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101 Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

When planning for your wedding day, there are almost too many hairstyles to choose from. Black women especially have a wide variety of gorgeous options to accentuate either natural, straight, textured, or braided hair.

Fortunately, when it comes to the most beautiful styles, we have the best of the very best to inspire you. 

Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

Read on for our 101 different wedding hairstyles for Black women. 

1. Elegant Up-do For Straight Hair

black wedding updo hairstyles

If you’re searching for the ultimate wedding up-do hairstyle for Black women, look no further than this chic style for straight hair. If you have an outside venue or your dress has a dramatic back, then emulating this elegant up-do is the way to go. 

2. One-Sided Natural Curls 

black wedding hairstyle for bridesmaids

Simplicity is the way to go when it comes to wedding hairstyles for black bridesmaids. A one-sided style keeps your bridesmaids cool at an outdoor venue or on the dance floor while still showing off the gorgeous, natural texture. 

3. Multiple Bun Crown 

african american wedding hairstyle with weave

This multiple bun African American wedding hairstyle with weave is as unique as it is stunning. Start by smoothing down your natural hair at the root then creating multiple buns horizontally across the crown of the head. 

4. Naturally Textured Curls 

wedding hairstyle for natural black hair

Your wedding hairstyle for natural Black hair can be as intricate or as simple as you want. For a simple style, wear your incredible curls as you normally would. It’s easier to create a short to medium-length hair so your dress is still in focus. 

5. Short Twist Braids 

braided wedding hairstyles for black brides

Twists or locs make gorgeous for the perfect braided wedding hairstyle for Black brides. Wear them straight down your back or let them flow freely if you wearing your hair short. 

6. Small Box Braids 

black wedding hairstyle with veil

A perfect wedding hairstyle with veil is a small box braids up-do. To help frame your face, leave a small portion of hair down at the back of the neck. We love the curly, unbraided ends that bring a touch of softness to this bridal look. 

7. Long Wispy Style 

long wedding hairstyle for black women

If you’re going for a natural, romantic look, then consider using this long wedding hairstyle for Black women as your inspiration. A bit of bedhead suits a simple slip or silk dress that is easy to create with texturizing spray and your fingertips. 

8. Voluminous Low Ponytail 

black wedding ponytail hairstyle
Instagram / napturalrootz

This is your wedding day, so show off your gorgeous face! A slicked back look makes for the perfect Black wedding ponytail hairstyle. Create volume by leaving your ponytail full and curly down your back. 

9. Sleek High Bun 

wedding bun hairstyle for black hair

This beautiful wedding bun hairstyle for Black hair is simple yet sophisticated. Emphasize your gorgeous face and shows off an intricate or eye-catching neckline by creating a smooth ballerina topknot. 

10. Curly Low Chignon 

wedding hairstyle for curly black hair

Pinning up lots of curly volume can be a challenge. This wedding hairstyle for curly black hair is a winner that’s easy to create. Leave a few face-framing pieces of hair out for a romantic feel. 

11. Short Pixie

very short wedding hairstyle for black women

Black brides can rock an edgy pixie cut to make their facial features stand out. Add soft layers and opt for a deep side part with the bangs sweeping flawlessly across the forehead. Finish off with a dreamy bridal veil dangling at the back and voila!

12. Blonde Highlights

natural hairstyle for black brides

Flaunt those kinky afro curls with utmost pride on your big day. Choose a deva haircut for the coils to fall perfectly around the face and add light blonde highlights all over the head. Leave the hair loose to fluff up naturally and sport a delicate headband on top. Eye-catching!

13. Soft Waves

wedding hair down for black women

Here is the ultimate wedding hairstyle for Black women that is sure to stun everyone including the groom. Straighten the locks and add loose waves midway to the ends tousling them forward on one shoulder. Use a weave if needed and top off with an embellished hairband. Elegant without a doubt!

14. Gorgeous Fluff

bob hairstyle for black brides

Instead of slicking down your puffy curls show them off by chopping them into short layers. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to fluff up the locks as much as possible creating a hot mess on the head. Put on a crown for a princess appeal and get ready to rock.

