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31 Kickass Long Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

If you have long and thick hair then, you are truly a blessed guy. There are plenty of options of men’s long hairstyles for thick hair. It does not matter that you have short, medium or long hair; if they are thick then styling them is not so problematical.

You can wear your long hair with a variety of hairstyles like a pompadour, undercut, and ponytail .e.t.c. Here, we will explore the surprisingly exceptional haircuts for men with long thick hair, which you might have not seen before.

Best Men’s Long Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Nowadays, men love to wear long hair and do various hairstyles to get a different look. Let’s have a look at 31 best ideas of long hairstyles for men with thick hair that we’ve gathered here.

1. Blonde Straight Hair

long thick straight hair for men

Men with long thick straight hair make any woman feel jealous. They can create chunky braids or keep the look messy in a careless low bun. No matter the hairstyling choice, they will look so damn hot and beautiful.

2. Curly Layered Hairstyle

long thick curly hair for men

A long thick curly hair looks perfect on men who want to brag about their perfect ringlets. Layer those tresses, otherwise your hair might get that unwanted triangle shape. 

3. Straight Long Asian Hairstyle

long thick hair for asian man

Asian guys have those gorgeous straight locks, and if you are one of those fellows who adore long hair, this feathered hairstyle is an enchanting option. Part your hair in the middle to create that beautiful face frame. 

4. Braids for White Guys

long cornrows for man with thick hair

If you have thick hair but crave for a cool braided hairstyle, build your knits with Jumbo hair. You will get the needed length and look hot and trendy.

5. Messy Hairstyle for Older Men

long thick hairstyles for men over 50

As an older man with gray threads and thick hair, you can get a layered haircut that will better define those waves and loose waves. Keep the hairstyle messy and get a stubble beard with a prominent mustache.

6. Coarse Curls

long thick coarse hair for men

Coarser curls should be layered to look their best. Let your hair retain its natural frizz, but make sure you never brush your hair while it’s dry.

This will make your entire haircut a big ball of frizziness. Brush your hair only while in the shower and condition it well.

7. Messy Blonde Curls

long thick messy hair for men

Some men who like long hairstyles for their thick hair find perfect curls too feminine. If that’s the case for you, then opt for a messy look with lots of volumes.

Wearing your hair blonde will make the messy look more stylish if that’s what you desire.

8. Layers + Bandana

long thick hair with bandana for men

Layers help tame and add definition to very thick hair. If you want a relaxed and laid-back look then you can add a bandana. The bandana will also help tame any unruly areas near the top of your head.

9. Long Grey Waves

long thick grey hair for men

Natural hairstyles for men with long thick hair are always easy to achieve and maintain. Let your hair adopt its natural mix of different wave patterns.

Also, avoid dying your hair as you’ll be able to avoid a lot of maintenance that way. Older guys with grey hair should embrace the color instead.

10. Long Casual Braids

long braids for man with thick hair

If you want to find a way to protect your hair and keep it out of your face, then you may consider braiding it.

Situate the braids just behind your ears and leave a lot of the ends free. Create a little curl in the ends of the plaits.

11. Vibrant Red Locks

long thick dyed hair for men

Show off your thick tresses by dying them an extremely eye-catching color such as bright red.

Leave your hair straight and let your roots remain visible so you won’t have two re-color your hair as often. Guys with darker will look especially good with their roots showing.

12. Big Braided Bun

long thick hairstyle for black men

Black men should opt for braided hairstyles to help protect their thick locks. If these braids are long you can pile them up into a huge bun right on top of your head.

Get the area around your hairline shaved to keep up with trends in black hair.

13. Curls with Side Part

long thick curly hairstyle for men

If you have a side part then you can create a lot of volume for the curls on top of your head. Very long and thick hair can often weigh down curly roots, so you need this additional volume to look your best.

14. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bald Side

side shaved long thick hairstyle for men

Such a hairstyle gives you a lot of styling opportunities, from braids to mohawks. You can even flip that mane on the other side and hide that bald part. The thick full beard will transform you into a cool rebel guy. 

15. Salt and Pepper Curly Hair

Salt and pepper hair is so cool and it will look fabulous if you keep it all natural. It will create such a stunning blend that you need to embrace because it will look so much better than dyed hair. 

16. Longe Ginger Hairstyle

Any girl would feel blessed to have that gorgeous ginger color and thick hair, and if you happen to have that, you need to draw all the attention to it. So grow your hair, and we guarantee you that everyone will admire your mane. 

17. Long Thick Braids

As a black guy, you have probably already tried several types of braids. To get a remarkable look, create long chunky knits that can get more volume by using your black Jumbo hair. 

