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25 Hard Part Haircuts for Men to Get A Robust Look

Hard part haircuts make any men look sassy and cool, and they can be combined with many other hairstyles like fading parts, mohawks, or quiffs. The options are limitless, mix them beautifully, and you’ll get a hairdo that will suit your personality.


Hard Part Haircuts for Guys

More than this, if you want to get a unique hairstyle, the hard part can become your canvas! Use a razor and build a spectacular design on one or both sides. You can adopt a look stat is smart and works for any casual or stylish outfits or a rebel hairdo that will suit you like a glove.

1. Double Hard Part Haircut

double hard part haircut

When you want to recreate this fantastic hairdo, get your trimmer and style a hard part on your sides. A pompadour styling for the crown hair will amazingly combine with the lined design and the faded trims.


2. Hard Part Hair with Beard

hard part hair with beard

Bold guys like you should feel free to opt for a hairstyle with so many colors, just like this one. Use a faded hard part on sides and grow yourself a duck beard to complete the look. For the top hair, create two sections and dye them differently in yellow and bright pink.


3. Hard Part Haircut for Black Man

hard part haircut for black men

This buzz cut looks lovely, especially if you choose to decorate it with a straight line designed on the left side of the crown area. Also, a precious beard will fabulously complete the look.


4. Long Hair with Hard Part

hard part on long hair

When you want an out of the ordinary hairdo, a hard part side will undoubtedly gather all the attention. Style a razored like that will part the faded razored area from the one with long locks. You can also use some blonde highlights to make it more spectacular.


5. Short Hard Part Haircut

short hard part haircut

Create a stylish casual good looking hairstyle that will make all ladies die for you. Style a faded hard part haircut on one side and separate it from the long hair with a thick razored line. Use some gel to style your crown hair slightly upwards.


6. Curly Hair with Hard Part

Curly Hair with Hard Part

A hard part haircut can make any hair type look stunning. In this case, by using that faded trim, you put the accent on the curly hair on top. To enhance its texture. Draw a razored thick line that separates the two areas.


7. Buzz Cut with Hard Part

Buzz Cut with Hard Part

Combine a buzz cut with a faded hard part, and you’ll get a rough military look. A razored line on one side will separate the longer top from the trimmed area. This simple design can make real miracles for your hairdo.


8. Military Hard Part Haircut

Military Hard Part Haircut

If you are preparing for military school, or you just love these types of haircuts, choose a straightforward look with a hard part and a line razored design to match.


9. Hard Part on Both Sides

Hard Part on Both Sides

You can look like a real Viking if you choose to get a hard part on both sides of your head. With a razor, style two thick lines that will gloriously delimit the long top crown hair. Make the two lines crisscross in the back.


10. Hard Part Hairstyle for Boy

hard part haircut for boys

Little boys just want to be as their fathers because they tend to pick them as their role models. Don’t be amazed when your little one will ask for a hard part cut with a line razored design and lifted top hair.


11. Disconnected Undercut with Hard Part

Disconnected Pompadour with Hard Part

This is one creative way to get men’s hard part haircut because it enhances the features of the face, it’s both classic and versatile. The pompadour hairstyle was famous in 1950 with celebrities like Elvis Presley adorning the look. This look can be more interesting by creating a mid or skin fade.


12. High Pompadour Fade

hard part hairstyles for men

Unlike other pompadour styles, this look is given extra height by blowing the hair to give it a puffy look. The hard part style consists of a mid-skin fade that gives a perfect contrast as well as a curvy sideline with a deep razor cut. Ensure you get the help of a professional barber to get the perfect look.


13. Short Pompadour + Hard Part

Short Pompadour with hard part

This look has two hard parts on both sides of the head forming a triangle that separates the top of the head. The hair is long but styled into a short pompadour. The style is made unique by the fact that the sideburns stop at the beard line to give it a clean finish.


14. Perfectly Shaved Sides

hard part with shaved sides for men

The perfectly shaved hard part haircut ensures all the side hairs, as well as the comb over, are trimmed to perfection. The hard part is on one side while the sides of the hair fade in unison. The facial hairs are not left behind either, they are also shortened and styled to compliment the hairstyle.


15. Short Spiky Hair

hard part spiky hair for men

This style is very popular with international footballers and rock musicians. With this hard part hairstyle, the sides of the hair are cut to the scalp while the hair on top of the head is made spiky by hair products. The hard part is usually on one side of the head to create a classic look.


16. Hard Part Fade

This hard part hairstyle for men ensures the hair at the crown of the head are kept tousled and at the same time long to achieve the intended look. If you have a long beard it would even compliment the look more. As opposed to cutting the hairs on the side to the scalp, they are trimmed to medium length and the hard part is around the ears with two lines on the same side faded hair.


17. Hard Part with Design

Another one of the modern hard part haircuts, it adds life to any hairstyle even the dullest of them all. In this hairstyle, the hard part starts at a certain point, goes around the end and it’s completed on another section of the head. The hair designs vary from one person to the other depending on your personality and preference.


18. Hard Part with Braid

Braids for men look great when combined with men’s hard part haircuts and this is a unique and creative style. In this style, the braid is typically made on the crown of the head, Viking braid style while the hard part is formed around the braid. The sides of the hair can be faded or trimmed to the scalp.


19. Faux Hawk with High Parting

This look is easy to style and very versatile. The faux hawk can be achieved using a comb by stretching hair from the forehead to the crown. The sides can be trimmed to be smooth with fades or designs.


20. Long Comb Over Hard Part

Long Comb Over Hard Part for Men

The hard part of this style need not be too deep because it’s only used as a demarcation between the long hair and the low faded side. The long hair is combed over to one side and this helps to minimize the stubble look.


21. Messy and Textured

To achieve a more attractive and appealing look in this hard parted hair category, you need to dye your hair for great results. The uniqueness of the style can be seen from the contour of the head. The sides are trimmed clean and the hair is left in a perfect mess.


22. Wavy Side Part Haircut

This hard part haircut is made deeper to create a clear distinction between the faded part of the head as well as the wavy part. Styling this hairstyle is pretty simple and it requires little attention.


23. Mohawk Mullet with Fade

This hairstyle is perfect because it complements the hard part due to the creativity employed in it. With this style, the hair on top of the head is cut short while the hard part is at the back near the neck. The sides of the head are cut to a fade to bring out the distinction.


24. Deep Part with Man Bun

Deep Hard Part with Man Bun

This hard part hairstyle is one of the most contemporary hard parts for men. To create the part, hair is left only at the crown by circling the head. The long hairs are tied in a knot while the rest can be trimmed to the bottom or slightly to create a contrast. The bun can either be made into a ponytail or made to be wavy.


25. High Top Fade with Part and Line Up

Afro Fade with Hard Part and Line Up

A popular hard part hairstyle especially with the African-American men because it enhances their best features including the beard. With this style, the hard cut is normally on one side closer to the ears while the line cut moves from one side to the other to give it a clean finish. The top hair can either be curly or afro depending on your style and preference.


Hard parts fabulously enhance any designs and rich Pompadour hairdos for the top crown hair. You can choose the hard part also to obtain a badass military look that will look straightforward but rough.

Also, beards complete every look and can make you feel stylish, manly, or even glamorous; it’s your choice! Tell us in the comments which haircut suits you best and why!