15. Pinned Back Locs

wedding hairstyle with weave for black women

African-American beauties! Make sure you look like goddesses when starting your new life. Tease and twist the strands to create bold dreads or switch to faux locs for a similar result. Pin back the sides, curl the ends and add shiny hair cuffs to turn around some heads. 

16. Barrel Twist Updo

wedding hairstyle with veil for black women
Instagram / krsphotography

Talking about dreadlocks, those who want a graceful look at their wedding without letting go of their dreads can style them in a barrel twist updo. The trick is simple pull back the strands while twisting them around a center. Continue till the end achieving a barrel and secure with pins. Add some adornments and a veil. Done!

17. Micro Braids Bun

black wedding hairstyle for bridesmaids
Instagram / mubuulo_media

Micro braids are laborious to achieve but look fun once finished. Rock a light golden brown hair shade by incorporating extensions when plaiting the strands. Go as long as you want and swirl the knits around in a top bun with two face-framing braids at the front.

18. Accessorize

Black women can recreate this phenomenal wedding hairstyle without spending a dollar at the salon. Style the tresses into a perfectly round updo sitting on the top using a hair donut bun maker. Pull some strands loose along the sides and add curls while wrapping a sparkling headpiece around the bun. Jaw-dropping, right?

19. Retro Victory Rolls

medium wedding hairstyle for black women
Instagram / alphadara_cosmetics

Give off vintage vibes by rocking these chic victory rolls from the 1940’s. Separate the chunks on the sides or top of the head and wrap them inward using your fingers. Fix in place and curl the remaining tresses while adding oversized hairpins along the sides.

20. Stunning Swoop

dyed wedding hair for black women
Instagram / abayomiakinaina

This bridal hairstyle is as impressive as the hair shade. Dye the mane in a deep mahogany red tinge or use a weave and style it in a jumbo chignon bun sitting on the neck. The side-swept fringe is swooped down creating a curvy pattern that won’t be ignored. Don’t forget the pearl hair comb!

21. Natural Pixie Cut 

short black wedding hairstyle

Pixie-haired brides have it made! Because styling is minimal with a natural pixie cut, you can focus on features like your make-up and dress while suiting your hairstyle best. Just be sure your hair is prepped with a nice moisturizing oil.

22. Medium-Length With Layers 

african american wedding hairstyle for medium hair

This African American wedding hairstyle for medium hair is the perfect loose style for your special day. To keep attention on your face, curl your face-framing layers out away from your face on one side. For balance, try a brooch or beaded clip on the other. 

23. Up-do With Center Part 

african american vintage wedding hairstyle

Let your stunning dress do the talking with a simple African American vintage wedding hairstyle. Try an uncomplicated yet stylish up-do with a strong center part. It will reveal your beautiful face and highlight elegant cheekbones. 

24. Beautiful Braided Up-do

african american wedding hairstyle

You’ll never regret this braided up-do because the look is truly timeless. Create medium to large cornrows to frame a large braided bun and you’ll be ready to say ‘I do.’ Don’t forget elegant dangle earrings, of course!

25. High Ponytail Braids 

african wedding hairdo

Whether your hair is braided or not, a long, high ponytail is elegant yet strong. Plus, it gives you an instant face-lift! Draw all eyes to you with this high ponytail braid look that shows off your cheekbones. 

Wedding Hairstyles for Brides with Long Hair

26. Waterfall braid

 French braid with ponytails wedding hairstyle

This amazing wedding hairstyle can be made on your own. All you have to do is start making a high runaround braid while leaving the strands hanging freely. Clip the braid with some pins and then curl the ends. Voila!

If you have long locks, you just must flaunt them by creating this stunning black wedding hairstyle. Women all over the world are using this approach to make a special style. Add some jewels to the knot to make the hair shine.

27. 1920’s queen

black wedding hairstyles for women 4-min

If your hair is short and you have to forget about braids and buns, go for the 1920’s looks. This wonderful hairstyle will never become unfashionable. All you have to do is make soft waves and use a lot of hair gel to keep them intact. Black girls with long hair will envy your light look.

