Different Haircut Numbers and Hair Clipper Sizes – Learn How to Achieve Your Required Haircut

Haircut number and sizes play a great role when it comes to perfect hairstyle. Desired hair length isn’t possible without a right hair clipper size. The knowledge of right clipper size is necessary irrespective of whether you are a professional barber or want to get your haircut on your own.

Basically, haircut number represents the size of guard clipper size which is mounted on the clipper. The size of clipper means the size of hair left after cutting. The value of a number is directly proportional to the size of the hair, i.e. the greater the number will be the longer the hair left after use.

Different brands offer their haircut number kits, and every haircut clipper size varies 1/8 of an inch. Number 3 haircut means 3/8 inches hair on the scalp while haircut number 4 will give you ½ inch length.


Different Haircut Numbers & Hair Clipper Guard Sizes

The selection of hair cut number and clipper guard sizes depend on haircut style that a person chooses. But here are the haircut number and the length you get from it. Before sharing the haircut numbers and respective lengths, we will give a brief detail of hair terminologies used by barbers so you may understand the exact length required for your favorite haircut.


Taper: Taper is a common term used by barbers. It means the length of your hair will gradually decrease from top to bottom. No clippers are used in tapering while it doesn’t require a short haircut.

Taper hairstyle for men


Fade: Fade means the change of length from top to bottom in such a way that seems to fade out. Some people get confused between taper and fade due to the similarity, but both are different in looks. Guard clippers are used in fading while expert hairdressers can make taper haircut with scissors.

mens Fade haircut


Neckline: Neckline greatly impacts on your overall haircut appearance. There are three main necklines. Usually, barbers offer, i.e. tapered, round, and blocked. In tapered neckline, the natural neckline is followed and gradually shortened the length. You don’t need to get a haircut again and again as it gets mixed with rest of your hair and gives a neat look for the longer time. Blocked neckline is used to give a wider look at your neck and good for those who have thin neck shapes. Short term clean look is a major drawback of this haircut as the growing hair disturbs the overall appearance. Rounded neckline is similar to the blocked neckline, and it gives untidy looks when your hair starts growing again.


Texture: The choice of texture absolutely depends on the kind of your hair. Curly, thick, and thin hair textures differ from each other.

Texture hairstyle for men

1. Choppy texture gives outstanding results when you want to add volume to your hair. The cutting involves different lengths which are being cut the difference of 45 degree angle and results in well grown and puffy appearance.

2. Razored texture is for those who have curly hair, and they want to manage the bulky look of the hair. It gives the slightly edgy appearance and helps you to lay flatter on the top.

3. Layered texture involves different hair lengths to give an appearance of depth and richness. The short hair resides on the top of the longer hair and adds volume.

4. The thin texture is the solution of immensely thick hair. Barbers cut down some of your hair strands from different sides without giving it an obnoxious


Sideburns: Sideburns are another important factor in haircut which one shouldn’t ignore if he wants to get a perfect haircut. Top of the ear, bottom of the ear, and mid ear are three self-explanatory types of sideburns. Different clipper sizes and trimmers are used to make your sideburns thin or noticeable.

Sideburns hairstyle for young men


Buzz CutBuzz haircut is categorized in short haircuts and known as a military haircut. Extremely short top hair, side fades, and thin sideburns are used in a buzz cut. Smaller guard clipper sizes are used for this haircut and it better to tell the guard clipper number to your barber, so he gets to know the exact type of buzz cut you want to get.

buzz cut hairstyle


Crew Cut: Crew cut is another most demanded haircut that can be achieved by giving even haircut at the top of the head and clipper tapers are used at the sides and back of the head to make fades.

Crew Cut hairstyle for boy


Ivy League: Harvard, Brown, and Princeton Clip are other names of Ivy League haircut. Most of the barbers use scissors instead of clippers to maintain the top shape at the top head.

mens Ivy League hairstyle


Businessman Haircut: Peaked or taper haircut are the alternative names of businessman haircut. The top of head hair length of this haircut is about 2 inches. Guard clippers are used for sideburns, but scissors are used to maintain the top head length.

 Businessman Haircut


Caesar Cut: Caesar cut involves small side tapering or no tapering. To make fringes on forehead, one-inch length is left at the top while rest of the hair left as it is.

Caesar Cut hairstyle


Fade Cut: Simple side and back tapering is used in side cut that is done with the help of clippers. The selection of low and high fades depends on the person.

Fade Cut haircut for men


Comb Over Fade: Comb over fade haircut is a combination of different haircut lengths. Long hair is kept at the top while different transitions are used for side and back fades. Scissors are used at the top of hair while smaller numbers of guard clippers are used at both sides and back of the head to make a variation of fades.

Comb Over Fade hairstyle


High and Tight: This haircut requires the shortest size of a hair on both sides and back. The haircut is a variation of different fades which can be seen at both sides and neckline. An inch or half an inch of length is perfect for top hair. Barbers use scissors or clipper #8 to maintain this hair length. Little maintenance is distinguishing feature of this haircut that makes it popular among young boys and middle-aged men.

High and Tight haircut


Undercut: Sharp angles and volumes are used in the undercut. The length of top hairs is kept longer while sides are clipped shorter. You may sweep and slicked the top hair while the fade sides give neat and clean looks. Undercut gained popularity after the appearance of James Dean in different movies.

Undercut hair


Square Flare Shape: Square flare shape is similar to undercut, but straight line across the hairline makes it different. It’s one of the neatest haircuts due to the sleek sideburns and clean neckline. However, you require more maintenance as grown hair can ruin the overall shape of your haircut.

