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25 Grey Hairstyles for Men Over 60 Years Old

Aging is inevitable, but that’s also the beauty of it. With age come wisdom and experience. Grey hair doesn’t have to be something bad, and it can also be a token of sexiness and a good look for men.

Curious to find out how? Scroll down to see some of the best hairstyles for grey hair over 60 years old men. You’ll be both surprised and impressed.

Latest Grey Hairstyles for Over 60 Men

Nowadays, we see young men rocking grey hair as well. Having grey hair isn’t something that should decrease your confidence; it should boost your self-esteem. These hairstyles will help you amplify your confidence for sure.

1. Slick Back Hipster Haircut

mens hairstyles for grey hair over 60

You’re over 60 and think the party’s over? Of course, it’s not! Bring out your rockstar persona with this amazing grey look.

Shave or trim your sides, depending on the personal preferences, and make sure hair on top is longer. Then all you have to do is to comb it back. Grow your beard full for a complete rockstar look.

2. Timeless George Clooney Hairstyle

guy over 60 with grey hair

George Clooney is the epitome of style, elegance, and masculinity. Emulating his salt n pepper style is incredibly easy, and it ensures that you’ll look great at all times.

Short hair combed back and beard, preferably shorter as well, will help you ooze sex appeal and sophistication. This style is absolutely perfect. After all, women want George while men want to be just like him.

3. Long Beard and Short Hair

short grey hairstyles for men over 60

Beards are having their moment right now, and we’re here for it. Men above 60 who want to rock a beard have plenty of options ranging from short and subtle beards to dramatically long. The latter fits perfectly with shorter hair. It will give you that tough guy look every man wants to embody.

4. Wiseguy Look

men over 60 with grey hair

Over the years, you’ve gained a lot of experience and wisdom, and it’s perfectly normal to want it to reflect in your appearance.

You can make it happen with shorter hair combined with sideburns, beard, and mustache for the complete package. This manly grey short hair look can give you a dose of sophistication, which is always a good thing.

5. Side Part Haircut

grey hair with side part for men over 60

Parting isn’t for younger guys only. Older men can pull off this hairstyle as well. For instance, smaller, subtle pomp can be a great way to revitalize grey hair.

Sides can be tapered off, and you may also want to opt for a low fade. Accompany this haircut with a full beard or you can go without it if that’s what you prefer.

6. Tough Guy Hairstyle

You’re an alpha male who wants both men and women to pick up on that vibe? With this hairstyle, you can make it happen.When looking for hairstyles for grey hair over 60, you may also want to try this one – short, Mohawk style with a thick beard. If this doesn’t say “I’m badass,” then nothing does.


7. Shaved Sides

Hair doesn’t have to be symmetrical and cut in the same way. In fact, shaving your sides or trimming them introduces more structure to your hairstyle.

This eventually leads to a layered look and more volume. And let’s be honest – volume is great. You can combine shaved sides and short hair with a beard or go without it, depending on your preferences.

8. Short Comb Over

If your hair is longer on top, all you need is to comb it back for a cool new look. See your hairstylist regularly to retain the length and keep it strong and healthy. The best thing about this look is that you can create it in less than two minutes.

9. Men’s Long Wavy Hair

Who’s to say long hair is for younger guys only? Over 60 older men and long hair can be a wonderful combination. Allow your grey hair to form natural waves that will only enhance the volume and even rejuvenate your appearance. Let’s be honest, and this look is totally awesome.

10. Simple Slick Back Hair

You’re a simple over 60 guy who wants a hairstyle that is equally simple to create and maintain? If so, then you should definitely opt for this one. Basically, all you need is to run fingers through your hair, and that’s about it. Simple, easy, and practical – this grey haircut has it all.

11. Hipster Haircut

With more experience, there also comes the need for elegance and sophistication. Our hairstyle plays a major role in the vibe we want to ooze.

So, older men pver 60 who prefer hairstyles on the classier side may want to try this look. Short grey hair is styled in a simple and minimalistic manner while groomed hipster beard has a classy impact.

12. Mid-length Hair for men

Reaching sixties doesn’t automatically indicate you should say goodbye to long or mid-length hair. Your mid-length hair will give you a dose of youthfulness, and that’s always a good thing. It’s easy to take care of this style and make sure it’s perfect throughout the day. Minimum effort is necessary.

