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32 Handsome Actors With Buzz Cuts

Hate the idea of combing your hair over and over, and using lots of products to maintain it? Getting a short haircut is the best solution for you and these actors with buzz cuts will show you how.

You may be confused as to how you’re going to make such short hair look different than anyone else with the same cut.

With certain changes to the length of hair, the addition of lineups, and the use of fade, actors have styled their buzz cuts a fit for any personality or face type.

Check out the cool Hollywood celebrity actors who bring a bold look with simple buzz haircuts!

1. Aaron Paul – Shaved Head

Actor Aaron Paul With Buzz Cut

The bearded actor and Breaking Bad celebrity often keeps his hair short like this fictional character Jesse Pinkman.

Here, he keeps the buzz cut short, with a low fade on the sides and back. His sideburns connect with his stubble beard, which extends to his neck.

2. Brad Pitt – Uniform Short Hair

Actor Brat Pitt With Buzz Cut

When it comes to men’s fashion and style, you will find different hairstyles of Brad Pitt and he pairs it perfectly with suitable beard styles.

This is a longer version of the uniform buzz cut leaves an even length of hair around the head. He pairs it with a light stubble around his chin and face.

3. Channing Tatum – Classic Crew Cut

Actor Channing Tatum With Buzz Cut

This is an example of a classic crew cut that many people in the military choose these days. The sides are buzzed close to the scalp, leaving very short hair, while the top is just slightly longer.

4. Chris Evans – Buzz Cut with Widow’s Peak

Actor Chris Evans With Buzz Cut

Chris Evans not only rocks medium-length hairstyles like his roles in Captain America, but he also rocks the buzz cuts that trim hair very close to the scalp.

This hairstyle has a widow’s peak hairline and even hair length across the head with low sideburns. He also keeps a 5 O’Clock shadow with this style.

5. Chris Hemsworth – M-Shaped Butch Cut

Actor Chris Hemsworth With Buzz Cut

This short hairstyle has a mid fade, and Chris Hemsworth even shows off some of his lighter natural hair color.

The butch cut is slightly longer than a typical buzz cut for actors because it leaves some length for added texture. He also keeps shorter sideburns that fade into his stubble beard.

6. Chris Pine – Receding Hairline

Actor Chris Pine With Buzz Cut

Shorter than a buzz cut, the 1/4 inch buzz cut is very closely trimmed near the scalp, showing Chris Pine’s hairline.

It shows where the hair is thinning, particularly on the sides, and where the hair grows thicker, such as the crown. He pairs this with patchy stubble across the chin and neck.

7. Daniel Day-Lewis – Fuzz Cut without Sideburns

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis With Buzz Cut

Award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t shy away from a very short haircut to keep things simple and elegant.

His sideburns are short and have a neat taper on the sides, with some grays visible. From the front, his hairline shows some thinning and moves farther back.

8. Denzel Washington – Short Curly Hair

Actor Denzel Washington With Buzz Cut

Denzel Washington’s curly hair has an even length all over and is long enough to show some curl, with specs of white hair poking through.

9. Dwayne Johnson – Close Cropped

Actor Dwayne Johnson With Buzz Cut

The celebrity Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson usually style his hair in a crew buzz cut as part of his looks.

It’s a buzz cut that leaves more growth on the top compared to the sides. On the sides, he keeps a high fade and has a line-up to accentuate the temples and hairline.

10. Idris Elba – High Skin Fade with Circle Beard

Actor Idris Elba With Buzz Cut

Another actor with curly hair, Idris Elba has a line-up for neatly trimmed edges along the temples From the front.

At the top, the butch buzz cut leaves some growth for his natural hair to form a curl and he has a high skin fade that starts around the temples, and he tops it off with a neat circle beard.

11. Jack O’Connell – Short Hair with Cowlick Front

Actor Jack O'Connell With Buzz Cut

Jack O’Connell’s brush cut is a longer style of the regular buzz cut for actors. It involves closely trimming the hair on the sides and the back.

The hair on the top is longer so that he can brush it to one side and style it. From the side, he has thin and short sideburns that end just near the top of the ears, as well as a low fade.

12. Jaden Smith – Blonde Hair

Actor Jaden Smith With Buzz Cut

The induction buzz cut is a simple style for men as it trims the hair close to the growth. Jaden Smith’s dark blonde hair is much lighter around the hairline, with a fade on the sides.

13. Jake Gyllenhaal – High and Tight Haircut

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal With Buzz Cut

Also known as the quick fade, the jarhead buzz cut leaves the top short with a high fade on the sides, with the top looking much darker.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s fade starts around his temples and gradually thins down into a skin fade.

14. Jamie Dornan – V Shape

Actor Jamie Dornan With Buzz Cut

Jamie Dornan’s celebrity buzz cut doesn’t have a fade, with even growth from all sides. He pairs it with a full beard, mustache, and wide soul patch.

From the sides of his head, his sideburns are tapered and connected to his full beard.

15. Jason Statham – Balding Haircut with Rugged Short Beard

Actor Jason Statham With Buzz Cut

With countless action films under his belt, Jason Statham is known for his buzz-cut looks.

Because of his natural horseshoe hairline, the top is much thinner in terms of growth. The sides and back have a low fade that ends near the nape of the neck.

16. Joe Jonas – Clipped Hair without Lineup

Actor Joe Jonas With Buzz Cut

This is a regular buzz cut, with the only difference being that it’s grown out for added length. Joe Jonas also pairs a light beard with the cut. It has the same length from the top to the sides and back.

