33 of The Best Short Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Short and attractive undercut hairstyles have become so popular and trendy these days among fashionable men. They love to combine practically effortless and timeless styling with high fashion points. However, living in the age of technology means that there are more than one variation and design tailored to this undercut combination. Thus, making it harder for us to choose the right one wisely.

When it comes to trendy undercut hairstyles, the short hair undercut is unquestionably amongst the best. The short undercut is usually youthful and adaptable, allowing it to work exceptionally well for curly, wavy, or straight hair types.

The other features of undercut hairstyles for short hair can be interpreted in several ways depending on your face shape. Finding the right selection for your lifestyle demands is easy. But we have taken that hurdle for you, and here are the best 33 hairstyles for men.


How To Style Short Hair Undercut

men with short undercut hairstyle

The short undercut for men is amongst the few selected undercut hairstyles that are continuously evolving. To style short hair undercut, you are going to first agree on a top style, or something better. This would be followed by:

  • Getting a look at afro hair types.
  • Getting a professional to handle your selections.
  • Agree on a buzz or trendy undercut.
  • After cutting, add a super low undercut with fade.
  • Leave short hairs on top for styling.


How to Style Short Undercut with a Beard

short undercut with beards

To style undercut on short hair with a beard, it’s necessary to choose the right beard style with your hair because the mismatch of the combination may look weird.

  • Comb over or side part undercut matches well with a full beard and a bushy beard.
  • Slicked back hair is suitable for a short beard.
  • Short undercut with medium length hair looks good with a long beard.


Men’s Short Undercut Hairstyles

What makes us fall in love even more with short undercuts is their versatile quality. Because whether you have curly, thin, kinky, wavy, or straight hair you can flaunt an undercut. But, with different hair types and different style desires, comes different undercut choices. Therefore, we have put together the list of the trendiest undercut hairstyles for men with short hair below to help guide you through this tough decision.

#1. Fade Out Short Undercut

Short Undercut Fade hairstyle for men

Sometimes you need to think outside the box in order to stand out from the crowd. Because apparently, the basic undercut is not enough to make the ladies swoon. So, you need a secret ingredient as a bonus point that would make your impeccable style worth noticing. Thus, you can do that with the help of the fade-out effect to the sides of your hair for a more dramatic effect.


#2. Lowest Maintenance

short hair undercut for men

Another great feature of short undercuts is that they require minimal to none maintenance whatsoever. Therefore making it the ultimate choice for every busy man who always needs to rush out the door each morning with bed head hair. Because with undercuts you can go out with your ” I just rolled out of bed look” and still look as stylish as ever.

How to Style Long Undercuts: The Style Guide


#3. High Contrast

Short Undercut hairstyle for boy

This short undercut hairstyle is another way to grab everybody’s attention is the principle of contrast. But, what kind of contrast can we have in hair design?

Because hair length is the easiest game you can play, achieving contrast using variations in hair length is the key to your stardom. So, all you need to do is tell your barber to trim the sides really short while the tops remain relatively long.

Quick Tip: Increasing the difference between hair lengths will increase your eye-grabbing chance at any crowd.


#4. Half Ponytail Undercut

short undercut with half pony

Possibly the look kept your hair in line with the undercut but restrained to match its modern setting. The half-pony with short hair undercut remains a popular choice for years now. It remains an excellent option if you seek an edgy and under-control look.


#5. Maintaining The Undercut

men Short Undercut hair

If you wish to keep on rocking the men’s short undercut perfectly, you will need to regularly upkeep it. Because as your hair grows out, the undercut will look different. So, if you don’t like this change you will have to pay the barber shop visits more regularly in order to keep it trimmed to the shape you have in mind.


#6. Au Naturel

Natural Short Undercut for men

Only the greatest kind of short undercut hairstyles will enable you to go out au naturel without the help of any hair product whatsoever. So, get ready, get set, go out with your au naturel hairstyle because that’s what trendily is all about these days.


#7. Short Tapered Undercut

While electing for blowout haircut, this undercut creates a hairstyle that looks modern and relaxed, united with tapered sides retaining an overall look that is clean and sharp.


