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60 Glamorous Wedding Hairstyles to Celebrate Your Big Day

There are many wedding hairstyles for brides to choose from these days. From loose cascading waves hanging down the back and half updo hairstyles to high ponytails with faux flowers and everything in between. It can be difficult to choose!

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best wedding hairstyles for brides to choose from. Pick any one of the styles below, and you’re guaranteed to look stunning on your special day.


Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

For instant bride style, try one of these 60 gorgeous wedding hairstyles.

1. Wedding Hairstyle with Veil

wedding hairstyle with veil

Many women feel like they need a veil for their wedding hairstyle. Top off a high coiled bun with its smooth locks with a gorgeous lace veil.


2. Wedding Hairstyle for Black Women

wedding hairstyle for black women

On your big day, let your naturally black hair show itself off. For medium or short hair, fill the body with waves or a couple braids, then top with a tiara.


3. Short Wedding Hairstyle

short wedding hairstyle

Short hair, like this brunette layered pixie, is super chic with an old-fashioned veil and large white feather. A gorgeous necklace will stand out nicely when hair is off the neck.


4. Boho Wedding Hairstyle for Brides

boho wedding hairstyle for brides

Prefer a flapper wedding hairstyle? A vintage look like this one features medium or long hair with curls or waves gathered up off the neck and a head wrap with pearls or sequins to set it off.


5. Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

half up half down wedding hairstyle

When you’re not feeling the updo wedding hairstyle, try a look that shows off your length with a half updo. Gather the top half into a loose fishtail braid for a regal look.


6. Wedding Hair Down Style

wedding hair down style

A low braid or ponytail with a few twists mixed in is just the hairstyle for a bride who wants an Elsa princess look. Weave in some flowers to make the style truly romantic.


7. Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

wedding hairstyle for long hair

Another flower child/boho look for the blushing bride is this half updo featuring long hair coiled in a half updo with a thick braid to secure it in place.


8. Beach Wedding Hairstyle

beach wedding hairstyle for bride

For a beach wedding, you’ll want to keep your hair looking gorgeous especially if it’s a windy day. Make a long braid and top it with a flower crown.


9. Vintage Wedding Hairstyle

vintage wedding hairstyle

For a vintage look on your wedding day, make a low braided ponytail and wrap it around itself to get this pretty bun. Brush your side bangs neatly off the forehead.


10. Italian Wedding Hairstyle

Indian wedding hairstyle

Italians love big dramatic hairdos. Be proud of your background by making your hairstyle full of texture with braids in different styles and wearing the hair in a down hairstyle.


11. Low Bun

Low bun Wedding Hairstyles for women

This low bun might seem too simple to some brides, but it’s one of the most popular hairstyles. It makes the hair look neat on top and allows you to attach any hair accessories you wish. It’s a great choice for virtually any hair length.

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12. Wear It Up

short Bride Wedding Hairstyles for women

If your hair is too short to create a perfect updo and hair extensions are not an option, use a simple hair trick to lift it up. You need to use hair clips to lift the side strands and clip them near the top of your head.


13. Complicated Braiding

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 4-min

This complicated braiding technique is a smart choice for women who have short bobs. By braiding the hair on top of your head, you are making an impression of long hair and long braids. Cover up the back part with a veil.


14. Just Curls

beautiful Wedding Hairstyle with Brides

If you have an asymmetrical A-line bob, there is a limited number of wedding hairstyle options. Brides all over the world use curls as a way out, so why shouldn’t you? They give volume and outline the asymmetry.


15. Braided Bun

Bride bun Wedding Hairstyles for women

This wedding hairstyle is one of the most long-lasting options. Make sure not to make this braided bun too tight. You can help add some volume by creating slight waves on top of your head.


16. Ombre

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 9-min

If you weren’t feeling up to dyeing your hair before, the wedding day is a perfect opportunity to do it. Lighten up your locks with a professional ombre and your wedding hairstyle will shine with new colors. Make sure to make a trial run a couple of weeks in advance.