17. John Boyega – Squared Fuzz Cut

Actor John Boyega With Buzz Cut

At the front, John Boyega has a line-up to make the hairline seem more prominent above the forehead and at the temples.

The mid fade is lighter from the front and gets darker at the back, which shows a much thinner hairline.

18. John Legend – Afro Buzz Cut with Shadow Stubble

Actor John Legend With Buzz Cut

Here’s a celebrity buzz cut that has more length all around. It’s similar to an afro buzz cut because the hair is long enough to show some natural curls.

There’s no fade on the sides, except for the sideburns, which blend into the skin with a skin fade.

19. Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Ivy League Haircut

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt With Buzz Cut

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s buzz cut is different because there’s no fade or shaving close to the skin.

This Ivy League buzz cut uses scissors but stays close to the head while keeping some length. It’s still shorter than a brush cut since it doesn’t allow movement or a parting.

20. Justin Timberlake – Army Cut with Faded Sides

Actor Justin Timberlake With Buzz Cut

Here’s the high and tight crew cut, which is different from other types because of its unique fade.

On the sides of his head, Justin Timberlake’s hair is short and transitions into a fade near the dome. At the front, the neat edges of the line-up show a clean hairline.

21. Lenny Kravitz – Soldier Cut with Shield Glasses

Actor Lenny Kravitz With Buzz Cut

Musician Lenny Kravitz pairs a clean buzz cut with scruffy stubble that goes down to his neck while keeping neat cheek lines.

He has a burr fade cut, so his hairline looks thinner around the edges like the temples but stays thicker on the top.

22. Matt Damon – Bristle Haircut with Half Rim Glasses

Actor Matt Damon With Buzz Cut

There’s no fade around the sides in its buzz cut, so Matt Damon’s hair keeps the same short length all around. His gray hair is visible on the sides, and he pairs the hairstyle with rectangular, half rim glasses.

23. Michael B. Jordan – Wavy Short Hair with Skin-faded Sides

Actor Michael B. Jordan With Buzz Cut

On the top, this African American buzz cut is long enough to show the natural growth pattern and form small curls. From the dome, this transitions into a skin fade on the sides of his head.

He has a pencil mustache and chinstrap beard and complements the look with diamond ear studs.

24. Nick Jonas – Tapered Haircut with Short Fringe

Actor Nick Jonas With Buzz Cut

In the tapered celebrity buzz cut, the back and sideburns grow narrow and gradually fade into the skin.

His patchy beard has distinct lines along the cheeks. The front shows a small fringe growing on his widow’s peak hairline.

25. Robert Pattinson – Clipper Cut with Taper or Fade

Actor Robert Pattinson With Buzz Cut

A number two buzz cut for actors gets its name because it leaves very short hair that makes the scalp visible.

Here, Robert Pattinson has a straight hairline and tapered sideburns, with no fade on the sides of the head.

26. Ryan Gosling – Blonde Scalped Haircut

Actor Ryan Gosling With Buzz Cut

A naturally blonde buzz cut blends into the skin, so there’s no distinct hairline.

Actor Ryan Gosling shows some hair thinning on the sides of the head, while the top has a bristle buzz cut, so the hair stands on end. And his stubble extends below the chin and onto the neck.

27. Theo Rossi – Buzzed Mohawk with Shaved Sides

Actor Theo Rossi With Buzz Cut Mohawk

This style includes a buzzed mohawk that appears as a strip of hair in the middle of the head.

The sides are a number zero buzz cut, so they’re shaved to enhance the appearance of the mohawk, which doesn’t have a prominent edge from the front.

28. Tom Hardy – Zero Cut with a Hard Line

Actor Tom Hardy With Buzz Cut

Here, Tom Hardy has a fade along the sides, and it starts at the edge of the top, transitioning into a skin fade as it moves towards the neck and sideburns.

The top is a burr cut, which makes scars and the hairline much more visible. He pairs this with a walrus mustache and full beard that covers the top lip.

29. Tom Holland – Traditional Short Haircut with No Facial Hair

Actor Tom Holland With Buzz Cut

The front of this buzz cut shows actor Tom Holland’s straight hairline, with the same length on the sides as the top.

His hair is longer than a typical buzz cut, but it’s shorter than a brush cut, which can be pushed or parted to the side.

30. Tyler J Williams – Marine Haircut with Teenage Mustache

Actor Tyler J Williams With Buzz Cut

This hairstyle is the straight cut short buzz, and it’s preferable for afro hair because of the naturally straight hairline.

On the top, actor Tyler J Williams has a haircut that’s longer than traditional buzz cuts because of his curls.

31. Wentworth Miller – Regulation Cut with Very Short Sideburns

Actor Wentworth Miller With Short Buzz Cut

The actor has a sharp M-shaped hairline and simple number two buzz cut.

The hair is trimmed short without a guard, and the edges of the sideburns are tapered. His hair is darker near the sides, and he has a light shadow stubble.

32. Will Smith – Low-fade Buzz with French Beard

Actor Will Smith With Buzz Cut

Popular actor Will Smith has a typical line-up buzz cut that most black men choose when they prefer a short hairstyle.

The top is thicker and darker because the hair is grown out, but the sides show a mid-fade near the temples. He also has a stubble goatee beard with neat inner and outer edges.

These were 32 actors with buzz cuts that you can try if you’ve become tired from having to style your hair daily. It’s a hassle-free style that requires less preparation or growth beforehand.

So, take a look at some of these styles to know which actor with a buzz cut you can emulate for a new look.

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