8 Simple Steps to Bleach Hair Using Hair Bleach Powder

Bleaching hair or what most professionals would prefer to label as the lightening of hair is a delicate process. Who doesn’t love a platinum blonde? Those locks are eye-catching but the process to get there is not a simple one. If doing it at home, it requires a lot of planning and research before taking the leap and if getting it done professionally, one desires an expert who is well-versed in the process.

Before you take that first big step, you will want to start with hair that is dry and unwashed. Beginning the process in this state will enable your natural hair oils to assist in protecting your hair and reducing the risk of hair damage. Some experts go as far as to recommend applying oil to your hair and before the lightening process to allow adequate preparation for this process.

For this post, the hair bleach powder process will be reviewed. However, it is important to note that those seeking a full-on scalp bleach experience might fare better with an oil-based hair lightening process so that their scalp does not become irritated. Methods of actual application may vary.

hair bleaching before & after

hair bleach – before & after


Steps to Bleaching:

Below are 8 steps to bleach hair using hair powder bleach.

  1. Apply protective clothing.
  2. Section hair into four sections. The section will be from ear to ear with a part down the middle of the top of the head and then a part down the back into two additional sections.
  3. Begin in the lower right-hand section at the back of the head and placing a fine slice of foil beneath the hair, apply the bleach chemical on the hair atop of the foil from mid-length to end, beginning approximately one centimeter or 1/3 of an inch from the root.
  4. Mix the powder bleach mixture using the manufacturer’s instructions. The solution will be applied mid-length to end.
  5. Cover the hair with another thin layer of foil to seal in the heat and aid in the lightening process immediately following this application step.
  6. Section the next line of hair in this quadrant and repeat the application process. Lines should be thinly divided to ensure adequate application and saturation. Laying hair over the foil, apply the bleach mixture and cover it with another thin slice of foil.
  7. Ensure that hair is adequately saturated in product.
  8. Once this quadrant is complete, move over to the second side of the back of the head and repeat the same process, applying the product to the hair in the same fashion and continue this process until all sections of hair are complete in all four sections.

hair bleach powder

Once the hair reaches a pale-yellow color, the bleach product may be applied to the root area to support equal distribution. Hair is left to process per the manufacturer’s guidelines. The time allotted may range anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes but should be for no longer than 60 minutes.

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Applying Toner

  • Once the bleach application phase is complete, hair is shampooed. Toner is next applied to hair from root to tip, beginning at the back of the head, using the same process as before with the bleach. This time, you only need to place a single foil slice at the nape of the neck for each section to protect the skin. Each row of hair should be saturated with toner.
  • Finally, using the manufacturer’s instructions as a guide, hair is processed and then shampooed once more.
  • Monitor the hair throughout the process for not only color change but fragility as well. Immediately rinse hair that becomes fragile during the process and applies a protein conditioner.

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Taking Care of Bleached Hair

There are a lot of misconceptions about bleaching hair, so it’s important to know the fact. Once the bleaching process is complete, one must take adequate steps to care for their hair. Bleached hair is more delicate and can have a greater risk of damage or breakage if not treated properly.

Therefore, a salon-quality shampoo (purple shampoo) and conditioner will need to be an essential part of the hair care process post-bleaching to ensure adequate hydration. The goal will be to use products that are also rich in protein to protect the hair’s structure.

Also, the hair will need to be deep-conditioned on a frequent basis. If at the conclusion of the first round of bleaching, hair still does reach the desired hue of blonde, a waiting period should be invoked of at least a month to reduce the risk of damage.

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