17. Smart Accessories

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 11-min

If your hair is not too thick or long and you are not a fan of too much styling, you can opt for smart accessories. The world doesn’t end with headbands, elastic bands and clips, there are plenty of wedding accessories that can brighten up your style.

Bold & Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyle

18. Loose And Red

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 12-min

There are two things you can never go wrong about at a wedding: a red color and curls. Mix them together to get an amazing wedding hairstyle any brave bride will appreciate. Leave a couple of curled strands hanging near your face for a romantic look.


19. Hipster Beauty

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 13-min

A runaround braid and asymmetrical loose strands around your face can create a unique wedding hairstyle. Even if some of the strands come undone during the day, they will look natural. No hairspray needed!


20. Clip It Up

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 14-min

A professional hairstylist can turn even the shortest bob into an interesting updo with high hair. All you need is a smart approach to brushing and hair gel. You can avoid hair extensions by creating your own natural volume.


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21. Lovely Curls

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 15-min

Lucky owners of long hair can enjoy lovely curls for their wedding hairstyle without adding anything complicated. The only thing you can do is clip the frontal strands in the back so they don’t get into your eyes.


22. Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bang with Wedding Hairstyle

If you decide to wear your hair up and not go all out with a complicated hairstyle, you can consider playing around with the bangs. Asymmetrical blunt bangs do a great job outlining your face and focusing the attention on your eyes.


23. Side Bun

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 17-min

A low bun on the side can add some volume to your fine hair and make your image on the photos seem solid. All the wedding hairstyles that involve collecting the hair in the back don’t allow the brides to show them off on the pictures.

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24. Queen-Like Style

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 18-min

This vintage looking hairstyle is a wonderful way to create a regal image that many brides crave. You start by braiding the hair on both sides and sweeping it to the back to create a low braided bun. Tiaras look great with such hairstyles.


25. Bright Spots

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 19-min

If you are a fan of tight hairstyles that don’t require any care during the special day, you need to pay attention to the accessories. Simple slick and tight styles need some decorations to suit the occasion. Choose the right accessories to make the bright spots.


26. High Up

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 20-min

A high donut might seem too simple for a wedding hairstyle but it’s a great choice if you are after hair accessories and long veils. The more attention you want to focus on accessorizing, the less complicated your hairstyle should be.


27. Short Way Out

Short Wedding Hairstyles with Brides

If all you have to show off in your hairstyle is the bangs, think about arranging them in a special way. This picture portrays a simple way to comb the bangs backward and arrange them into intricate twists.


28. Stray strands

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 23-min

No matter what updo you choose, you have to think about letting some stray strands out. While they need special attention, extra hairspray and some touch-ups, the stray strands look romantic and give your overall appearance extra softness.

Vintage Style Wedding Hairdos for Brides


29. Contrasted waves

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 25-min

Keeping your hair straight on top and wavy on the bottom can create a wonderful wedding hairstyle. Brides that have always dreamed about a curly mane can play around with all wave sizes in the process.


30. A messy approach

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 26-min

A messy hairstyle without any tight places is easy to wear but hard to keep intact. Such hairstyle is a good choice for girls who are planning to wear a long veil. The bangs are neatly styled while the back part is windblown.


31. High Bangs

High bang Wedding Hairstyles for women

If you are looking for a way to add volume to your fine locks, this approach is for you. Ask the hairstylist to lift the hair at the roots on top and make a loose bun in the back. The hairstyle looks truly regal.


32. Headbands

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 29-min

No bride should underestimate the true power of headbands. No matter how long your hair is and what hair type you have, a well-chosen headband can save the day. Always have one ready in case of a bad hair day.

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33. Natural Child

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 30-min

Many brides choose a close to nature look for their wedding. If such is the case with you, consider this wedding hairstyle. The braid should run around the top part of your head and the rest of the hair should fall down the shoulders.