18. Thick Curly Hair with Bald Fade Design

Hair designs must be your specialty, especially if you are a guy with thick curly hair. You can maintain a long top that you can pin in a pony, and on one side, style a bald fade with an abstract design. 

19. One Side Braids

If you adore boho hairstyles and you happen to have long thick hair, you will definitely adore this mind-blowing hairdo.

Create a middle part and use one side to knit three braids. You can also add a golden thread on each braid to gain that royal look. 

20. French Braid

Even if you are a man, that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to experiment with a large variety of colors and braids. In this case, go for a platinum blonde ombre and build a French braid on that gorgeous thick long hair. 

21. Medium Long Hair

long thick hairstyles with beard

When you have thick hair, your styling options are quite extended, and you can get the most out of your hair. You’ll get all-girls’ attention with your long layered hairstyle and that carelessly tossed on-one-side bangs. 

22. Man-Bun

man bun with thick long hair

Man-bun comes in the category of classic long hairstyles. If you have long thick hair then, you can try this bun hairstyle.  It can be worn on a casual outfit or on a proper coat suit, in both avatars, it gives an elegant look.

Do Girls Like Men With Long Hair More?

23. Half Up Long Hair

Half up Long Hairstyle

Half up hairstyle with thick long hair gives a very stylish look to men. When it is worn with a combination of beards, it enhances the overall grace of men’s personalities.

24. Topknot with Long Thick Hair

Topknot with Long Thick Hair

If you have tried bun style and get bored with it and want a change in your look then, you can try this topknot hairstyle combination with long thick hair and a beard.

You will observe a remarkable change in your personality. You can also wear this topknot style with a shaved face. The choice is all yours.

25. Thick Long Hair Dreadlock

thick long hair with dreadlocks

Whether you are an afro or live in a different region of the world, have long thick hair and love dreadlocks too. This hairstyle is mainly for you.  You can do enormous variations with this hairstyle if you have long thick hair.

You can make braids of dreadlocks, bun or a simple ponytail, whatever you want. Here, in the below image, we have shown another marvelous idea, which is the dreadlock Mohawk hairstyle with long hair.

26. Layered+ Opened Long Thick Hair

layered hairstyle for long thick hair

This style looks impressive on straight, silky long hair. We recommend you go to a professional for perfect layers.

If you have dry frizzy hair then needn’t worry, you can apply a good quality hair product like pomade on your dry hair. After that, use a straightener at a low temperature. You are done. This layered style looks excellent on open hair.

27. Wavy Long Hair

This wavy long hairstyle with thick hair gives a little messy but charming appearance to men.

28. Double Bun with Side Braids

It is a unique hairstyle for men with long thick hair. A double bun with braids on one side enhances the masculine factor of men’s personalities. Top hairs give an extra voluminous look to hair.

29. Brad Pitt Style with Long Thick Hair

long hairstyle for men with thick hair

You can also try this elegant look of Brad Pitt style with long thick hair. With this hairstyle, you can blond your hair for a stylish look.

The front long hairs are swept on one side and the rest hair gives a glossy look. French beard enhances masculinity. Kindly have a look at the image.

30. Braid+ Half up Long Hair

If you want to add a stylish look to the simple half up then, you can make single braids on each side of the head.

This style with long hair can be worn on any casual or formal outfit. Half up and braided look extremely good together, as shown in the image.

31. Pompadour, Cornrows, and Ponytail

Pompadour hairstyle is itself a trendy hairstyle. When this hairstyle is worn by men on their long thick hair with the combination of a ponytail and multiple cornrows on the sides as well as on the lower back of the head, it adds an extra charming effect on their appearance. You can also blond your hair to look stylish among the crowd.


Can men with thick hair grow it long?

Yes, men can grow their hair long, even if it is thick. Thick hair usually stays healthy longer than thin hair as it grows out.

How can I care for men’s long thick hair?

The key for men to take care of their long thick hair is not to overwash it. If you strip the natural oils out of your hair, by the time it gets too long, it will get brittle, and you will have split ends.

Men don’t need warnings about heat as often as women do, but things like blow dryers and hair straighteners can hurt your hair. Counterintuitively, too much time in water can dry out long hair.

Harsh chemicals such as chlorine in pool water or salt in seawater can damage your hair. Deep condition your long hair monthly or biweekly if you spend a lot of time in harsh conditions.

Does men’s thick hair take longer to grow?

No, men’s hair doesn’t take more time to grow if it is thick. If you want your thick hair to grow even faster, ensure that you get the proper protein and nutrients in your diet and sleep well.

Sleep helps reduce stress hormones that prevent hair growth, and a proper diet supports healthier hair and nail growth.