80 Unbeatable Flat Top Haircuts for Men in 2019

Flat top haircuts gained popularity among men in the 1950’s. Essentially it’s a way to arrange one’s hair so there is a flat top. Such an approach makes the hairstyle look square. Nowadays, you will probably see older men wearing such hairstyle.

However, as time passes, old things become new again. The same is about to happen with the flat top hairstyles. Modern stylists are taking a new approach to the flat top cuts and making them look improved and fashionable. If you want to sport a unique cut that’s about to gain popularity, this hairstyle is worth your consideration.


Coolest Flat Top Haircuts for Men

When it comes to men’s flat top haircuts, there are a few things you have to consider. If you have curly or wavy hair, this haircut might need a lot of maintenance. Only guys with thick and straight hair can have a natural flat top that won’t require too much styling. The rest need to get ready to buy some hair gel.

Overall, a flat top is not too high-maintenance. It can appeal to guys of all hair types, face shape, and age. Below we prepared a list of 80 modern and cool flat top haircuts for men with every taste.


1. Flat top high taper fade

 taper fade with flat top hairstyle

One of the main difference between a modern flat top hairstyle and an old school one is the one the sides are styled. A modern style usually involves some tapering and shaving on both sides to create a higher impression.


2. Military style flat top

men Military style flat top haircut

A modern short flat top resembles a military hairstyle. Most of the hair around the head is shaved off and only a short top is left. The top part is styled to be square in order to reduce the maintenance hassle. You can also check military burr cuts.


3. High drop fade

High drop fade with flat top for young boy

High drop fade is what can turn a simple flat top haircut for men into something modern that resembles a mohawk. As you can see, the top part is not styled to be an exact square but still keeps a similar shape.


4. Wild variety

various flat top cuts

The hallmark of the flat top hairstyle is the square-shaped top. However, the modern cuts are often styled to be wild and windblown. This is square-shaped haircut turned into a modern spiky style just by tossing the hair a little.


5. Flat top for black men

 black men Flat top hairstyle

This flat top haircut has been popular for many decades. Black men have a slightly easier time creating a prominent flat top than white males do thanks to their very thick hair. The sides are decorated with hair design.