the elastic band. Use pins to arrange the stray hair.

We hope that after reading this article, you are heading to the mirror to give one of these amazing options a try. Consider your hair type and the time you have to spend on your image and go for it! A high ponytail can become your favorite hairstyle. But not because it is a quick fix but because it looks stylish!

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