#8. Be Different

A completely different way to style short undercut is to stay away from shaving down the edges all the way to your skin. On the contrary, keeping a decent length to the sides while the top is kept long enough to hang in front.


#9. Fashionable Undercut

Long Short Undercut you love

For men who don’t want extremely short hair even though they are going for undercut, this is the right design for you. Because this is very cool for longer styles that include slicked back hair.

How to style it?

  1. Run hair pomade through your hair. ( Use pomade with shine if you want that inner glow)
  2. Blow dry back using your fingers to style it into place.


#10. Short Undercut for Men with Extra Volume

Short Undercut for Men with Extra Volume

If you are craving more voluminous undercut hairstyles, there are two ways to make it happen.

  1. Good hair mousse will add volume to your hair making it more noticeable and eye-catching.
  2. Blow drying before adding any product will help increase the volume especially if you use a bristle round brush for curls and twists.


#11. Silver Fox Undercut

The topknot is suitable for young gents and silver-haired men looking for great short undercut for long hair. It’s fantastic and stylish cut offers additional confidence when pulled off. So, if your hairs are grey and you seek something fashionable, be sure to consider the silver fox undercut.


#12. Cute In Curls

curly Short Undercut hairstyle for men

Here’s another incredible design specially tailored for guys with curly hair. Because the textured curls on the top are responsible for giving life to your style, you need to take good care of them. So, you have to use medium hold pomade to give your curls extra bounce and volume.


#13. More Volume

What makes this guy’s hair so attractive is its voluminous nature. However, not all of us are born with super powerful hair with an excess of volume. So another universal key to more volume is simply blow drying. In addition to that, don’t forget to neatly brush it backward with a tooth comb in order to make this look complete.


#14. Temple Undercut

Not ready to chop off your hair underside? That is not an issue. The temple undercut unlike other undercut make use of shorter hair only around the temples. So, any other hairs found at the back of the head and behind the ears are left to resemble the top. The outcome is always unique.


#15. Short Spikey Hair

spikey top with short undercut haircuts

Amongst the best undercut on short hair is the spiked hair that allows you the freedom to style hair on top in any way you prefer. The undercut blowout remains an excellent style always to try out.


#16. Spiky Yet Not Messy

This kind of short length undercut hairstyles is nothing but a mashup of several different looks. Because the undercut has got longer textured hair on the top with a spiky yet not messy look.

Tip: Using strong hold pomade in slightly damp hair can help the spiky texture stay intact all day long.


#17. More On Maintaining Your Undercut

young boy favorite Short Undercut hairstyle

When you visit the barber shop, there are two ways to maintain a manly undercut hairstyle:

  1. Ask them to trim off the sides and back while keeping the top intact. Thus, adding extra length on top while keeping the sides short and simple. Moreover, this will prepare your hair for a longer hairstyle in the future like disconnected cuts that require long hair.
  2. Ask the stylist to get your hair entirely touched up so it regains its original silhouette and length. So, you should do that if you want to keep the same undercut for an extended period of time.


#18. Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected undercuts are probably the most undercuts noticeable with the most dramatic variations. For example, in the photo above we get some kind of retro design that still works in the modern age.

So, if you want to get this look to tell your barber to get your hair on top disconnected from the sides with a clearly defined line where the short hair stops and the long hair begins. This short undercut makes a bold and striking appeal that is fashion-forward and daring.


#19. Off Center

Short Undercut

Unlike the usually disconnected cuts that place the defined line between the short and long hair on the edge of your head, this one has its own charm. So, by placing this line of the usual edge you can grab even more attention. The style depends on a plain distinction between the hairs on top and shaved sides.

Tip: Disconnected undercuts rely heavily on the use of good quality hair products especially for those with thick hair types which require products with a stronger hold.


#20. Short Undercuts for Men with Thick Hair

Thick short undercut hairstyle

If you have got thick hair, then you are included in the best short undercut men hairstyles yet. Because with thick hair, it is like you are letting your hair type do all the work for you. However, you will definitely need a stronger pomade with an extra hold to ensure no flyaways will make a surprise appearance.