34. Hair Extensions And Curls

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 31-min

If you have a pixie or a short bob, opt for hair extensions to give your hairstyle some volume. You don’t have to go for outrageously long locks to completely make your image over. Just a few strands are enough to make an adorable curly ponytail.


35. Partial Highlights

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 32-min

If your hair is dark, the wedding is the perfect occasion to brighten it up. You don’t need to do anything complicated, just partially highlight the font strands. Don’t choose drastically different colors. Light brown or honey blonde will do just fine.


36. Retro Bob

Retro bob Bride Wedding Hairstyle for girl

Retro hairstyles are very popular among the modern brides. Be it a pixie from the 20’s or a bob from the 40’s, you can make an amazing impression. Coupled with a vintage dress, your image can be stunning.


37. Curls Everywhere

Bride Wedding Hairstyles for women

Only a small percentage of wedding hairstyles are created without curls. Curls are a compulsory part of special occasions and a wedding is far from being an exception. Play around with curly hairstyles by leaving a few curly strands to hang loose.

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38. Voluminous Bun

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

A voluminous bun created on the very top of your head is an all purpose hairstyle, which can be a wonderful choice for a wedding. It allows you to keep the hair neat all day long adding the volume and a feeling of grandeur.


39. Ombre

Ombre Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

Wedding hairstyles for brides look especially stunning with an ombre. Professionally dyed hair can look so stunning that no complicated hairstyle is required. Just lift your hair up into a simple bun or a ponytail and flaunt the ombre.


40. Glamourous glitter

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 41-min

A perfect hairstyle for both mother of the bride and groom. If you have dark hair and dyeing it is out of the question, you can consider using glitter to brighten up the look. Be careful about overdoing such decorations. If you have plenty of glitter on your dress, avoid it on your head and vice versa.


41. Brilliant Bob

Wedding bob Hairstyles for Brides

If you have shoulder length hair, you can curl it up into a brilliant bob with a side part just like Jennifer Lopez did for her special occasion. Consider adding a delicate clip to keep the hair from getting into your eyes.


42. Side Swept Mane

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 43-min

Sweeping your hair sideways is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. This wedding hairstyle keeps the hair neat and allows the voluminous curls to be seen in the photos. Leave one strand loose for a romantic look.

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43. Be Wild

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 46-min

Some women prefer an out of the ordinary wedding style and don’t go for the classic white dresses and exceptional wedding hairstyles. Such braids like to arrange their hair into a casual style such as this one.


44. High Coils

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 48-min

If your hair is thick, coiled, and wild, keeping it together all day long might seem like an impossible task. Consider using plenty of hair gel to create this exceptional hairstyle kept together by a striking headband.


45. Romantic Braid

beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

This is another useful wedding hairstyle for brides who prefer close to the natural look. A simple loose braid is a wonderful choice for a special occasion. If your hair is too short, you can use hair extension to make a really impressive braid.


46. Blonde and beautiful

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 50-min

If you are thinking about dying your hair for the wedding, consider all shades of blonde. Blonde is the most popular hair color for girls of all ages and occupations. It looks amazing when coupled with a white dress.


47. Huge bun

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 52-min

A huge bun on the back of your head is a wonderful creation that can make your hairstyle look vintage and unique at the same time. Most of the time, brides don’t have enough hair to create one. That’s where the hair extensions come in.


48. Be unique

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 54-min

If someone can teach you about wild and unique hairstyles, it’s Pink. Consider copying her pixie style for your wedding in order to create an unforgettable impression. The style of the picture is one of her most subtle options.

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49. Use flowers

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 55-min

If you are after a romantic image but your hair is not long or thick enough to make natural braids, consider getting headbands with flowers. Flowers are a compulsory part of any wedding. Use them for your hair.


50. Special braiding

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 61-min

This complicated wedding hairstyle is a favorite among the braids who really want to make an impression. Show the picture to the stylist so he or she realizes what you are looking for. Make sure to make a trial run.