28. Seashell bun

nice wedding hairstyles for black girl

This seashell bun will do wonders for looking impressive in the back and beautiful in front. It will have to be created by a professional since the precision here is very important. The bangs are styled to stay out of your face.

29. Cornrows

black wedding hairstyles for women 6-min

Black women look amazing with cornrows. So why not use them for a wedding hairstyle? Make your favorite cornrows and gather them upwards into a high bun. Keep them together with elastic bands and a veil. Add a large headband accessory to make the hairstyle even more impressive.

30. Braids

Braids wedding haircut for black women

If you’ve got long hair, then you have a myriad of haircut choices. But remember, touching long locks up during a wedding day can be a real hassle. So, think about making braids and arranging them in a crown on top of your head. The result will be amazing!

Want to try Braid? Check these styles

31. The wild look

If your hair is short, straight and unruly, you might have trouble achieving real tight and neat hairstyle. So, why not go for something wild? Gather up your hair upwards and pin it to keep the shape. Add some different accessories and a lot of hair gel to keep the look intact.

Even if you are tired of your untidy locks, you can enjoy a messy black hairstyle for your wedding. Ask your hairstylist to add some volume to your hair by brushing it upwards and securing with pins and flower-related accessories.

32. Curl extravaganza

black women curly hairstyle

If you have medium length hair and are not about to straighten out your beautiful locks, this image is for you. All you need to do is separate your curls and make them neat with the help of some hair cosmetics. Then pull your mane upwards into a high ponytail.

33. Side swept palm

black wedding hairstyles for women 10-min

This is one of the most extravagant and interesting hairstyles for black women. You will need help of a professional hairstylist to do everything right. Your hair will need to be arranged on one side and kept together with elastic bands, pins and hair gel.

34. Loose and curly bun

wedding hairstyles for short hair for black girl

This is one of the simplest wedding hairstyles for black women. All you need to do is curl your hair, make a high bun and then pull some strands out. Pin the loops to the rest of the hair for a neat appearance.

35. Highlighted bun

black wedding hairstyles for women 13-min

Your high and loose bun will look especially pretty if you make proper highlights. Black girls usually have very dark hair, so diversify your appearance by adding some light brown or blond highlights. You will love the result!

36. Straight and simple

 simple hairstyles for wedding

If your hair is straight, you can make this very simple hairstyle. Pull it backward, make a side ponytail and then twist it upwards. Clip the ponytail to the rest of the hair and add some accessories to make it look even more fantastic.

37. Unusual braid

black women nice wedding hairstyle

This black wedding hairstyle will surely be a hit! It is easily done by making a high braid and then arranging it on top of your head in this special way. Your main task will be to keep it securely pinned, otherwise, the hairstyle will lose its special brilliance.

38. High and tight braided bun

black wedding hairstyles for women 17-min

High and tight hairstyles are very fashionable. So, if you want to make an impressive and easy one, go for the bun. All you’ll have to do is make a very tight ponytail, turn it into a braid and then arrange it into a bun on top of your head. Special accessories are welcome.

39. Twisted do

black wedding hairstyles for women 18-min

This hairstyle is achieved by separating your mane into two parts and then twisting them toward each other. While seemingly easy to create, some professional help will be needed to keep it very neat. A headband will be a good compliment to this style.

40.  Highlighted bun with high bangs

black wedding hairstyles for women

A very simple hairstyle can look just amazing if you make proper highlights and add bright accessories. Your very ordinary bun will turn into a great wedding hairstyle when you add some blond highlights and make high bangs.

41. High and fluffy afro

black wedding hairstyles for women 20-min

What black woman hasn’t pondered getting an afro at least once in her life? The wedding is the perfect time to finally make it. A classic afro decorated with beautiful hair accessories, tiara or a headband can help you make a great statement.
It is easily achieved by gathering your locks upwards and keeping them together with a decorated headband. You will get a simple yet very romantic look.

