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17 Undercut Fade Hairstyles You’ll Find Trending in 2024

One of the most popular fade hairstyles for men is the undercut. The popularity of the undercut fade has significantly risen in the past few years, mainly because it was a signature hairstyle for many celebrities like Brad Pitt and David Beckham.

The faded undercut, in particular, is a very attractive hairstyle because of the different types of looks that a man can get with longer or shorter hair. The undercut with fade is a very common choice for young men, but as it is a trendy hairstyle now, everyone seems to go for it.

How to Style Undercut Fade

How to Style Undercut Fade

An undercut with fade hairstyle for men that comes as a final look from gradual hair cut on the back and on the sides. As it reaches the neck, it becomes shorter and shorter. The side parts of the hair are cut neatly and it blends to the rest of the hair, finishing on the top of the hair, which is in fact what is styled.

Having a faded undercut gives the impression of a neat and clean person, who pays just enough attention to his hair as well as his outfit. It does require a little bit more time for styling than some usual and regular short cut, but it is a fancy hairstyle and it adds to the beauty of the person.

Men with this style are considered to be trendy, modern and fashionable. If you are thinking of getting yourself a cut and it is a men’s undercut fade, be prepared to take the appropriate care and stock up on the important hair tools and products.

If you will be doing your hair at home, be sure to have the proper brushes and combs, hair cream or wax and hairdryer. These are the essentials that will provide a volume and texture to the hairstyle so that it can look nice and modern.

Undercut Fade Hairstyles

As the faded undercut is considered to be the current top modern cut, it comes into many different versions.

The basic undercut fades have provided many different variations of the hairstyle and the variations are based on the length of the hair and personal style. Here is a list of the best 17 undercut fade hairstyles that are trending:

1. Bald Fade with Undercut

bald fade with undercut

To get this hairstyle, start with a clean shaven low cut above the ears. Make this fade gradually towards the crown and style the hair on top of your head to make an undercut. Pair it with a bushy full beard to complete your look.

2. Low Fade with Undercut

low fade with undercut

Styling your hair with this hairstyle will make you feel fresh with its clean and stylish look. If you already have a pair of glasses, then consider getting some matching frames for this hairdo. To achieve this, get an undercut and style your hair back with a comb.

3. Man Bun Undercut with Fade

This amazing hairstyle is achieved by styling your hair into an undercut with a small bun at the back of the head for a smooth and stylish outlook. Adding a beautiful small beard will further enhance your look.

4. Short Hair with Undercut Fade

short hair with undercut fade

The undercut is a widely used and versatile hairstyle. You can pair this with some highlights for that extra pop. Try this out with some dreadlocks and highlights at the ends.

5. Skin Fade with Undercut

Unlike regular undercuts, this undercut shaves the lower part of the head and gradually leave hair to the top of the head. You can style your hair on the top of your head to anything you want. Pairing it with a gorgeous beard will make you look much better.

6. Taper Fade with Undercut

The taper fade undercut is a popular hairstyle, especially for the bigger man. Unlike the regular undercut, this cuts the temple hair that frames your face. It’s mostly used by those with oval face shapes. Grow a small beard to accentuate your hairstyle.

7. Slicked Back Haircut

Slicked Back Undercut with Fade

This slicked back undercut fade hairstyle is considered to be the most beautiful undercut style of all. Here, the hair is neatly combed straight back.

According to personal like, the hair part can be with or without volume. To achieve the best look, it is important to have a product that will hold the hair in the desired position.

8. Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut with Low Fade

Another very popular choice of faded undercut is the side swept undercut. It is similar to the slicked back, but with the difference that the hair instead of being pushed back, is finely combed to the side, starting from the side part.

9. Pompadour Fade

men's pompadour with mid fade

The pompadour fade with undercut is a suitable style for men who have long hair. The sides are shortly shaved, while the top hair is styled into a sleek, voluminous up-do, like a mohawk.

10. Disconnected Undercut with Mid Fade

Disconnected Undercut with Mid Fade

This is a more daring hairstyle, which shows the hair being suddenly separated between the shaved side and the rest of the hair. The side parts are visible and the hair in the middle is combed upwards.

11. Long Hair Undercut with Fade

Undercut Fade for Long Hair

This undercut with fade look requires the hair to be long, but only at the front, and as it goes back to the middle of the head it gets shorter. The side parts are gradually shaved. The hair on the front is combed upwards.

12. Fade with Part

Those who can find the perfect line for the side parts should try this look. The faded undercut is short, accenting the parts of both sides.

13. Juice Box Fade with Undercut

Box Fade with Undercut

Men with pretty thick and curly hair will find this short undercut fade hairstyle appropriate. The gradual shaving on the sides finishes up clear side parts, and the hair is styled in the form of a box, starting on the forehead.

14. Burst Fade Mohawk

For those who are into afro hairstyles, this combination of long bushy and curly hair starting from the top of the head going all the way to the neck with shaved sides will be interesting.

15. Temp Fade with Undercut

Temp Fade with Undercut

The temp fade with undercut hairstyle does not show any side parts. It basically starts with a short cut on the sides and gradually the hair is left more and more and rest covers the biggest part of the head.

16. Undercut Fade with a Curly Fringe

 Undercut Fade with a Curly Fringe

The curly fringe faded undercut is a hairstyle that shows very low shaving on the sides. The curls are falling down over the forehead.

17. Undercut with Hard Part Comb Over

hard part undercut with fade for men

The hard side part fade divides the hair. One part of short hair goes from the one side of the part, while the larger part of the hair is combed and sleeked upwards. A sleek and upgraded undercut fade hairstyles for men.

Low Fade Undercut vs. High Fade Undercut

Low Fade Undercut vs. High Fade Undercut

The most usual and common styles are the low fade and the high fade undercut. The low fade starts right above the ear, while the high fade starts at the temple.

The difference between these two hairstyle looks is that a high fade is an option for those who want to have a more extreme and noticeable hairstyle.

The hairstyle starts high up on the head and tapers faster in the direction towards the neck. Contrary to this, the low fade has that subtler effect that is noticeable only at the edges.


How long does a fade last? 

The good look can be kept for about 2 weeks then you should visit your barber.

Is there any difference between taper and fade?

The difference between taper and fade is that fade blends down to the skin and taper leave some hair.

Which fade suits undercut better? 

The proper fade should be chosen depending on the shape of the face. If you have longer face shape, then go for the slick back fade in all lengths. If you have a rounder face, then pompadour and similar styles are a perfect option.

If you ever considered getting an undercut fade, now is the right time. Follow our suggestions and have the trendiest faded undercut hairstyle!