51. Impressive Fishtail

fishtail Wedding Hairstyles for women

A fishtail braid can be a wonderful addition to any wedding hairstyle. You can keep most of the volume on top and around your head and then go on to make a side swept fishtail on the bottom. This type of braid always makes a great impression.


52. Just Waves

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 64-min

If you have long locks, you don’t have to hire a professional hairstylist to do the hair for your wedding. Simple long waves can do the trick. You just need to consider using plenty of hairsprays to keep the hair in place.

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53. Knotted ponytails

ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Bride

Brides with short hair can appreciate the specially knotted ponytails that can create a unique hairstyle out of short locks. Ask your hairstylist to do his or her best making the knots show. Leave a few strands hanging for a romantic appearance.


54. Go Red

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 67-min

A beautiful wedding hairstyle for oval faces. Becoming a redhead for your wedding is an idea that can blow the groom and the guests away. If you are after making a real statement and shocking the guests, switch your regular hair color to something fiercer. Bridesmaids can also follow the redhead combination to agree with you.


55. Pigtails

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 68-min

When a bride looks young and delicate, the whole wedding ceremony gets a youthful air about it. Consider a childhood hairstyle for your wedding by making pigtails. Add them some style with tying them at the bottom.


56. Intricate Bun

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 71-min

While voluminous buns are conquering the world, this flat hairstyle might be the option you are looking for. The bun is created by using braids and twists and is arranged flat in the back of your head. A couple of strands are let loose.


57. Twisting dance

Twist Wedding Hairstyles for women

Girls with short hair don’t have to forget about complicated wedding hairstyles. This reversed braid can be a wonderful choice for brides with bobs or shags. You might want to straighten out your curly hair to make this hairstyle look even more interesting.


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58. Pixie style

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 74-min

Use a tiara or a headband to outline your beautiful pixie. Brush your hair up and backward by using plenty of hair gel and secure it with the right accessory. No long locks are needed to create a truly magnificent style.


59. Regal volume

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides 75-min

This special hairstyle can only be created by a professional hairstylist. You might need some hair extensions to add the volume and make the braid look truly stunning. If you have the money and the guts consider creating this awesome hairstyle your groom will remember forever.


60. Professional curls

curly Wedding Hairstyles with Brides

This beautiful curly bun is created by separating several strands on the sides and hanging them loose. Only a professional approach can allow such a hairstyle to last all the way through the special occasion.

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Tips to Make Your Bridal Hairstyle Look Better

wedding hairstyle


Here are a few tricks to make your hair look awesome on your wedding day.

Do a Trial

Plan your trial hairstyle about two months before the special day. This way you’ll have plenty of time to make changes. Make sure to wear the same makeup you are planning for your wedding day and have all the hair accessories and the veil ready.


Know What You Want

The best way to have an amazing hairstyle you always wanted is to know what it is you always wanted. Once you choose the hairstyle, don’t write down the title, save the pic to your smartphone and bring it to the hairstylist. A picture is worth a thousand words of a nervous bride.


Don’t Wash Your Hair

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It’s not if you want curls. Curls look better and last longer if created with hair that’s not freshly washed.

So if you are planning any hairstyle that involves using a flat iron or any other curling tools, wash the hair the night before the wedding. Use a leave-in conditioner to outline the curls even more.


Keep The Hairspray in Your Purse

Even if you have the most wonderful wedding hairstyle, it might unravel at the most unexpected moment. Keep a small hairspray bottle with you at all times. If you don’t have a clutch, ask one of the bridesmaids to carry it for you. Have extra hair accessories ready as well.


Don’t Pull Tight

Yes, you know that the best wedding hairstyle is an updo, which is tight and hard to unravel. However, tight hairstyles are great for short-term occasions. Pulling your hair too tight can cause you a headache by the end of the evening and ruin your wedding night. Loosen up your updo a little. It’s better to touch it up during the day than fight a headache during the evening.


We hope these wedding hairstyles for brides made your choice a little easier. Remember, it’s your special day and everything should be perfect. Don’t make a mistake of spending too little time on choosing your hairstyle.