7 Short Hairstyles for Men With Gray Hair

Men with short gray hair are considered extremely charming and sexy. There is no secret that the name “silver fox” means just that – beautiful men with gray hair. The gray hair does not necessarily have to mean that you are old or getting old. Some men just have the genetic that their hair turns gray soon.


Men’s Short Gray Hairstyles

As the case may be, here are some excellent gray hairstyles for men with short hair to try:

1. Thick Wavy Hair

short gray hairstyles for men

This gray short haircut does not require a short cut, but on the contrary, you can leave your hairs length as you like. The front part of the hair is styled upwards like you have done with your finger through the hair and let it fall to the sides. Discreet layering will make the strands easier for styling.


2. Medium Skin Fade Cut

guy with short gray hair

This men’s short gray hairstyle leaves the hair at the top longer and the sides are quite short. Styled from the back towards the front, the central part is messy, while the front part is a bit wavy, upwards and casual.


3. Short Spiky Hair

short gray hair with spiky top

This is a great cut for men who have thin & short gray hair but still want to do something with their look. The sides are pretty short, while the front parts of the hair are styled upwards, in spikes. This can be done with the help of styling product like gel or mousse.


4. Side Part Hair

best short hairstyles for gray hair

This modern look of the long top pulled to the side look especially good option of short hairstyles for gray-haired men. The sides do not have to be shaved – they can be cut short according to your personal liking. The top fall to the side and is a bit layered for a better final look.


5. Thick Hair with Beard

short and thick gray hair

The thick gray hair is great for styling because the natural dark parts of the hair give it a special definition and texture. With the regular cut where the sides are bit shorter than the top, the hair is styled to follow the natural line, while the front part that might serve as fringes is styled as quiff and to the side.


6. Pompadour Undercut 

short gray hair with undercut

The undercut gray creates a wonderful contrast with the long top for guys. The short gray hair on the top is super sleek, long, pulled to the back. At the back, it falls over the undercut, while the sides are clean.


7. Gray Spongy Spikes

guy with short gray hairstyle

For those men whose hair is something between curly and wavy, and also thicker at the roots and thinner at the ends, this is the perfect short gray hairstyle for men with big forehead. The sides are short, gradually becoming longer as they are reaching the top.

The top is slightly layered, with the front longer than the back. With the use of hair product, each strand is defined and styled upwards giving the look like a sponge, while the spikes give the hairstyle height.


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With these great short haircuts for gray hair ideas, you will accept your gray look in a whole new light.

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