42. Deadlock loops

black wedding hairstyles for women 21-min

If you’ve got pretty dreadlocks, no need to get rid of them before your wedding day. They can be beautifully arranged into small loops on top of your head. You will definitely be the most beautiful and modern bride!

43. Low curly bun

curly bun hairstyle for women

This hairstyle is great for women with medium length and long hair. A simple low bun will turn into a real masterpiece when some strands are pulled out, curled and arranged in a beautiful fashion. Large white flowers will be a great addition to this look.

If you are ready to straighten out your locks or your hair is not too curly, consider this hairstyle. The top is straight and slick while the bottom part is arranged into a bun. Each strand is curled and attached to the rest of the hair.

44. Voluminous deadlock bun

black wedding hairstyles for women 23-min

If you like thin dreadlocks, this hairstyle is for you. Only a couple should be made to keep the bangs neat and then the rest have to go into a large and voluminous bun. You will get a very special and light look most brides will appreciate.

45. High and veiled

black wedding hairstyles for women 24-min

If your hair is short, you can lift it upwards to make an impression of a lot of volume. Keeping it together might be a hassle, so smart brides use handy veils. These accessories don’t just hold the hair together, they add a very mysterious and romantic look.

46. Flowery headbands

black wedding hair with headbands

Flowery headbands are the most popular black wedding hairstyle accessories. They can save the day, even when your hair is too short to come up with something creative. Choose the headband to suit your image and your hairstyle is ready!

47. Braids and curls


If you have long and unruly hair, consider getting it straightened out. Straight locks are much easier to manage. Create a low bun supported by a braid and leave a strand to make pretty coils on top.

48. Ombre coils


Your wedding is a great occasion to try ombre. You don’t have to make it too obvious, otherwise, the image will change too drastically. Just choose a light burgundy shade.

49. Crown Braids


A crown braid is a simple way to arrange your hair. But when you have ponytails hanging down from each coil, then it becomes a very special black wedding hairstyle all other brides will envy.

50. Amazing pixie


Want to look like a 1920’s movie star? Then this hairstyle is for you. You will need to straighten out your hair and make soft and large waves. Don’t forget about the long bangs!

51. Seashell bun


A seashell bun is a great way to make your hair look most impressive. This complicated hairstyle will require a lot of clips and hair gel to stay in place. Use some beautiful wedding accessories to diversify the image.

52. Cornrow bun


Cornrows look amazing on black girls. So even if you haven’t tried them before, you can make a bold decision to sport them. Their main advantage is that they will stay intact all day long.

53. A weave


If you have short hair, you can make a creative braided bun with the help of a weave. A wedding is a great occasion to sport long locks, so why not try them out. You might want to keep them.

54. Messy fun


A messy black wedding hairstyle is a perfect way to make a statement. It’s also a great way to save money. If you love wild images, this hairstyle is definitely for you. Give it a try!

55. Short and high


If your tresses are short, you can still make them look as if you’ve got a very long mane. Brush the locks to the top and secure them with a lot of hair gel. This option is only available for girls with thick and wiry hair.

56. Undercut for Women


Want to make a real impression on your wedding? Consider making a one-sided undercut. This is one of the most popular modern hairstyles for black women today. If you have enough guts, give it a chance.

57. Large bun


A large bun with a braid around it can make you look like a real princess on your wedding day. Isn’t it what all the girls are dreaming about? Don’t be shy about your hair. Make it work for you.

58. Loose braided bun


Another great black wedding hairstyle for girls with long hair is the loose braided bun. In fact, it can also work if you have medium-length lock since the looseness creates volume.

59. Smooth and suave


Smooth hairstyles are preferred by women who usually have to deal with unmanageable locks. This is a simple yet very regal hairstyle that will make you feel like a real queen.

60. Oriental chic


Girls who have thick and straight hair can go for this simple yet chic hairstyle by sweeping all the hair backwards to create a small bun that will be covered by a veil or pinned with a large accessory.

61. Mohawk style


Always wanted to sport a Mohawk but were never brave enough to shave? No problem. You can achieve the desired effect by making a high and large braid and clipping it on top of your head.

