15 Cool Comb Over Fade Cuts for You to Sport

Comb over fade has recently taken the hairstyle world by storm, with its elegant, classy and trendy aura. This hairstyle has simply been a crowd-pleaser because of its optimum functionality and versatility. The low maintenance hairstyle that looks breathtaking is a hairstyle you cannot falter with.


Best Comb Over Hairstyles with Fade

This haircut is safe yet at the same time quirky and edgy resulting in the perfect hairstyle. Check out the best comb over fade cuts below:

1. Classic Fade with a Side Part

comb over fade with side part

This is the classic version of the comb over haircut with low fade. It consists of a hard or deep part and a fade that begins relatively low. This hairstyle is widely preferred due to its ability to look appropriate irrespective of the occasion.

The low fade makes professional enough to sport at work while the hard part makes it edgy enough for rendezvous.


2. Skin Fade Comb Over

comb over haircut with skin fade

The whole idea of the skin fade is to accentuate the comb over at the crown area. The skin fade is also widely known as the bald fade in relation to its look. This hairstyle is perfect for someone who wants to switch to a more acceptable Mohawk inspired hairstyle.


3. Asymmetrical Comb Over

comb over fade haircut

If you enjoy modern hairstyles that are out there this comb over fade haircut is a great option. With the asymmetrical cut towards the top, this hairstyle has all the extravagance within it.

You might have to invest time in styling it, but the result is exceedingly attractive, making it worth it.


4. 60’s Inspired Comb-Over

60s comb over with fade haircut

As mentioned before the most preferred attribute about a hipster comb-over hairstyle is the versatility and the opportunity to alter it based on personal preferences.

If you are a man who’s into the 60’s vibe this twirl short quiff with a hard part and fade is a great hairstyle to indulge in.


5. Long Comb Over

long slick comb over with fade

Here’s a haircut that’s inspired by both a bad boy haircut and a wall street haircut. It is apt for someone who feels like their personality represents both.

This gelled down slick comb over is a great way to turn attention your way. This hairstyle is beguiling with the tapered hair on sides; it gives all the right vibes.


6. Pushed Back Comb Over

Comb over’s have never been age centric, men of all ages have worn and rocked them. If you are someone who’s a little elderly, don’t be intimidated.

Instead, choose this pushed back pompadour. It’s a perfect mix of something off of a classic hairstyle and a modern one. The combed back hair paired with the fade is a great balance between old and new.


7. Short Comb Over Fade

Comb over is not only worn long but short as well. Hence, if you sway towards the faded side, this is the kind of hairstyle you need to go for. It doesn’t require much of your time in terms of styling, making it extremely functional.

But at the same time, it does look like you made an effort, making the hairstyle appealing. It is great for an on-the-go style that looks pleasing irrespective of the time you take to style it.


8. Taper Fade and Comb Over

This comb over fade with line haircut has a hard line separating the taper fade and the short pomp towards the crown.

This neatly cut hairstyle is perfect for someone who has a round face since the hard part will add some dimension. In addition, this haircut can also be worn for any event, formal, informal, and otherwise.


9. Comb Over with Undercut

Sporting a ginger beard this season is the new in-thing to do. Beards make you look younger and have the ability to bring a hairstyle together. If you are a man blessed with a well-grown beard, the best thing you can do is pair it with a comb over fade hairstyle.

These two separate elements together make up the most smoldering and sexy look that can never go wrong.


10. Comb Over with Details

comb over haircut with fade

If you are into unique hairstyles and enjoy standing out in a mellow way, this comb over is something you need to get.

Instead of the hard part being on the crown, it is way lower than usual. This element creates a unique yet intriguing twist to the regular hard part fade and comb over hairstyle.


11. Hard Part Comb Over

This comb over style is a great option for those who are transitioning into the hard part look.

The low fade isn’t that out there making it great for a first-timer, and the comb-over as well is short and subtle. This look is perfect for someone who desires to look hip in a personal setting.


12. Asian Comb Over 

If you are into pompadour hairstyles and feel the need to revamp it a little, this is what you should be getting at your next hair appointment.

The pompadour is complimented with a high skin faded comb over giving the face more shape and the hairstyle more edginess.


13. High Bald Fade with a Hard Part

This hairstyle can be opted for by men who have thin hair. Keeping your hair short will give an illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Also, the skin fade at the sides will draw necessary attention to the crown and hard part hence completing the look.


14. Comb Over Fade with Line

comb over fade with line

This hairstyle is a great way to wear your hair to college or a workplace with an informal setting.  This distinct hard part turns the hairstyle up a notch, making it appear as much and irresistible.


15. Comb Over + High Fade 

short textured comb over fade hair

If you aren’t afraid of your hair completely shaved except for the crown area, this hairstyle is something you should try. It’s easy to maintain and looks great with the texture comb over at the crown. You could sport it anywhere and look ravishing.


Comb over fade is a hairstyle you should give a go. They consist of looks that are no maintenance at all and looks that are exceedingly extra. Allow yourself to play around with your hair and look amazing by getting a comb-over.

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