Long Top & Short Sides – 50 Exclusive Men’s Hairstyles

Long top and short sides hairstyles gained popularity less than a century ago among men but since then they haven’t gotten out of style.

In fact, new and improved styles are being created every day. A little shorter on the sides and a little longer on top or vice versa can create a completely different haircut every time. Some men even take the trimmer and create such hairstyles on their own. The most popular ones are fades, undercuts, and fohawks. There are myriads of variations of each style available for the modern man, depending on his hair type and preferences.


Best Long On Top and Short On Sides Hairstyles for Men

Whatever hairstyle you are starting with, you can always create a masterpiece by following two simple rules: keep it long on top and short on the sides. The hair on the sides is kept short to minimize the maintenance. The hair on top is left long for styling.

Some men prefer to keep the top short as well, however, it significantly limits the number of styles they can sport. Some guys go as far as creating a full-blown mohawk while others settle for simple undercuts. Below is our collection of men’s long top and short sides hairstyles.


1. Scissors taper fade with a comb over

fade with a comb over hairstyle for men

A scissors taper fade is exactly what you need to make a great short on the sides hairstyle. The most fashionable guys ask their hairdressers for this hairstyle since its hard to make but look fantastic.

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2. Vibrant undercut


While fades are interesting, undercuts are as easy to make and to maintain. You can choose the length of the hair on the sides as well as the top mane. If you leave your locks about 4- 5 inches long, you can create masterpieces.


3. Drop scissors fade

Drop scissors fade hairstyle for young boy

A drop scissors fade involves short hair on the sides that drops behind the ears. Most of the hair stays long. Such hairstyle will require daily maintenance and the hair on top needs hair gel to stay neat.


4. Short fade for wavy hair

school boy Short fade for wavy hairstyle

If you have wavy hair, leaving too much of it on top means too much hassle. Try to keep it as short on the sides as possible while the top part is a little longer than 3 inches. Then you can style it easily.


5. Spiky undercut


When your hair is long on top, you can create amazing spikes. There is no need to create anything special on the sides when the spikes are long and vibrant. Give them a try!