70 Most Attractive Military Haircuts for Men [2020]

There was a time when military haircuts were considered to be reserved for military personnel. But from a couple of years, these military haircuts or war-themed haircuts have become trendiest as they are used to shape signature style and make the wearer’s look even and appealing.


Different Military Haircut Types

Here is a list of the different types of military haircuts one can sport. While most these haircuts revolve around the same few concepts of short hair, fades and shaved sides, the main difference lies in the minor changes of hair length and how they are mixed and matched with shaved sides or fades.


How To Give A Military Haircut

Beginning the 20th century, there were a few predominant military cuts really stole the show. Moreover, they all shared the same set of features – they were low maintenance hairstyles. Also, they looked quite dashing too. Now, the key to getting a military haircut is ensuring that your hair grows nothing beyond 2 inches. Ideally, to get a sleek, neat military cut, the hair should be just about an inch long.

how to give a military haircut

The induction cut, like the name, suggests originated from the haircut soldiers and other military officials where they are inducted into the boot camp. This haircut is a clipped haircut where no guard to the hair clipper. The haircut almost looks like it has been shaved and more like a stubble.

The burr cut is slightly longer in length when compared to the induction cut. It is done using a clipper with a 1 or 2 number guard. The hair is left being extremely short.

The butch cut is longer than the burr cut. It is done using a guard number of 3 or 4 on the clipper.

The regulation cut is relatively longer. With almost 2 inches of hair length on the top, the hair on the sides and the back are trimmed shorter using a pair of scissors and given the finishing touches with a hair clipper. The fade is usually done to skin level, which essentially means that the end lines of the hair blend seamlessly into the skin.

A military fade haircut, like the name, suggests, means that the hair length has a gradual decrease until the point that the hair blends in with the skin. The fade most typically occurs towards the sides and at the back of the head. There are three types of fades – regular, high and low. The regular fade is where the side and back of the head hair fade finish at the natural hairline. The high fade is where the hair fade ends just above a few inches above the natural hairline, and the low fade is where the hair fade ends above the regular fade but below the regular fade, somewhere in between the two.

The high and tight haircut is where the hair is short all around, but just slightly longer than an inch and a half on the top. Almost like Justin Bieber’s current hairstyle.


Where Did The Military Haircut Originate From?

The uber-cool military hairstyle was incepted initially in the 1940s and 1950s in the American military. The military has always been known for the one organization that required the utmost amounts of grooming standards. Hair was obviously one of the most important aspects of male grooming. It all began with the fade haircut. Now, this hairdo was adopted by famous personalities that Big Daddy Kane and Eric B. who popularised the military cut.

However, a lot of people believe that the military haircut was adopted from the Egyptians. This is because they thought that Queen Nefertiti’s crown resembles an interesting hairstyle.

Nevertheless, most accredit this look to the Americans. Renowned hairdresser Gregg Cooper Spencer strongly believes that the military haircut was propagated by strong leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Mohammad Ali and Malcolm X. These leaders initially sported afros but then switched to military cuts.


How Short Is The Military Haircut?

length of military haircut

In order to get a military haircut, the hair should be just about 2 inches long. However, the final military haircut would be about 1 inch long only. A bit longer hair gives the stylist a chance to provide you with the most stylish yet sleek military look using the variations you prefer.

Depending on the type of military hairstyle you desire, the guard of the clipper should be set. It is set on a number between o and 5. Zero (0) for the induction cut, gradually moving towards 5 for the regulation cut.


Military Haircut Vs. Undercut

military haircut vs. undercut

The two haircuts, military, and the undercut can often be confused with each other. Both of them are extremely closely related making them almost substitutes for each other. However, the difference lies in minute details. For example, for a military cut, it is best to use a clipper between the range of 1 and 3. However, for an undercut, a clipper of number 3 is ideal.

For a military style, the hair on the top of the head must be between 1 and 2 inches in length. However, for an undercut, longer hair of about 4 to 6 inches can also be styled.

In a military cut, the sides and back do not necessarily need to be buzzed, but an undercut is incomplete without the sides and back being gradually buzzed.


Short, Simple and Striking Military Haircuts For Men

We have compiled here forty short military haircuts that have been used by military men from all over the world. All the military haircuts are short haircuts that don’t exceed the two inches hair length. Furthermore, these military haircuts share the same traits as they offer low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t block one’s vision on the field as well as not allows hair to get trapped in the in helmet or shirt’s collar.


#1: Regulation Haircut


This haircut is commonly associated with the haircut of higher ranking army men. This haircut allows more than two inches of middle area hair. The side and back hair is tapered using a pair of scissors and then a hair clipper.


#2: Low Fade Haircut

Low Fade hairstyle

This low fade haircut makes the hair invisible from sides and back lower than a high fade and higher than a regular fade. A low fade usually ends up about one inch above the natural hairline.

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#3: Regular Fade Haircut


This haircut allows the gradual reduction of hair length from sides and back until the hair turn entirely invisible. In regular fade haircut, the hair on the back and sides end up at the natural hairline.


#4: High Fade Haircut

military side faded cut

This high fade haircut is used by most of the military men as it is very easy to maintain. In this haircut, the hair length is gradually reduced from sides and back. It completely disappears from the temples and about 2 inches before the natural hairline.


Here is how a military haircut is done:


#5: Burr Cut


This cut is one step above the classic induction military cut in term of length. The hair is trimmed up to 1/8 of an inch or so with a guard of number one or two. All of the head hair is trimmed with the same guard number.