Military Buzz Cut: Top Styles + How to Maintain

The military buzz cut has its origins in World War 2. It was used by soldiers mainly due to its effectiveness as a form of lice control, which was needed out on the field. It is still common military practice today for inductees to get a buzz cut upon joining the military, as these haircuts provide those inductees with a sense of uniformity.

The military buzz cut is characterized by hair being of the same short length and the style can only be achieved through the use of clippers.


Popular Military Buzz Cuts

The military buzz cut is a great style to choose, as it has many different variations that you can use to find a style that you like the best from the below styles.

Induction Cut

induction cut

One military buzz cut style, and probably the sharpest, is the Induction. As the name suggests it is the haircut fresh cadets get upon joining the military. Out of all the military buzz cut styles, this one is the shortest. The look is achieved through the use of clippers with no guard. The look is super tight and helps define the face.

men's military induction cut

This type of cut suits people with square-shaped faces the most. The hairstyle is very low maintenance as well, obviously, with absolutely no styling required at all. Furthermore, growing a light stubble with this look would help define your facial features.


Burr Cut

burr cut

Another variation of the military buzz cut is the burr cut. This is the most popular style being used in the military. The burr cut is achieved with using clippers with a guard between 1 and 2. The extra bit of length in the hair helps reduce the overall sharpness of the look.

burr cut for military men

Giving softer textures overall, furthermore this look goes great with facial hair of the same length and it adds the overall style. The burr cut is a clean no-nonsense military haircut for the everyday man, it is very low maintenance and suits people who live very busy lives and don’t have the time as it is like the inductee a very low maintenance hairstyle.

military style burr cut

Moreover, the extra hair on top makes this look more suited towards people with an oblong-shaped face. It helps bring out their facial structure and goes even better with a short beard or a light stubble.


How to Maintain Military Buzz Cut

maintain military buzz cut

Of course, it goes without saying that the military buzz cut is very low maintenance. All you really need to do is get your hair trimmed every month or so to maintain the short length. There isn’t much room to style your hair with the military buzz cut but don’t worry, it’s still a great way to express yourself.

There are many different variations of this cut. The two we mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg. You can choose to get whichever variation suits your style the best.

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The military buzz cut has been worn by nearly every man during his life. Other than being popular in the armed forces, many celebrities have gotten the military buzz cut as well. It’s even made an appearance on red carpets!

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