62. Large accessories


Knowing how to use the right accessories, especially if they are large, is a real art. If your hair is not too long, such an accessory can arrange it into a voluminous bun.

63. Shiny braids


A simple braided bun might not look like a good black wedding hairstyle unless you turn on your imagination. Use some glitter to brighten up your image and special accessories to make it festive.

64. Indian princess


Being an Indian princess is definitely a great choice of a wedding image. Lift your hair up in a large and low bun and use an accessory to imitate the spot on a forehead.

65. Highlighted bangs


Blond highlights look great on black girls. So if you want your black wedding hairstyle to look even more special, highlight the bangs. The result will be truly beautiful.

66. Blond coils


Arranging your short hair into thin coils is a great way to deal with dreadlocks. This is a perfect method to tame the wilderness of your hair by making it look smooth and regal.

67. White roses


No wedding in the world goes on without flowers. Using faux flowers as part of a black wedding hairstyle is an idea that lived through the centuries. Clip a couple of white roses to your hair and your image will immediately become impressive.

68. Dreadlock bun


Wild dreads can become a soft and delicate hairstyle in the hands of a real professional. So don’t think that a wedding means getting rid of your favorite style. Just let the maestro do his work.

69. The palm tree


This palm tree hairstyle is one of the best choices for black girls with short hair. Take advantage of large wedding accessories to make the most stunning hairstyle out of your tresses.

70. Curly hair with headband


Never underestimate the power of a headband. It can make even the simplest hairstyle look amazing and extravagant. If your hair is too short to create something extraordinary, get some help from a headband.

71. Micro twists

wedding hairstyles for african american black women

This is the hairstyle for women who lack length. You can attach the micro twists to give your hairstyle some volume. By wrapping them around your head, you are allowing yourself to forget about maintenance and get a chance to use accessories.

72. Long side-swept fishtail braid

loose fishtail braid for black bride

Braids always give girls a sophisticatedly understated appearance and can be a hot choice for a black woman to wear for her wedding.

There are limitless options for braid hairstyles that you can wear for a chic look such as the above-given side-swept fishtail braid that is giving noticeable romantic features to the girl. To add a more sparkling element to your appearance, you can embellish this hairstyle with pearls, floral accessories or by wearing a tiara.

73. Fiery buzz

If you have a short hair, go all out with your bangs. Shorten out your curly locks and you can use a flat iron to create soft waves. Such looks don’t just look neat, they outline your eyes and make your overall image priceless.

74. Keep them down

black wedding hairstyle for black women

If you have beautiful and long hair, you might want to consider simply flaunting them. Black and neat waves can outdo any complicated wedding hairstyle you can come up with. Add a tiara, a headpiece or a veil.

75. Braided bun

black Braid bun wedding hairstyles

A braided bun is one of the simplest yet elegant black wedding hairstyles that make women look impressive. While a braided bun can suit any hair accessory, it requires absolutely no maintenance.

76. Faux locs hairstyle and cornrows

wedding hairstyle for black women

This elegant faux bun and side cornrows can be a bewitching option to wear for uber-stylish bridal attire and to hold your unruly afro-textured hair into place.

It may look complicated to achieve, but in actual it’s not, as, you can place a weave on your head to get this black bridal hairstyle, easily done. Finish the look by wearing a headpiece or tiara!

77. Sleek low bun

beautiful black wedding hairstyles

Most of the black wedding hairstyles for women have to do with curls and waves. Stand out of the crowd with this slick and chic hairstyle. You can easily make this bun on your own with the help of some hair gel.

78. Loose ponytail

black wedding hairstyles for women 9-min

This is a great hairstyle for women who want to flaunt their curls and volume. A loose ponytail makes no effort to create. If you don’t want the style to look too simple, use a large hair accessory to complement it.

79. Asymmetrical style

black wedding hairstyles for women 10-min

Asymmetrical hairstyles are great for weddings since they look wonderful on the photos. You can have a complicated design in the back of your head but no one will ever see it on the photos. Swept forward styles take care of this problem.

