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Top 15 Side Fade Haircuts for Men That Are Dead On

Who does not love a side fade haircut? Between its sophisticatedly tapered feel and ability to look with sleek superiority, side fade is unquestionably amongst the best cuts available nowadays. It is also offering a convenient look to rock and can be personalized to suit your lifestyle.

As this fade haircuts focus on the head sides, men are free to pick any hairstyle they want up top. There are also selection possibilities available for a different range of side fade cuts. Faded side haircut is perfect for men who desire a slight edge that is entirely sleek.

How To Style Faded Hair on Side

side fade haircut

To design a bleached side hair, you would need to first agree on a top style, or something better. This would be followed by:

  • Choosing a form suitable for the top
  • Getting a professional to guide your selections.
  • Agree on a side fade haircut that you prefer.
  • Leave short hairs on top for selected styling.

The side fade for men finds relevance in several hairstyles that are steadily evolving. Below are the best 15 side fade haircuts for men.

1. Cropped Curls with Low Fade

curls with side fade hair

A cropped cut with low side fade is your perfect choice to making the most from the texture on top the head. It also aids in maintaining a look that applies short length and smart shape. It’s a simple fade haircut on sides with the curls making it more successful.

2. Blowout

side fade haircuts

The faded blowout makes an incredible option as side fade haircuts for men. The exceptional look works thanks to its short sides radiantly. It applies quick graduation from scarce to a big hair burst on top.

If your face shape is broad or round, the extended hairstyle is perfect to get that slim appearance you desire.

3. Side Faded Crew Cut

side fade crew cut

Similar to the buzz cut, a classic crew cut also profit significantly from the new skin fade on sides. The tapered shave offers quick addition to a more fashionable and trendier look. 

It also aids in the acquisition of shape and style to give a stylish look a boost. Owing to its subtlety, this side fade would not alter its professional appearance and sharp.

4. Slicked Back Hair

slicked back with side fade hair

The side fade haircut appears great with both medium and short length hairs on top. The style is chic yet not overly serious, and partners perfectly with a subtle yet sleek small fade. You may also want to consider the new beard to help balance your look.

5. Quiff

side fade quiff

The low side faded quiff takes a modern and stylish look. Thanks to its balance amongst the short sides & high top fade haircut, it gives an awesome look. It is an excellent choice for men with long or oval-shaped faces seeking low fades over high fade.

6. Comb-Over with Fade

The famous comb-over is always a refreshing choice thanks to its new and modernized designs. Above all, the side fade comb-over with hard part offers a brilliant opportunity, especially when joined with a full top. This mix provides a look that is traditionally rooted but gives a contemporary appearance.

7. Side Fade Undercut

Amongst the best is the side fade undercut that allows for versatility. To nail this style, all you require is the separation of your hair into three layers.

The fade around the ears and temples, the undercut below the crown, and the longest part been on top.

8. Faux Hawk

The faded faux hawk offers the best approach to wearing low fade along with a faux hawk. The faux hawk is a less dramatic but classic haircut.

Even though this side fade haircut features hair dressed spiked up with a strip from front to back, it does not disconnect, shaved sides.

9. Buzz Cut with Fade

The buzz cut remains a practical haircut. So, if you have any interest in rocking this super short cut, adding the fade on the sides would surely spice things up.

Using taper offers an excellent technique for adding style and difference to your buzz cut. Choosing short side fade also implies revealing just the proper size of skin to appear wittingly sleek.

10. Messy Pompadour 

low side fade and pompadour

The pompadour is always loved as it gives an almost perfect appearance. Doing a messy pompadour offers a stylish look that is even more structured when worn with a fitting side fade haircut.

This hairstyle offers an easy addition that makes sense regarding tidiness and keeping a sharp hairstyle.

11. Short Crew Cut with Side Fade

For a sharp and clean look, more consideration is placed on the short crew cut. While this faded hair on sides is understandably neat, and it also maintains a modern and fresh tapered side.

Rocking this cut requires regular trims as a small extra length can completely change the style.

12. Backcombed Hair

The slick combed hair with side fade is the best upgrade to the invariably sophisticated and sharp style.

The low bald fade makes a better choice that further maintains its signatory sophistication and adds modern aesthetic.

13. Side-Parted Undercut Hair

The side-parted pompadour with fade is a chic and classy side fade haircut. It’s always a standout performer that appears suave, allowing several combinations and perfect options.

This cut works to enhance your appearance leading to an impressive outcome.

14. Textured Crop with Side Fade

Textured Crop with Side Fade

Side fade remains an excellent choice for adding stylish touch into a short haircut.

The textured crop with low fade on sides progressively decreases your hair length around the ears and temples, naturally drawing the eyes upwards with additional focus on your look. The added texture on top further enhances your style.

15. Textured Waves and Side Fade

textured waves with side fade

The textured waves and side fade looks best when worn neatly and refined. It is best rocked with an attitude that adds a young feel. The combination of short taper fade alongside wild and textured waves can generate a great appeal.

FAQs on Side Fade Haircuts

How long fade takes to grow out?

To a large extent, the time it takes for fade takes to grow out is dependent on the style. But, on average, within two to six weeks.

Are faded sides and shaved sides hairstyles similar?

No! Faded Sides and shaved sides hairstyles are not similar. Fades cut(taper) entails gradually cutting your hair shorter on both back and sides as you move closer to your neck.

Shaved sides, on the other hand, are clean and crisp cut that is easy to wear. Shaved sides emphasize hairs on top and give it a seemingly thicker look.

Is there any difference between Zero and Skin Fade?

There is no difference between skin and zero fade.

Do you desire side fade haircut that stands out? Let’s help you show off with the best 15 fade haircuts for men for your hair with superb control. These hairstyles suit a variety of face shapes, so seek no further than these top styles.

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