13. Sophisticated Silver Grey

Grey hair comes in different shades. Some men have darker grey hair, while others have lighter hair. You can also go to your favorite hair salon to get sophisticated silver-grey hair that will take your look to a whole new level. This color oozes confidence and power. Stubble beard completes the look.

14. Professional Haircut

How often have you seen photos of polished, elegant gentlemen with perfect hair and beard? You can look the same way with a few tips and tricks. This is a classic for over 60 men with grey hair.

There’s no need to trim and shorten your hair all the time, and you can keep it longer and wavy. Groom the grey beard to frame your face perfectly.

15. Longer Locks + Short Beard

long grey hairstyle for men over 60

Long and wavy hair depicts wild and free spirit. That’s what we always want to be, regardless of our age. Make sure your hair symbolizes those values with an effortlessly chic look that doesn’t obey any rules. Just let your hair be messy in a “bed head” manner, and you’re done.

16. Receding Hairline Haircut

It’s good to stick to the basics from time to time. If you’re looking for a over 60 hairstyle for a “regular” guy, then you should definitely try this one. Short grey hair is nicely combed without trimming, low fade, waves, or anything. It’s perfect for men who prefer a minimalistic approach to styling.

17. Men’s Thick Hairstyle

Thick hair has the fullness we love, but at the same time, it can be quite frustrating to style it. While hair naturally thins as we age, some older men can still find their hair is relatively thick compared to others.

To make styling easier, you should retain the length that is somewhere between short and long, just right.

18. Short Hair with Beard

One way to style grey hair for over 60-year-old men is to create an asymmetrical parting i.e., the kind of parting that doesn’t go right down the middle. Comb your hair nicely, but you can also tousle it with your fingers for a messier feel.

19. Messy Hair

You’re a man who loves to have a good time? Style your thin hair in a way to perfectly match your fun-loving nature. Keep it long, casual, and carefree. No maintenance and care is required; which is exactly the beauty of this hairstyle.

20. Grey Quiff

quiff for men over 60 with grey hair

Quiffs are all about volume, fullness, and sophisticated yet playful effects. Use a high-quality mousse to style your hair. The mousse will support volume, but your hair will still have enough flexibility and motion. To top it off, you can groom your beard and style it to match the grey hairstyle.

21. High Bald Fade + Long Beard

Hair and beard are like a couple; they complete one another. For that purpose, it’s useful to take beard into consideration when we’re thinking about changing our hairstyle.

If you’d like to achieve that contrast look, then it’s good to opt for super short hair coupled with an extra long beard, just as seen in the photo.

22. Slick Back Bun

Long grey hair isn’t something we see often, and that’s exactly why men above 60 years should rock this hairstyle. If your hair is naturally curly don’t try to straighten them, let them flourish in their freedom.


23. Bond Style + Handlebar Mustache

James Bond is one of the most sophisticated characters ever created. He’s a ladies’ man, an awesome spy, a great fighter, and you name it. It’s easy to look just like James Bond with a sleek hairstyle and sunglasses, which serve as a wonderful accessory.

24. Long Comb Over

best grey hairstyles for men over 60

Comb your hair back and add a nice hair styling product to keep your hair sleek and avoid messy feel. This is a great way to look elegant, youthful, and absolutely awesome with grey hair for older men over 60.

25. Rugged Bushy Beard

messy grey hair for men over 60

Here’s one of the best grey hairstyles for those who want a rugged look. You don’t have to do much; just keep both hair and beard wild. This is the “I didn’t even try to look this good” effect that every over 60 men would love to rock at one point or another.


Can men over 60 wear their grey hair long?

Of course, they can! As we’ve already established in this article, there are tons of great long hairstyles for older men. Plus, there’s no rule to say that they can’t.

Should over 60 men dye their grey hair?

Older men should only dye their hair if they want to. There’s nothing to be ashamed of about grey hair, as it’s completely natural and happens to everyone eventually.

Still, if you enjoy having color in your hair, then by all means, go for it! No one can tell you how you should look except for you.

Hairstyles for grey hair with over 60 options are endless, and it all comes down to your personal likes and dislikes. The best thing about these styles is that they give you a rejuvenating effect and a macho impact. Try them out, and you’ll feel confident instantly.