80. Rose bun

black Rose bun wedding hairstyles for women

A high bun in the shape of a rose is a wonderful choice of a black wedding hairstyle any woman can appreciate. You’ll need micro twist hair extensions to create this hairstyle unless you have long enough hair.

81. Smart braiding

black wedding hairstyles for women 13-min

If you have medium length locks and don’t feel like using hair extension, this asymmetrical braid can save the day and make you look truly stunning. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with the asymmetry for your black wedding hairstyle.

82. Straight and long

black wedding hairstyles for women 15-min

Straightening out your hair is another way to go about making a magnificent look for your wedding. This is a great choice for women with shoulder-length hair who want to create something special.

83. Micro Braids

black wedding hairstyles for women 16-min

Looking for a beautiful mane, but all you’ve got is a bob? Use cornrow extensions to create any hairstyle you can wish for. The neat curls or long waves are easy to create with the right extensions.

84. Style mix

black wedding hairstyles for women 17-min

Havana twists on top, cornrows in the middle, and Marley twists on the bottom is a wonderful style twist any woman can be jealous of. This black wedding hairstyle might be hard to make but it’s easy to maintain and looks glorious.

85. Ethnic black wedding hairstyle

This classic look will make it harder for you to drive your eyes away from it. This black bridal hairstyle is effortlessly enticing that features a puffy side-parted top and floral bun that hardly needs any artificial titivation.

86. Bouncy curly hairstyle with side part

wedding hairstyle for black girl

Bouncy Jheri curls are one of the most ultra-glamorous wedding hairstyles for black women because of the big and distinctive structure. It is difficult to attain the rich voluminous curls on natural hair, but hold on! There are plenty of extensions or sew-in weaves that you can wear to get the desired bouncy hairstyle.

87. Half up side swept hairstyle

wedding hairstyles for black women

If sleek and straight is not your thing, go with some dramatically wavy hairstyle. Tie your tresses into messy half-up hairstyle and side sweep the remaining hair for a balanced look. It is a splendid choice for black women with fine hair as the loose curls will add volume to their hairstyle.

88.  Wedding Bun

When planning their wedding hairstyle, many black women forget about the dyeing trick. Changing your hair color for your wedding is a great way to make a statement and enjoy a wonderful appearance.

89. Natural approach

black wedding hairstyles for women 22-min

If you are planning a close to nature image and want to wear your hair down, you can take advantage of this interesting style. By twisting the side strands in the back, you are keeping the hair out of your face while the rest is freely flowing down.

90. Curly bun

black wedding hairstyles for women 23-min

A high loose curly bun is a no-lose option for any special occasion, including a wedding. This hairstyle might require some touch-ups during the day due to its slightly windblown nature but it’s worth the effort.

91. Black bridal hairstyle with flower

Black bridal hairstyle with flower

Keeping your hairstyle as close to natural as possible can give the bride that special romantic look that the guests can remember forever. Using flowers to outline the natural way your hair flows is a great idea.

92. Extreme wedding expression

Want to surprise others with your dramatically exciting entry? If yes, go with this extremely appealing black bridal hairstyle. The fresh floral headband and outstanding makeup will create an amazing wedding expression.

93. Regal vibes

It can be a queenly solution to hold your kinky hair in place with so much glamour. It is easy to style and carry, as you do not have to spend a lot of time to style the stubborn hair texture into a perfect updo or bun.

Moisturize your curly mane to get a glossy aesthetics and wear a net veil that has a magnificent head crown attached with it.

94. Afro hairstyle with tiara

If you want to celebrate your short, natural afro hair on your big day then, you can opt for this black women’s wedding hairdo by skipping the weaves/extensions. Style your hair into an afro Mohawk hairstyle and adorn it with an adorable pearly tiara for an exquisite look.

95. Artistic bridal hairstyle

sleek puffed bun for black bride

Wear a hairstyle that does not need any tiara or jewelry to get an angelic look like the one in the above image. This classy bouffant hairdo is a perfect example to show how simplicity can win people’s heart without any need for adornments.