Square Flare Shape hair


Men’s Asymmetrical: Due to the uneven sizes of both sides, this haircut is known as a sophisticated and tricky haircut that needs more expertise and skills on the use of guard clippers. Barbers make different lengths on both sides of the scalp to give a bold look. Usually, haircut number 1 and haircut number 2 are used for sideburns and neckline while clippers are used to maintain the top length.


Haircut Number Vs. Clipper Size

Now we will discuss the haircut numbers and the lengths you get from them in detail. This information is necessary to know when you want to use these clippers on your own.

Haircut Number

Length in Inches

Length in mm (Andis)

1 1/8 0,25
2 1/4 0,5
3 3/8 1,2
4 1/2 1,2
5 5/8 2,4
6 3/4 3,2
7 7/8 4
8 1 5,3

Number Zero Haircut 

Number zero haircut doesn’t require any guard to be attached. The permanent guard is used for it. This haircut exposes the scalp and gives a very deep haircut. Usually, it’s used for fading and short buzz. Barbers use it for a bald haircut as the length remains 1/16 of an inch. Clipper length in mm for Andis hair clipper is 0.2 mm.


Number 1 Haircut

number 1 hairstyle

Number 1 haircut is about 1/8 of an inch, and we never recommend it to those who don’t want to expose their scalp. Number 1 haircut use for taper and fading. Hair stylists use it to give different fading levels. Guard 1 doesn’t cut hair as deeper as guard zero cuts, but still, you should practice it before a final haircut. Andis hair clipper size for taper and fading style in mm is 0.25 mm.


Number 2 Haircut

Number 2 Haircut for men

The increased clipper size means increased hair length. Guard 2 clipper size is favorite and the most clipper for making fades. It never cuts hair too long or too short. A ¼ inch is the size of hair you get from this clipper. Guys have thick hair should prefer guard 2 while those who have thin hair should look for another guard number. The Andis clipper blade size of number 2 haircut is 0.5 mm.


Number 3 Haircut

Mens cool Number 3 Haircut

Guard clipper 3 provides 3/8 inch length that is the longest length used for fades and sides. Never go for guard 3 if you want shorter fades. Number 3 is also used for the top head if someone wants extremely short hair without showing the scalp. Such a short length doesn’t need any brush or comb to style the hair. Andis blade 1.2 mm is the clipper length of this haircut.


Number 4 Haircut

cool Number 4 Haircut for men

Number 4 haircut answers to the needs of both thick and thin hair. It gave ½ inch long hair and known as the medium length hair clipper. To get an ideal haircut from guard clipper 4, use it at the top of the head and add fades at both sides. Longer hair at the top will leave an impact when you use the clipper in the right way. If someone wants this haircut he must get a andis blade that sizes 1.2 mm.


Number 5 Haircut

mens favorite Number 5 Haircut

This clipper size is for long hair styles and ideal for taper styling. This size 5 clipper is used a number of hairstyles, and usually, models and celebrities’ hairstyling require clipper 5. The length of the hair is 5/8 from clipper size 5, and it’s not as blunt as the transition of fades used in taper styling. The Andis clipper size of this hairstyle is 2.4 mm.


Number 6 Haircut

Number 6 Hairstyle for men

It gave ¾ inch length and used for tapering. You may use it at the neckline to get the rounded and squared style and you will have to have a andis clipper blade size of 3.2 mm for this style.


Number 7 Haircut

Number 7 Haircut for men

Number 7 haircut is used to give a crew cut and perfect for thick hair. But still, you need to use smaller number clippers that is 4 mm. to get side fades.


Number 8 Haircut

best Number 8 Haircut

Number 8 is full inch length, and it’s the rarely ordered length. Number 8 hair clippers are used to trim the longer hair and used for the top of the head. The haircuts with longer hair at the top and buzz cut at sides require number 8 clipper. The andis hair clipper size of this style is 5.3 mm.


The hair clipper & men’s hair video guide:


Common Questions about Haircut Numbers and Hair Clipper Sizes

There are different questions arise in the minds regarding haircut number and haircut clipper sizes. Here we are going answer a few most of the common questions asked by the people.


1. What is the Longest Haircut Number?

The longest haircut number is 8 that is 1 inch long. You can never use it fades but only for trimming and top head haircut.


2. What is the lowest haircut number?

Zero is the lowest haircut number that even doesn’t require any guard clipper. You get the bald style from number zero haircut.


3. What is the best haircut number to use for taper fade?

Smaller haircut numbers like 1, 2, 3 are the best haircut numbers to get taper fades. After number three you can’t use clippers for fades.


4. What is number haircut for fohawk or faux hawk?

Haircut number 8 gives perfect fohawk or faux hawk hairstyle. The clipper gives 1 inch length while you need to use smaller numbers for side fades.


Different haircut numbers and Haircut clippers play a vital role in achieving the right hairstyle. Hairstylists emphasis on the need professional level knowledge of these instruments as they are extremely important for minor detailing. Without these clippers, using different hair lengths in the same hairstyle wasn’t easy as only experts could do this job. Thanks to these clippers which have made expert hairstylist to everyone.

Always use right terms or inform your barber about the right clipper size so he completely understand your requirements and you both don’t have to repent at the end of a haircut. If you are unsure about your haircut requirements, then show him the image of the haircut. One must read the instructions provided by the company on the clippers’ kit to get to know the right method of the use of these clippers.

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