6 Brilliant Hipster Comb Over Hairstyle Techniques

Comb over hair is a styling trick used by men who have thinning hair. Clever styling techniques allow guys to make their hair look much thicker than it actually is. It is possible to do this by creating the illusion of volume in the hair or by redirecting hair from thicker areas towards thinner areas.

Men can also make their head hair look much thicker by using hipster facial hair. A big bushy beard with a hipster comb over can make men seem like they have more head hair.


Tricks for a Hipster Combover

It is easy to create the illusion of volume by brushing hair upwards from the roots using a comb and some styling products. Shaping the outer limits of the style will also make it look bigger and appear thicker throughout.

Comb over hair normally looks more voluminous because of this. Lastly, it is also possible to create the illusion of thicker hair using a comb-over style which is colored by highlights and lowlights. These colors help to add more texture and depth to the hairstyle.

Rolled Fringe Comb Over Hairstyle

Hipster Comb Over hairstyle for men

Handsome Comb Over Haircuts to Look Fly


Long Fringe with Undercut

Long Fringe Hipster Comb Over hairstyle


Asymmetrical Comb Over Haircut

Asymmetrical Hipster Comb Over hairstyle


Spiked Up Sonic Hairstyle with Tramlines

Sonic Hairstyle with Hipster Comb Over

Super Sharp Line up Haircuts


Cute Peaked Fringe Hairstyle for Hipsters

Fringe Hipster Comb Over with beard


Shapely Comb Cut Hairstyle for Men

black Hipster Comb Over hair for men

Pompadour Styles With Curls & Combs


Guys with thinning hair do not need to worry. There are plenty of hipster comb over hairstyles which can help men to look like they have thicker hairstyles.

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