#21. Spiked Up

 Spike Short Undercut for men

For an edgy badass look, you will have to sharpen those hair strands and shape them into spikes. Not only would it increase your style by a factor of 10, but also send a message to everyone about the personality behind this fierce look. So, in order to get it, y0u’ll need to use lots of hair gel to keep its place.


#22. Layered Undercuts

For guys who seek fullness and depth in their hair from a visual perspective, these undercut hairstyles with short hair are your ultimate savior from any styling tragedy. Because by adding layers, it will visually amplify your locks and make them bolder than ever. Thus making your hair more voluminous.

Tip: Start off by cutting smaller segments to form the layers. After that, start trimming off longer segments when you are sure about the style. Otherwise, you would be forced to wait a long period of time for it to grow back.


#23. Excessive Gel

Others style just require excessive gel care to give your hair the wet and damp effect. In addition to that, the gel will help you keep your hair in place for an extended period of time.


#24. Low Fade Undercut

side part short undercut

The undercut offers contemporary sophistication and edgy look combined with sharp contrast accompanying short undercut hairstyles. It applies a smart side part styling alongside a daring take on the look. If you enjoy a subtler look, kindly stick to a few long sides.


#25. Medium Hair Length

Medium Hair Length undercut hairstyle

For guys with medium hair length craving an undercut, here’s what you should do.

  1. Apply strong matte finish hair pomade in order to damp your hair.
  2. Use a tooth comb to comb it into place.


#26. Zayn Malik Style

Zayn Malik short undercut hair

The undercut hairstyles have become so popular lately that even celebrities are hung up on them. So, take the one and only Zayn Malik for example with his taper undercut. Because it has almost zero hair on the sides and the back as it graduates into more hair on the top, it is really attractive.


#27. Caesar Cut with Undercut

short ceaser undercut

This haircut takes a blend of two stylish looks into forming an incredible one. The short Caesar hairstyle remains popular from the time of Julius Caesar. This short hair undercut is always a classic under men’s haircut featuring small fringe and a short length.


#28. Curly Undercut

curly short undercut

Curly undercut is amongst the best short undercut hairstyles suitable for naturally curly, kinky short hairstyle. It is an excellent choice in showing off your curls on top. Shaves on the back and sides lead to a smart and neat look that also brings out your natural volume and texture all concentrated on top.


#29. Side Part Undercut

The hard part undercut gives an edgy attitude. Everyone loves the mixture of the hard part and undercut. This short hair undercut features a shaved part and style that is modern and always makes a statement. All that is required is to fine-tune the thickness and length to suit your appearance.


#30. Short Undercut

undercut for short haired guys

Not all undercut hairstyles require a partner on top. Rocking shaved sides, with short brown hairs on the head still offer a stylish appearance. So, if you enjoy a subtler style, the undercut remains a perfect answer that is often best balanced with full styles.


#31. Straight Undercut

A short hair undercut can work with multiple types, but it looks predominantly sleek with a straight undercut. So, if you own straight hairs, you can consider the straight undercut to get one of the best short hairstyles.

With hairs on top smoothly aligned to the back, this undercut for short hair appears dapper and sharp. As a bonus, morning routines become comfortable with this style.


#32. Asian Undercut

short undercut with bangs

Short Asian undercut styles are becoming popular nowadays. So, if you seek to stand out, the undercut with Bangs would add a fresh element to your appearance. Bangs remains a fantastic option to make an additional fashion-forward touch to undercut. It best to make sure these hairstyles suits your face shape before sticking with it.


#33. Forward-Swept Undercut

forward swept short undercut

The forward-swept undercut does take a modern approach bearing some similarities to the fringe’s resurgence. This undercut fade offers a neat appearance that is best with shorter hair.


Finally, from classic and traditional to the modern looks of the 21st-century, short undercut hairstyles have been so successful and versatile. So, all you have to do to get a 100% successful guaranteed new look is to pick one of the top choices above!

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