Turn the top into a puffy structure and hold it in place with a hair spray; style the remaining hair into a twisted or criss-cross updo to get an ideal look for your wedding

96. Loose side braid and bun

side bun hairstyle for black brides

This divine black braid and bun combo will provide you outstanding and sparkling features. To get this look, side part the hair and make a simple braid. Tug the braid to achieve the loose and effortless structure.

The cute tiny floral accessory will add more magic to your whole look and there will be no need for any veil or heavy head jewelry as well.

97. Low side braided bun

Styling the natural black hair can be sometimes so challenging in terms of the styling details. With all hair tied into sleek mid parted bun hairstyle, will add radiance to your fetching makeover.

The touch of romantic red, tiny floral ornament, and lovely pearly headpiece will offer a tantalizing feature to your appearance.

98. Loose finger waves for black women

We love this uber-shiny and manageable black bridal updo hairstyle. To attain this look, apply a strong-hold hair gel after washing hair and style the front side-parted hair into a loose, s-shape by holding the hair strands with wave clamps.

Once, you get the loose finger waves, unite your hair into a low bun and accessorized it with hair jewelry for sublime features.

99. Front bun hairstyle for black women

side puffed wedding bun with accessory

Want to make your appearance cuter as well as mesmeric? Switch up to a front bun hairstyle rather than going for commonly done low or side ‘dos. To get this black wedding hairstyle, place the faux bun at the top left corner of the head and prettify it with a charming hair accessory.

100. Black glamorous side updo

black bridal hairstyles

Here is another updo hairstyle for black brides that will provide a vintage and quixotic vibes to them because of the flowing side-swept wavy bangs. It is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that a black girl can wear for her special day to add more femininity and contemporary expression.

101. Stunning sister locks hairstyle

Sister locks come under the short and thin category of dreadlocks that can provide black women, an ultimate inspiration to wear for the wedding. You can wear the sister locks with great innovations such as style them into a two bun hairstyle; one bun covering the head top and the other as a low bun.


We have done our best to bring you the most popular and beautiful black wedding hairstyles for women. If you are still in doubt, take another good look at the above options. Your perfect hairstyle is waiting for you right here.


Choosing the perfect black bridal hairstyle fully depends on your hair and your preference. First of all, ask yourself what you want and how you wanna look. Ask the below questions to yourself.

Do I want hair volume?

If you want volume, you should go for updos. Your hair is most likely thick enough to create a voluminous bun or a braid. If not, opt for hair extensions.

What length do I prefer?

If your hair too short of creating the flowing hairstyle you always dreamed of? Hair extensions are there to help you.

You can choose from a wide variety of braids, from Senegalese to cornrows. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of sew-ins to add some soft unbraided locks.

Do I prefer comfort to look fabulous with a complex bridal hairstyle?

If you want to feel comfortable during the wedding and forget about constant touchups, you need an updo. Having flowing locks might look beautiful but it requires special hair.

Any braided updos or buns can make you forget about your hair for the whole day while looking more than stunning.

Do I want any particular hair color to be matched with my wedding theme?

Are you tired of your black tresses and want to create something special for your wedding? Consider getting highlights.

Adding just a few partial highlights to your black mane can make a magnificent difference in your image. You don’t have to actually dye your hair, you can use hair extensions for highlights.

Do I want to enhance my wedding hairstyle with hair accessories?

If you are into jewelry, use various hair accessories for your wedding hairstyle. Black women look stunning with a bridal hairstyle that includes wedding dress-matched hair accessories.

You need to adjust your hairstyle to the accessories you want to use. Meanwhile, they should match your wedding dress.

When should black women get extensions before a wedding?

You should get hair extensions done at least two weeks before the wedding. You can take some liberties with this time frame if you have had extensions in the past and know how long it takes your hair to look the best with them.

Can black women wear protective hairstyles for a wedding?

Yes! There are many beautiful protective hairstyles for Black women to wear for a wedding. Whether you are the bride or a guest, styles like box braids or locs can be made into gorgeous updos and still protect your hair.


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